Best 9 Types Of Poultry

Types Of Poultry

About Types Of Poultry, Types Of Poultry For those who are confused about what type of poultry you should buy for your family, there are many types of poultry.

There is chicken, turkey, duck, goose, and quail. In addition to all these different types of poultry, there are breeds such as the rare Bantams or the delicious Cornish Cross.

What are the 9 types of poultry?

1. Chicken: These are the most commonly seen type of poultry. This is the “King” of all poultry in America.

2. Turkey: These are famous for Thanksgiving dinner and are part of a traditional Christmas dinner.

3. Duck: Ducks have been used for a long time to make duck feathers for pillows and quilts since they do not have as much down as chickens or geese, but enough to ride on the water and fly like geese do when frightened.

4. Goose: These are the most common type of waterfowl. They have been a common food for many years. They have been used for long distances, are very docile, and can be paired up with others to act as a “pack” of ducks.

5. Quail: This is a type of game bird fattened up for eating, much like any other domestic game bird (pheasant).

6. Turkey: This is not a bird but refers to an animal. It is the animal used for the Thanksgiving dinner and many other events at the dinner table and in many other places.

7. Bantam: These are small and docile birds usually kept in a small cage or hutch commonly made of wire. They are often kept by women as pets rather than as livestock or hunted for food like most other poultry types mentioned here.

8. Cornish: These are very large birds usually kept in factories, fed, and fattened up for eating. Many families often use them for Thanksgiving dinner, and some hunt these types of birds instead of raising them.

9. Other Breeds: There are many other types of poultry breeds that are domesticated like the Bantams, but the ones mentioned here are commonly seen by most people regularly. These are the most common poultry types out there and are normally keep these birds as pets or for food.

Which types of poultry are best to raise?

Now that we have looked at all the different kinds of poultry, there is still the question: which type of poultry is best to raise?

No one type, breed, or type of game bird is best for raising and eating. It all depends on what you are raising them for. If you want to eat them, your main concern should be the size.

Laying Breeds:

These are most commonly used for eating. They are the best to raise if you want to raise and eat them. There are many different types of these, but the most well-known is the White Leghorn. This type is used as an egg-laying chicken as they have large breasts that can produce many eggs. This is not commonly raised for eating since they don’t lay many eggs, but you can raise them that way if you wish after your main concern of eating them has been fully satisfied.

Meat Breeds:

There are many different types of meat breeds that you can raise and eat. They differ in size and quality of meat, but most are fairly large for eating purposes. One of the most famous is the Cornish Chicken, known for its very high meat-to-bone ratio. This means that there is a lot more meat on this chicken than bone, so it requires less cooking time to get it fully cooked and edible.

Dual-Purpose Breeds:

Many dual-purpose breeds are known for having a lot more meat on them. One of the most well-known is the Peking Duck. This is a one-of-a-kind type of bird, as this breed has eggs and meat thrown into one dinner for the meal. There is usually no less than 20% meat on this bird.

Turkeys, Game Birds, and Other Poultry:

Other poultry types known for having a high meat-to-bone ratio include pheasant, quail, and guinea fowl. All of these birds are known to have much more meat on their backs than bone on their back, so they require less cooking time to be fully cooked. These types of birds can also be used for Thanksgiving dinner if you wish, but most people tend to raise these types of birds as pets instead of raising them for food.


There is no best type of poultry to raise. It all depends on what you are raising them for. If you want to eat them, your main concern should be the size. If you want eggs, your main concern should be the number of eggs each bird produces and the size of each egg.

If you want to keep them as pets, look at how they act and which one can be the best pet for you before getting any bird.


Now that you have read all the information about the different types of poultry, you should have a good idea if you should raise this type of bird. Each has pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide which type of poultry you should raise. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it helped you decide what you should raise as a pet or for food.