Short Haired Rex Rabbit: Best 5 Tips For Farming Benefit  

Short Haired Rex rabbits are not a breed of rabbit, but rather a type. They have short hair and tend to be more active than other breeds.

Rexes can live from 5-8 years in captivity and usually weigh between 3-5 pounds. There are many different colors that Rex rabbits come in, such as black, white, blue, chocolate brown, lilac and red. 

The average litter size is 4-6 kits, with an occasional 7 or 8 born alive. One interesting fact about the rex rabbit is that they do not need grooming.

Their fur does not mat up like other breeds, so it’s easier to maintain! Check out this blog post for more information on these furry little guys.

Short Haired Rex Rabbit Characteristics

Rex rabbits are not a breed. They come from many species. They look like the rabbit on the right. Rex Rabbit Characteristics include short hair, soft fur that isn’t prone to matting, and usually, there is no undercoat, so they are easier to keep clean.

Rex rabbits are active, fun-loving rabbits who are not very difficult to care for. They have a low-maintenance coat, so they are more accessible to groom, making them one of the most popular breeds of rabbits out there.

They tend to be on the smaller side, usually around 5-8 pounds, but that does depend on the breed. Rex rabbits live 5-8 years and can be any color or markings that their breed comes in.

Breed Size of Short Hairs aired Rex Rabbit

A giant rex rabbit can produce a 3-4kg (6.5 – 8.8 lbs). The short-haired Rex Rabbits are more popular because the Rex Rabbit’s fur is plush, dense, and fuzzy, making it look exceptionally soft. It also adds to its excellent appearance making it more relatable to humans.

Rex Rabbit Breeds & Colors

Rex rabbits come in different colors and markings, including black, white, blue, chocolate brown, lilac, and red. One interesting fact about the rex rabbit is that they do not need grooming because their fur does not mat up like other breeds, so it’s easier to maintain! Rex rabbit colors include:

  • Chinchilla (a white rabbit that is unusual in most species),
  • Black, black otter, blue otter, English spot (white with colored head-like patches), Flame point (a mix of red and orange on the ears, face, feet, and tail with ivory undercolor)
  • Harlequin (multicolored patches),
  • Himalayan (white color spread evenly throughout the fur and the colored portions are a different color than the white),
  • Lavender, lynx (tabby markings with long hair throughout),
  • Paint (white with spots or stripes of another color)
  • Opal (a mix of light and dark colors on the same rabbit)
  • Red, tortoiseshell (red and black with some white mixed in or across


Short-haired Rex Rabbits are used for pets, show, and commercial meat purposes.

People breed rex rabbits to have specific color patterns that they like or get a certain size of rabbit they want.

Farming Benefits of Short Hairs aired Rex Rabbit

The Rex Rabbit breed is known for having a low-maintenance coat, and it doesn’t need to be brushed regularly or groomed.

The rex rabbit’s fur doesn’t mat as quickly as other breeds of rabbits, making grooming easier for the owner. A great thing about owning a rex is that they don’t smell as much as other breeds of rabbits.

1. Rex Rabbits are Quieter than Other Breeds

Rex rabbits do not have long, floppy ears that flop around. They don’t hop or run like other rabbit breeds, either. Their movements are much less noisy than different types of rabbits, which can be excellent for people who live in an apartment and need quiet.

2. Rex Rabbits are Affectionate

Rex rabbits enjoy spending time with their owners and getting attention. They love to be pets, and they will follow you around the house if allowed. If their owner is gone for an extended time, the rex rabbit will pine away and get lonely, which can cause it to be ill or depressed.

3. Rex Rabbits are Healthy

The rex rabbit’s shorter hair makes it easier to spot skin problems before they get out of hand. If their owner takes care of them properly, gives them plenty of food and water, lets them exercise, doesn’t let them become overweight, and does regular checkups on their health….the rex rabbit is very healthy.

4. Rex Rabbits are Energetic

Rex rabbits love to run, play and explore their surroundings. Since they are active, you will not have to worry about becoming overweight or lazy unless the rex rabbit’s owner neglects it by not giving enough food or exercise.

A great thing about owning a rex rabbit is that they don’t need to be walked on a leash because most of them will not run away.

5. Rex Rabbits are Intelligent and Curious

Rex rabbits tend to be smarter than other breeds of rabbits. They can figure things out quickly and learn to find their way around your house or the area you let them explore.

A rex rabbit is curious and will want to explore every inch of the place they live in.


If you’re looking for a new pet to add to your family, take a look at the short-haired rex rabbit. This species of rabbit is known as one of the most famous rabbits because it has so many qualities that make them excellent pets!

The first thing you might notice about this type of bunny is how small they are with their long ears and fluffy white fur. But don’t let their size fool you; these bunnies have an average weight ranging from four pounds to six pounds.

They can be found in colors like black, brown, or grey, with some having more than just gray coloring on their backside.

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