Strasser Pigeon: Best 10 Care Tips

Strasser Pigeon is a very old breed and has been around for centuries. It is a beautiful white pigeon with black markings on its wings and tail. This pigeon is originally from Germany, but can now be found all over the world.

The Strasser Pigeon is a very calm and gentle bird that makes a great pet. They are very easy to care for and feed.

Strasser is the short name for German Baron Franz Strasser 1844-1918. During his lifetime he made many important discoveries in pigeon genetics.

He was also very interested in pigeons with white flights and tails, which can still be seen in this breed of pigeon today.

Strasser Pigeon Characteristics

Strasser pigeons have a very unique appearance. They are very tall and slim with long necks. The shape of the head is also unique because it looks like a triangle from top to bottom,

This can be seen when looking at its profile. In addition, Strasser Pigeons have small eyes and wiry feet. The body of the Strasser Pigeon is slim, with a long neck and round wings. The tail of this pigeon is wide, full, and long.

Both the males and females are white in color. However, they have different markings on their wings. Males are usually are marked by one to three black bars on both wing covers. They also have a black band on their tails.

Origin Strasser Pigeons

Strasser Pigeons come from Germany, but can also be found in other countries all over the world. It is believed that this breed of pigeons was first bred by the German Baron Franz Strasser 1844-1918 who was interested in white flights and tails. Since then, these pigeons have grown very popular among pigeon fanciers.

Colors Of Strasser Pigeons

Strasser Pigeons come in one color, white. There are no other colors or markings on these pigeons. The only exception is that males have black bars and bands on their wings and tail, but the majority of the body is white.

Uses  Of Strasser Pigeons

Strasser pigeons are not used for any specific purpose. However, they make great pets because they are very calm and gentle. They are also easy to care for and feed.

In addition, Strasser pigeons can be used for racing or show purposes. They have been known to do well in both competitions.

Best 10 Care Tips For Strasser Pigeons?

1. Strasser pigeons are a very calm breed of pigeons and make great pets. They can be kept in a loft, but they do prefer to stay outside during the day.

2. This is an easy-going bird that does not require much maintenance. You should clean their cages once or twice a week by removing any droppings with ease.

3. They do like to make a mess and need a large enough cage because they will be flying around the room. A 4 feet tall wire cage with a 1 foot 2 feet base is sufficient to keep one pigeon in it. You can then attach this cage to the wall to prevent the pigeons from flying away.

4. Ensure that the base is covered with hay or wood chips to absorb the droppings. This will ensure that you do not have to clean it regularly.

5. During the night, the pigeon should be kept in a dark room because they are very sensitive to light and noise during this time.

6. Their food should consist of cereal grains like oats, corn, and barley. In addition, they also need a good supply of freshwater every day.

7. Strasser pigeons are very large birds and therefore require a lot of food to feed them on a daily basis. You can give your pigeon 2 handfuls of feed for each pigeon plus some greens as well as grass every day.

8. You can also give them some grit and minerals to help with their digestion.

9. These pigeons love to bathe in water and will do so often if you provide them with a bathtub. Be sure to change the water daily to prevent bacteria from growing.

10. Finally, enjoy your time with these beautiful creatures and watch them as they soar through the sky.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the top 10 care tips for house pigeons. Remember to keep up with their health and well-being by making sure they have fresh water, food, a safe place to roost or nest, and plenty of space!

If you need any more advice on how best to take care of your pet pigeon, don’t hesitate to contact us at Strasser Pigeon. Our team is always happy to help out in whatever way we can. Thank you for reading this article.

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