When Is National German Shepherd Day? Top 10 Fun to Celebrate Events

Today I Will Discus, When Is National German Shepherd Day? May 10th is German Shepherd Day! Here are a few facts about this breed! A 2015 study found that around 10% of American adults own a German shepherd dog.

In 2016, there were nearly 35,000 purebred German shepherds registered with the American Kennel Club. German shepherds are ranked as the third most popular breed in America.

Many people might not know that they are one of the most widely used breeds by law enforcement agencies across the country! They are able to detect explosives and drugs on site in addition to other illegal substances.

About The German Shepherd That Inspired The Day:

  • The dog in the photo is Nipper, the most famous German shepherd in history. Nipper was owned by a disk jockey named Thomas Edison, who recorded his dog barking and tail wagging to music. When this song was played, it became so popular that it helped promote the record player!
  • Nipper was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in 1976.
  • The idea for German Shepherd Day originated from a group of police officers in the US. They were from Texas and Illinois.
  • German shepherd dogs are one of the smartest breeds in the world! This is why they are so commonly used for search and rescue, bomb detection, and police work.
  • Are you thinking about getting a German shepherd? Many people make this decision thinking that they will be an easy fit into their lifestyle.
When Is National German Shepherd Day

What is German Shepherd day? Why are we celebrating this particular day?

On May 10th, many people mark the day with a celebration of their pets. It is known by many different names across the country. However, there is one name that sticks out: National German Shepherd Day.

There are many good reasons to celebrate this special day, but we wanted to give you some background information so that you can get to know them better than most people do.

Why is May 10th a German Shepherd day?

For several years, the largest German Shepherd Dog club in the United States has been the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDC). The GSDC has more than 100,000 members and was founded on May 10th, 1936. Every year since then, this organization has chosen May 10th as its official birthday!

There are a lot of reasons why they make this choice. Here are just a few:

• On this day in 1935, one of the first German Shepherd research papers was released. This is a paper that explains the history of the breed of dog.

German Shepherds were used to helping in undercover police work during World War II, which helped out tremendously. Some German Shepherds even sniffed hidden weapons and needed supplies for their own survival.

• In 1948, a German Shepherd named Bullet was on duty in New York City during a hurricane. When the storm hit, he and his handler went out to warn people while they worked together to get them to safety.

7 Fun Ways To Celebrate National German Shepherd Day:

1) Have a party.

2) Find out if there is a German Shepherd club in the area and join it! You’ll have plenty of fun with other shepherd owners at these events.

3) Go to a dog park.

4) Keep your dog on a leash to increase awareness of public safety in parks like that.

5) Take part in the “paws for peace” photo contest sponsored by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

6) Play Frisbee with your dog.

7) Go to a lake, river, or beach and go swimming with your German shepherd! This is a great way to get your dog some exercise!

Know why we celebrate on the 10th? It’s because the birthday of the most famous German shepherd in history falls on that day!

When Is National German Shepherd Day

National German Shepherd Day – Top 10 Fun to Celebrate Events

1. Take Your German Shepherd on a Hike

A day of outdoor fun is the perfect way to show off your love for your dog! There are different trails to explore, and you can bond with one another through the use of teamwork.

2. Go For A Swim

If you’ve got a pool in the backyard, you can use this time to celebrate as well! The German shepherd is a great swimmer and will enjoy water time just as much as you do.

3. Have a Picnic

The perfect day for a picnic is one that isn’t too sunny or too cloudy! Make sure to include your favorite food, and you can even consider getting your dog some ice cream.

4. Play Fetch

Fetch is a great way to have fun with your dog during this time! If you’re feeling like going for an extra run, consider throwing the ball for your German shepherd in addition to yourself!

5. Go For A Hike

Looking for a new trail to hike? Take your German shepherd on a nice walk! They really enjoy this activity, so you should feel at ease when choosing which path to take.

6. Go Shopping With Your German shepherd

Malls are awesome places to go shopping with your German shepherd! If your dog doesn’t like crowds, take them down another trail for the day. You’re sure to get some quality time as well as some great shopping done!

7. Volunteer To Help Out

Volunteering is a great way to spend time with your German shepherd! There are plenty of shelters and rescues that could use some help. Consider giving back to your local community by taking some time out of your day to volunteer.

8. Go To The Beach

The next time you head to the beach, grab your German shepherd! Be sure to bring plenty of toys so that they can do their own thing in addition to swimming and playing with you!

9. Play Tennis

Being on the tennis team with your German shepherd could be a great way to bond with them! You both can compete against each other and really get the competitive juices flowing!

10. Take A Trip To The Dog Park

There is nothing better than taking your dog to the dog park. This is a great place to meet new people and bond with the one that you like most.

When is a German Shepherd officially born?

A German Shepherd is officially born when their mother has given birth to puppies. German Shepherds are the only breed of dog that is different in this way.

When Is National German Shepherd Day

When does German Shepherd Day begin?

May 10th was chosen as the official date, but since then it has been celebrated in other ways. Some people choose to give the gift of adopting German Shepherds on this day.


Today is National German Shepherd Day, a day where you can celebrate with your German shepherd. The best way to do that is by taking them out on an outdoor adventure! You can even give a gift of adoption on this day! Happy National German Shepherd Day!

A German Shepherd is an excellent choice for someone who wants a companion, especially a family pet. Your growling friend will make for an excellent addition to your family. Thank you for reading this article, have a great day!