Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size: overview & best 10 benefits

Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size

Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size is one of the most commonly asked questions on forums, and it can range anywhere from 10 gallons to 100 gallons. So, what is the right Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size?

There are a few important considerations that you need to consider when choosing your Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size. These include:

  • How many other Fish do you have?
  • How much space is your Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size going to take up?
  • What are the water conditions like at your home?

For beginners, we always recommend a minimum of 10 gallons. A good starting point is 10 or 20 gallons, which should house a single Shubunkin Goldfish.

For beginners, we always recommend a minimum of 10 gallons. A good starting point is 10 or 20 gallons, which should house a single Shubunkin Goldfish.

If you prefer more than one Shubunkin Goldfish, you will need a larger tank, depending on how many you add. If you want 2, you should be looking at 30 or 40 gallons.

For 3, 60, or 70 gallons would be a good Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size. For 5, 100, or 125 gallons is recommended.

How To Big Do Your Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size?

  • How often do you plan to feed your Shubunkin Goldfish.
  • What kind of temperature range is ideal for your Shubunkin Goldfish.
  • Do you have other pets that are part of the family.
  • Do you have enough time to monitor and clean your Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size multiple times a week.

If you answered yes to all those questions, then the perfect Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size would be in your mind.

What does the Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size look like?

A bigger tank would make a Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size look really good and roomy. A smaller tank can be just as beautiful if you have a great setup and decorations.

How to set up Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size?

If you decide on a Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size smaller than 10 gallons, it can make it more challenging to maintain the right water parameters. This is especially true if you have a lot of decorations or plants. ​

For Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size up to 70 gallons, we still recommend the traditional aquarium setup with a filter, powerhead, and heater.

You can also add an air stone to increase the oxygen in your tank. Above 75 gallons, you will have the choice to either run an air pump and airstones or go with an under gravel filter. Some people choose to use both kinds depending on their setup preference.

Shubunkin Goldfish Characteristics

The Shubunkin Goldfish are known as the Japanese fighting fish. The name comes from the Shubunkin Fish meaning “piggy goldfish,” but it is not related to the pigfish.

These Fish are not naturally red and white, but people breed them for their colors. Shubunkin Goldfish would be a great choice for decorating your house or office.

You can also make your Shubunkin Goldfish happy by choosing a beautiful small Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size for them to live in.

The Shubunkin Goldfish are also known for their characters, and you can see their shape in the picture.

They like to be active in the Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size, and they interact with Fish from other families a lot. These Fish can swim up to 13 miles per hour and are pretty smart.

If you want a playful, hardy fish that is not a scavenger, is beautiful with stunning colors, and likes to interact with its owners, then the Shubunkin Goldfish is an excellent choice.

The appearance of Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin Goldfish are stunning Fish that can be any color you want them to be. They were bred for color and shape but varied from gold and black to red and white. They are triangle-shaped with a skinny tail, big round eyes, short snout, and small scales.

The lifespan of Shubunkin Goldfish

If you want a pet that will live for 10 years or more, then a Shubunkin Goldfish is the right choice. They have a lifespan of 15 years of age and can live for much longer. But, this differs from individual to individual.

Shubunkin Goldfish behavior

The Shubunkin Goldfish are very active and playful. You can have lots of fun with these Fish in the Shubunkin Goldfish. When you change the water, they will come to investigate, and investigating is what they do best.

If you want an interactive fish, this is the one for you. They will even follow people around and swim in front of them.

Shubunkin Goldfish – Overview

The Shubunkin Goldfish is a great choice if you want a long, lasting pet that interacts with people. They are sturdy and can be any color you want them to be.

You may have to spend extra money on food if you want them to get these colors, but it is worth it. If they are not fed the right diet, they will revert to the original yellow color.

                                                                       Shubunkin Goldfish

Scientific NameCarassius auratus auratus
Common Name (species)Shubunkin, Calico goldfish, Speckled goldfish, Harlequin goldfish, Coronation fish
OriginNo wild populations, captive-bred hybrid
Care LevelBeginner
ActivityActive, sociable foragers
Lifespan10 to 15 years, although some specimens live longer
TemperamentPeaceful, gregarious Fish
Tank LevelSwim in all areas of the tank
Minimum Tank Size75 gallons
Temperature Range65° to 72° Fahrenheit
Water Hardness5 to 19 dGH
pH Range6.0 to 8.0
Filtration/Flow RateNeeds strong filtration
Water typeFreshwater
BreedingModerate, egg-layers
CompatibilityGood community fish
OK, for Planted Tanks?Tends to dig, so can uproot plants. May nibble tender new shoots and leaves.

Shubunkin Goldfish Benefit

Here are the best 10 Shubunkin Goldfish Benefit

1. The Shubunkin Goldfish is bite-free, so it doesn’t make a mess of your furniture.

2. The Shubunkin Goldfish are hard to live in hard water conditions such as a saltwater tank.

3. Because they are hardy and disease resistant, they can live longer than other goldfish varieties.

4. They are beautiful and not messy Fish to keep in the home or office.

5. Shubunkin Goldfish are an excellent choice for people who want a long-lasting pet.

6. The Shubunkin Goldfish is an intelligent fish that swims in front of its owner.

7. They are very playful and will interact with other pets in the home.

8. The Shubunkin Goldfish can live with other Fish and is not a scavenger like other goldfish varieties.

9. They are hardy and can live in any environment except saltwater.

10. The Shubunkin Goldfish are a really good choice if you want a beautiful, biting fish that will live a long time and interact with the owner.

Special Notes

To start, it would be good to mention that you should never keep goldfish in freshwater only. They will die very quickly. If there is no salt in the water, they will also succumb to various diseases.

For this reason, you should try to keep goldfish in freshwater fish tanks and never use chemicals that may harm your fish, like copper products.


For the best Shubunkin Goldfish Tank Size, you should consider the size of your tank and make sure that it will be at least 20 gallons or higher.

If you want to add other fish to your tank, it must not be bigger than 30 gallons. We hope you found our Shubunkin Goldfish review helpful.

If you have any further questions on looking after your Shubunkin Goldfish, please feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank you.

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