Velvet Rex Rabbit: Best 6 Tips For Farming Benefits

The Velvet Rex rabbit is a beautiful breed of domestic rabbit that has a highly soft coat. The fur on the back and sides is much longer than other breeds, but it can be shorter around the neck and shoulders.

The hair on the ears is also very long, so they need to be carefully combed or brushed regularly to prevent mats from forming.

This breed comes in many different colors, such as black, blue, chocolate, lilac, and fawn.

They are smaller rabbits weighing about 3-4 pounds, with females being slightly larger than males.

These rabbits have become trendy pets due to their calm temperaments and great personalities, making them excellent for families with children or even just adults looking for fun pets!

Characteristics Of Velvet Rex Rabbit

Velvet Rex Rabbit is a medium-sized rabbit that is named for its short, velvety fur. They are calm and docile with great temperaments, making them excellent family pets.

Velvet Rex Rabbit has black eyes with no white markings on the face. The ears are slightly larger than other breeds and grow downwards to touch the cheeks.

The coat of the Velvet Rex rabbit is short and very soft, which gives the breed a unique appearance.

The back of the coat is longer than other parts, with about 1 inch in length, while the shoulders, sides, and neck have much shorter skin.

The coat color varies in different breeds, including solid black, blue, chocolate brown, or fawn.

They also have white markings in the chest and stomach areas, ranging from a small patch to more significant than average white markings.

Velvet Rex Rabbits come in both lop and standard-eared breeds with no preference for either when choosing the right breed for you.

Velvet Rex Rabbit Colors

There are many different color varieties for Velvet Rex rabbits which makes them stand out from other breeds.

The coat colors vary depending on the breed but can include blue, black, chocolate brown, lilac, and fawn.

They also have white markings in various body parts, including chest patches or stomach areas, with more extensive than usual markings being standard.

Lifespan Of Velvet Rex Rabbit

The average life span for a Velvet Rex rabbit is 8-10 years which is longer than most other breeds.

Velvet Rex Rabbits can live up to 8-10 years with the right amount of care. They are generally healthy and hardy rabbits making them an excellent choice for families with children or adults looking for a fun pet!


Males tend to be slightly larger than females weighing around 3-4 pounds with an average length of 1 foot (.3 meters). Females are 1 pound (.5 kilograms) heavier and longer than males, with an average length of 8 inches (20 cm).


As the name suggests, Velvet Rex rabbits originated from Belgium in the 1960s. They were first bred for a short time by a small group of breeders which led to very few of these special rabbits being created. As they became more popular and demand rose throughout Europe, another set of breeders started developing the line further.


Velvet Rex rabbits are very calm and docile with great personalities, making them excellent pets for families with young children.

They are one of the most popular breeds of rabbits due to their loving personalities, making them a popular pet choice.

Other uses include being used in laboratory tests which required the use of rabbits, as well as being used for food and fur.

Farming Benefits of Velvet Rex Rabbits

1. Velvet Rex rabbits are very calm and docile, making them excellent for families with young children.

2. Velvet Rex rabbits have short, velvety fur making them the perfect breed for their fur coats.

3. They were first bred as laboratory animals due to their calm personalities but have become more popular as show animals over the years.

4. Velvet Rex rabbits are one of the oldest breeds of rabbits, making them an ideal choice for breeding.

5. They were first bred in Belgium, making them a popular breed in Europe while also becoming more popular throughout the rest of the world as time goes on.

6. Velvet Rex rabbits can be used for both meat and pelts making them a popular choice for farming.

Health Of Velvet Rex Rabbits

As with most rabbit breeds, Velvet Rex rabbits are very healthy and hardy, making them an excellent choice for families with young children or anyone looking to keep a pet!

They are also widely used as show animals due to their exceptional features, including their short coat length, well-rounded bodies, and large ears.


Whether you are looking for a pet or an animal to use in fur production, Velvet Rex rabbits are an excellent choice due to their great personalities and ability to produce high numbers of pelts.

They are one of the most well-known rabbit breeds, making them a popular choice among both children and adults alike.

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