Somali Goat: Characteristics, Origin, Uses & Best 12 Farming Benefits

Somali goat

About the Somali goat, the Somali goat is a breed of goat from Somalia. They are mostly used for milk production and occasionally meat. Somalis are very small-sized goats with longer hair than other breeds.

The body is typically black and brown but can also be white. They are known for their long ear lobes that end in a point, and the highest quality Somali goats have blue eyes with gold highlights around the pupil and horn tips.

The Appearance Of The Somali Goat

Somalis can be any color, not just black and white. White Somalis are very common in the United States but also in Africa. Black with white markings can be a very common color for these goats.

Some show quality Somalis look like a Lion without the mane. They have long hair but no beard or horns like the males of most other goat breeds. Males typically weigh 60 to 95 pounds, while females weigh 35 to 80 pounds when mature.

Characteristics Of The Somali Goat

  • They are generally friendly and make good pets.
  • Their hair is soft and can be used for goat yarn or woven into fabric.
  • They have a delicate constitution, so they must be fed a high-quality diet and kept cool on hot days.
  • Their milk is rich in butterfat and has a sweet flavor.
  • The milk can be used to make yogurt, cheese, and milk for the baby.
  • Somalis are efficient milk producers and make good mothers.
  • They are slow to mature and produce lots of milk.

Origin Of The Somali Goat

The Somali goat is believed to have originated in Saudi Arabia, where it was first domesticated more than 4000 years ago. The Somali goat came to Somalia about 1000 years ago and has been there ever since. The Somali goats are found in Somalia and Ethiopia.

Cultural Aspects Of The Somali Goat

Somalis rarely fight each other because they are peaceful people. Somalis don’t make good pets because they are unruly and always on the move, but we have them here in America as pets.

Somali Goat Meat

Meat is the most important aspect of the Somali goat. The meat is lean and has a much lower fat content than other goat meat, meaning it is healthier to eat. The meat tastes like beef but is sweeter. Meat from younger goats is preferred. The best cuts of meat come from the neck and shoulder.

The Size And Weight

A male can weigh up to 100 pounds, and a female can weigh up to 70 pounds.

The Baby Somali Goat

Somali kids are almost always born black but will begin to turn brown as they get older. They have long hair and big ears, just like the adults do. Kids will feed by their mothers for 4-5 months before being sold.


Because the butterfat content is so high, the Somali goat is primarily used to make cheese. The goats are also sold as pets and show animals, but they need to be trained to be handled properly.

Best 10 Farming Benefits Of The Somali Goat

1. They are fast learners.

2. They can be good pets.

3. They can make good watch goats.

4. The meat is very tender and flavorful.

5. The uses for milk are almost endless.

6. They are fast and agile climbers and will eat just about anything that they can reach, which is useful in keeping the pasture free of undesirable vegetation.

7. A well-managed Somali herd can graze happily on long-term pasture grasses that other goats would shun.

8. If a goat needs medical attention, the Somali is not treated with any harmful chemicals or drugs.

9. They are excellent forage for other goats.

10. They make a tasty snack if you are hungry.

Quick Information On Somali Goat

Breed nameSomaliOther namesSomali livestock goat, Somali animal, Somali sheepClassificationGoatOriginSaudi ArabiaDiet100% grass-fed goatCountry of originSomaliland, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Yemen.
HeightUp to 1.4m-tall at the shoulder
WeightUp to 100 kg (220 lb) for the male and 60 kg (130 lb) for the female
BiologyThe average life expectancy for a Somali goat is about 11-15 years, but there are records of some Somali goats that are 20 years old or older.


In conclusion, the Somali goat is an excellent animal to have as a pet. They need lots of space and don’t like living in enclosed areas, but they are fantastic pets for people who live on farms or ranches.

These goats are also useful for farmers and ranchers who want to make goat milk. They will often advertise their animals by saying they have “Somali blood” or that their goats are from the same bloodline as some famous show goats. Thank you for reading my post on the Somali goat.