Silver Pomfret Fish Farming: Best 10 Information

Silver Pomfret Fish Farming Are you fishing enthusiasts? Then, you would probably know that silver pomfret is one of the most popular fish. There are many ways to cultivate this fish, and below is some helpful information on how to do it.

You will find out about the tips for successful silver pomfret farming and be able to apply them in your own business or personal aquaculture. There are instructions on growing, feeding, transporting, and caring for the silver pomfret fish.

Silver Pomfret Fish Farming

Information of Silver Pomfret Fish Farming Start:

Where can you obtain the silver pomfret fish for farming?

The typical fish for farming are found in commercial pomfret farms that supply the industry. These farms are specialized and farmed to produce the silver pomfret fish commercially. So, if you want to farm the silver pomfret fish, you must go for them.

2. How to increase the reproduction rate of silver pomfret fish?

Spawning of silver pomfret fish is best during the wet season. Feed on live food for better results in multiplication.

3. How can you transport silver pomfret fish? 

Keep fish tank with necessary water levels during transportation.

Use dry ice as an ice pack to keep the fish tank fresh and safe.

4. How can you maintain the silver pomfret fish?

Rotate a small quantity of feed daily.

Prevent it from losing energy for a minimum of two times a day by giving food and water.

5. How can you achieve high yields of silver pomfret fish?

Feed on live food for best results in multiplication.

Feed on different types of food because silver pomfret has a diverse diet.

6. How to enhance the production rate of the silver pomfret?

Use different fish culture systems, such as indoor and cage culture systems.

Use different hot water treatments, dry ice treatments, and natural methods.

7. How to breed the silver pomfret fish successfully?

Use the direct stocking method for breeding.

8. How to reduce the risk of diseases and parasites?

Remove dead fish fallen in the fish tank or pond.

Perform water changes to restore water quality.

9. What to feed silver pomfret fish?

Interesting Facts about Silver Pomfret Fish Farming:

  • Pomfrets are among the most popular and delicious dishes that can be farmed for commercial purposes and home consumption.
  • Silver pomfret is a popular fish species in Southeast Asia.  
  • This species is highly esteemed for its taste and quality among the commercial fishers, resulting in its demand worldwide.
  • Silver pomfret, also known as silver label pomfret, is an active predator that feeds on plankton and other smaller fish found in the marine ecosystems.
  • It can be farmed in semi-transparent containers of aquariums with a capacity of 300L or more.

 10. How can you get high yields of silver pomfret fish?

If you want to get more than 100 fish per 100L water, you should use the cage culture system.

If your farm is larger than 100L, use the indoor system to give you a better yield.

Silver Pomfret Fish Characteristics

  1. Silver Pomfret The silver pomfret is known as the “Queen of the small fishes.” The silver pomfret is a silvery, elongated freshwater fish. It has a slightly compressed body, grows up to 3 inches long, and can weigh as much as 5 ounces in maturity.

The average weight of this fish is 1 pound for females and 2 pounds for males. The silver pomfret has a long, pointed snout and a largemouth. It has a silver color, and its fins are transparent.

Male fish is distinguished from the female by the shape of their anal fin and the larger size of male finlets. The silver pomfret is a quiet fish, but it can jump into the air when provoked.

  • Silver Pomfret Habitat 

Silver pomfrets are found in rivers, lakes, swamps, mangroves, or tidal areas in India and Asia. The female prefers to live near the shore, and the male prefers living in deeper water.

  • Silver Pomfret Feeding

The silver pomfret is omnivorous and can eat crickets, krill, earthworms, freshwater shrimp, etc.

It will also eat algae and plant foods like seeds, fruits, nuts, etc. They are mainly herbivorous but can be fed with various fish pellets like flakes or dry food for carnivores.


The silver pomfret is very sensitive to water conditions. An irregular change in temperature and pH will lead to their mortality.

Proper care is needed during transportation, feeding, and acclimatization. You must provide the following things for proper care of this fish: a) Temperature of 20-24 °C, b) Water changes every week, c) Salt changes every 10-14 days, d) Light intensity of 6-8 hours/day.

You can find more information on water, feeding, and storing silver pomfret fish in the article below.

Water Requirements

The silver pomfret is a tropical freshwater fish. It requires freshwater to survive. The aquaponics farm should be well-maintained with a quality filtration system and algae-free water conditioner to grow this fish.

The water temperature of 20-24° Celsius is needed for breeding, growing, and maintaining the growth of this fish.

pH and Water Quality

The water quality in aquaponic systems must be maintained at a stable pH level of 6.5-7.5 for 24 hours.

A change in the pH level, about 0.1 units, will cause fish mortalities. High ammonia levels can also affect the silver pomfrets’ growth rate, and their mortality rate is higher when they live under high ammonia levels.

You must maintain water quality at a 6.5-7.5 pH level using water conditioners like AquaQuattro or aquaPrimer Liquid.

Water Temperature

A warm temperature range of 20-24° Celsius is needed to grow silver pomfrets. The temperature should be kept stable and not fluctuate across the farm area because it will affect the growth rate of this fish.


Lighting is essential for the growth of the silver pomfret. The light intensity should be maintained at 6-8 hours a day.

A higher intensity will increase this fish’s growth rate, and a lower intensity may cause a mortality rate. You must maintain constant lighting to ensure the proper growth of silver pomfrets to feed on your aquaponic farm.


The silver pomfret feeds itself by biting off pieces of food from other fishes. You can provide a variety of foods for them to feed on.

It is suitable to feed the silver pomfret with pellets made of wheat, soybean meal, and other fish meal.


Silver pomfrets are tropical freshwater fish. They must be acclimatized to the high temperature before being placed in your aquaponics system.

The adequate time required for the acclimatization is between 5-and 7 days and should be kept warm at 20-24° Celsius.


Silver pomfrets are delicate fish that can easily die due to improper handling during transportation. You must provide a small container filled with fresh water and an air pump without disturbing the water conditions and temperature.


Silver Pomfret Fish Farming

You can store silver pomfrets in a tank separate from other fishes because the presence of other fish will feed on its skin. Keeping them in a closed container will prevent them from jumping out of the tank.

How to Grow Silver Pomfret Fish?

You can grow silver pomfret in an aquaponics system using the best method. You can set up an aquaponics system with the help of a fish tank and a hydroponic setup.

This will let you know how to grow silver pomfret in an aquaponics system, which is quite easy and simple, as it is not that difficult to do. Growing silver pomfret in an aquarium is quite simple and easy to do.

Special note

The Silver Pomfret Fish Farming business is good as it can grow in number extremely fast and provide a higher income if sold at its prime time.

The fish farming business can be started with small-sized 100 Liter tanks and gradually increase the water capacity by adding more fish in the tank.

The Aquaponics business is a primary source of income because once you have reached a point where everything is running smoothly, you will make money out of it easily.

Silver Pomfret Fish Farming


Silver Pomfret Fish Farming I hope that this article will be useful to those who are starting silver pomfret fish farming business and those who are already running one.

Let’s start working for nating silver pomfrets and increase our income so that we can easily run our business and can have a good life in the future.

If you have any queries or problems do not hesitate to share with us. Thank you for reading this article and I wish you the best of luck in your business.

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