Raising Meat Quail: Best 10 Benefits of Farming

Raising Meat Quail

About Raising Meat Quail, Raising Meat Quail is a popular and environmentally friendly way to raise poultry.

They are easy and inexpensive to care for, but they are also surprisingly tasty. Raising meat quail at home is a fun family project, and it is a great activity to involve your children in.

Raising Meat Quail

Raising meat quail is a popular and environmentally friendly way to raise poultry. They are easy and inexpensive to care for, but they are also surprisingly tasty.

Raising meat quail at home is a fun family project, and it is a great activity to involve your children in.

The meat quail are raised without a rooster. Their eggs are large, white, and delicious. And, because they lay so many eggs in their first year, your flock will stay small.

You can also raise the birds to their second year of life with an extra layer of insulation – a few more hens – and some additional nest boxes that lead farther into the woods.

What If I Don’t Have A Nest Box?

If you are raising meat quail but don’t have a nest box, you can try to convert an existing outdoor cage into one.

Just add a small door in the front, and place it on the floor of the aviary so that it leads into the woods. Put some pine straw or other bedding inside, and you now have a makeshift nest box.

Most of your hens will probably use it, although one may still lay her egg on the ground.

How To Raise Meat Quail?

Raising quail involves heating and insulation in late fall and winter to keep them warm enough. Coops should be kept above 40 F at night for the first week or so, and then the temperature can be lowered to 5 degrees per week until the ground freezes.

To help insulate your coop, place a 4-by-8-foot sheet of rigid insulation on the roof. This is available at many hardware stores and will help keep your birds warm.

Feed your meat quail cracked corn, milo, or cat litter mixture. About 5 weeks before your meat quail are due to hatch, mix the feed with about 1/4 cup of wheat or oat bran for added nutrition.

Meat quail may not lay eggs all year round, so you’ll need to restart your flock each spring with the same number of hens as you had in autumn.

For example, in March, you may have 10 chicks hatched and are ready to be fed. In April, eight more hens will lay 10 eggs each.

In May, you have 18 meat quail hatched and devour their hatch mates as soon as they hatch. In June, you’re back to 10 hens laying 10 eggs each. This cycle can repeat itself all year long.

Raising Meat Quail For Your Family

Meat quail is an important source of food for many people in Asia and Africa, where there are many more people than there is meat. You can raise your meat quail in your backyard or sell them to make money.

Remember that meat quail can fly, so don’t lock them up so tightly that they cannot reach the top of their wire enclosure.

It would help if you had a wooden box with some holes drilled in it and a screen top. Put some food and water in the box, and let them get used to it.

What Is The Best Quail To Raise For Meat?

Mulard quail are more tender than standard meat quail, but all meat quail are delicious. Mulard quail require three to four weeks to grow and mature, but the white eggs are worth it.

Some of them lay as many as 19 eggs in a single season. Unlike some other breeds, they have no problems mating or laying after being debeaked.

What Can I Feed My Quail For Meat?

Meat quail are omnivorous and will eat many different foods. They can be fed both a mash of grain and a mix of protein.

For meat birds, you’ll want a diet full of protein, although they will eat just about anything, including fruits like apples (not applesauce!) and carrots.

A dozen males may be big enough to eat your chickens (and children, too!), so remember to ensure that the birds you are buying are the size you need.

How Much Meat Can You Get From A Quail?

Male meat quail have a total body weight of around 2 pounds. Females are smaller and lay fewer eggs per year.

If you raise your meat quail on a constant diet of corn and milo, you should expect to get about 1 pound of meat from each bird per year.

How Do I Know When My Chickens Are Ready For The Freezer?

Your chickens grow quickly, and they start to feather out over their entire bodies before long. You should be able to see their bones as early as four weeks of age.

At six weeks old, your bird should have feathers down to the base of its legs. The chicks will be mature enough to be butchered completely by eight weeks. Do not use meat birds before they are 8 weeks old.

How Can I Tell If My Chickens Are Ready For Butchering?

In general, you’ll want your flock to get big and fat to become more tender when cooked.

You can tell when a chicken is ready to butcher by squeezing the legs and thighs. If they are nice, plump, and soft, they should be butchered immediately.

You may not want your chicks to grow so big that they run out of food, so every day, you should separate the smaller birds from the larger ones.

The smaller birds will be ready to butcher within a few weeks, while the bigger chickens may need up to 6 months to reach maturity.

Are Quail High Maintenance?

Meat quail are easy and fun to keep. They grow fast so that you can raise them on a regular schedule, and you’ll want to be prepared for their inevitable growth. Also, they’re excellent mothers so that you can count on fertile eggs.

                      Quick Fact About Raising Meat Quail

Quail DietOmnivore
ColorsBrown, white, and spotted
Size5 to 6 inches
Life Span3 to 6 months
TemperamentCalm Special Considerations for Raising Meat Quail We Need a large coop & run. The fertility rate is high (1 egg per day), Easy to breed

Quail Eggs If you are looking for some delicious eggs, then quail eggs may be what you have searched for.

Benefits Of Farming

Here Are The Best 10 Benefits Of Farming

1. Direct Marketing To Customers

2. Flexible And Portable Farming

3. Business Tax Breaks

4. Fresh Farm Produce In The Season

5. Sustainable And Organic Farm

6. Careers In Farming And Agriculture (Farming Jobs)

7. Easier To Sustain Than A Regular Job (because it saves money)

8 . High Demand For Farming Related Skill-set (Farming)

9 . Not Much Space Required For Farming

10 . Resilience In Famine-like Pattern (when there is a natural disaster)

Special Notes

Raising Meat Quail Tips Keeping quail involves a lot of work, but it is a rewarding experience, and when you have lots of meat quail to eat, plus you can sell the eggs, this is a great way to make extra money.

If you do not intend to raise meat quail for profit or eating, you can still raise them for enjoyment. You will certainly enjoy tasting the delicious eggs they will lay each week and watching them grow.

I am interested in growing my quail eggs too! I have done a lot of reading and found that it is more work than I thought.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Raising Meat Quail and enjoyed it. Farming is a great way to make extra money, but you will have to work hard. If you are looking for something easy and hands-off, I would not recommend farming.

However, if making an honest living with your hard work sounds like something you’d enjoy, farming may be for you. Thank you for reading this article.

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