The Best 10: Quail Housing Ideas 

About Quail Housing Ideas, Quail Housing Ideas are required for raising Quail. Check out the following list of Quail Housing Ideas.

Quail can live in a wire cage with perches, but the cage needs to be at least two feet long. The wire spacing should not be wider than 1/2 inch.

You may want to put some protective grid on the underside of the wire, so they don’t get their feet or feathers caught in the wires.

You may also want to place a nest box on one end of your cage for them to lay eggs in and raise chicks if you have females nesting with males.

If you have a small cage or a dog run, you can hang a wire across the top of the cage or run and put perches in for them to get off the floor.

quail housing ideas

They will feel more secure and will be able to fly.  You can also add some nest boxes for them to nest in. – Quail will appreciate a little foliage in their home. You can use ferns, herbs, or grasses like wheat hay as bedding in their cages.

The Best Quail Housing Ideas

Here Are The Best 10 Quail Housing Ideas

1. The best Quail Housing idea is to build them a small, covered cage. You can make a small shed out of chicken wire to hold the birds and let in some light. More importantly, this type of housing will allow them to sit on eggs, lay eggs and raise neat little chicks.

2. Also, you can make quail houses out of PVC pipe with perches cut in it. You may have to add holes if you want your bird to go through them to get outside their living area (through ward facing). The lighting wattage should not be a problem here as they are small birds.

3. If you have a garage, you can make a simple cabinet and place your Quail in it. The hinge on the door and sides gives them a little maneuverability as they sit in their house and eat. You will want to maintain them with water every few days to quench their thirst.

4. You can also make it easy from PVC pipe or even from wood or metal piping to house your darling Quail. Just place perches in it, and you are done.

5. You can also make a quail house out of an old cage. Cut the bottom portion of the cage off so they have easy access to food and water. Place it on a small stand in a corner as they will feel more secure.

6. Another easy Quail housing idea is to use PVC pipe or any other material you can find and make a simple house out of it. Cut two holes on each side to let them out, and then hang them up. This also works well if you have wood flooring in your house.

7. Also, you can place a small water-proof heater at the bottom of their house as they will need water at night and during the day during the spring and summer.

8. Place nest boxes in the corners of the house and on one side, making them feel more comfortable. You can place a small branch or two in it if you want them to have something to preen on.

9. Place a PVC pipe around it, with half of the PVC pipes underwater. The other half will provide ventilation, and they can walk across it to get out of their house or into it.

10.  A chick brooder works very well for housing your Quail. It’s the same dimensions as a larger chicken coop, but it is not tall enough for predators to get in.

If you use this method, keep their pen at least 10 feet away from any predators (dogs, cats, other birds) and also make sure there are no gaps in the fence that would let predators in.

How To Build A Quail Housing Ideas At Home?

It is really easy to build one, as all you need are some simple materials and tools. Use the following instructions for building one, but first, make sure you have enough space and the correct materials.

Building A Quail Cage For Hatching

Start by preparing your work area with water, towels, and safety glasses.

Step 1

First, you need to prepare some materials for the Quail Cage. It would help if you had wire (at least 1 1/2 inches wide) and staples. It would help if you also had a small bucket with 30-40 gallons of water for the Quail Cage.

Make sure the wire is about 12 inches longer than the cage, plus 10-15 feet extra. And then make sure your wire is strong enough to hold up the weight of your birds.

Step 2

The next step is to start putting together the quail cage. First, you need to connect the wires at each corner to form a square and then use the staples to connect them tightly.

Step 3

You then need to bend the top side wires down and start stapling them one at a time along the inside of the quail cage. Make sure you staple it tightly. 

Step 4

Now make a door out of wire mesh, or even chicken wire or plastic fence fabric. Put the door in the corner with staples over it to hold it firmly.

Step 5

Next, you need to attach the bottom wire carefully to the one above. Make sure you fill any gaps you can see inside with more staples.

Step 6

Now, take your bucket of water and pour it slowly on top of the cage floor inside. Before this, check to see any gaps between the wires that may let predators in.

What Do Quail Need In Their Cage?

If you are thinking of raising your Quail, knowing what they need in their cage is important. This way, you can make sure that they are comfortable and have everything they need to thrive.

The best thing to do is find a good breeder in your area with all of the things you will need for your bird.

Bedding For Quail

One of the most important things you will want to provide them in their cages is good quality bedding.

As the name suggests, bedding is exactly what comes to mind when you think of Quail. Quail need something soft, fluffy, and clean to cover themselves in at night and not get dust all over them.

This will also help with breeding because they will not feel like sleeping in a dusty mess. The best thing you can use is shavings or wood shavings such as cedarwood shavings.

These are the best because they will not mold and do not get stuck in their feathers. This can cause them to be very uncomfortable and itching all night, making it difficult for them to sleep.

Wood shavings that come from trees are also cheap, and if you get a large bag of them, you can use this for a long time.

How To Prepare Quail Bedding?

If you have never had Quail before, you will want to prepare your bedding before bringing your bird home.

The best way to do this is to soak the wood shavings or cedar shavings in a tub of warm water overnight. The longer they are soaked, the better they will feel when they are on their bed so that you can sleep better every night.

What Is The Best Cage For Quail?

Since you have so many choices and there are so many types of quail housing, choosing the best cage for Quail is a little more difficult than you think.

The general rule is to provide enough space to climb and fly, as they require more exercise than other birds.

This means that cage spacing depends greatly on the bird’s weight; bigger birds need bigger cages. Quail cages should be made from safe materials for the birds because their small size makes them vulnerable to most dangers such as injury or even death. quail housing ideas quail housing ideas

How Do You Make A Quail Enclosure?

To make your quail enclosure, you will need a large cage or pen that is big enough to accommodate the number of birds you have. Start by choosing a good material for the walls and floor of the cage.

The best material is wood, but wood can easily catch fire if not treated properly. If you do not want to use wood, you can choose any other material like metal, plastic, or even brick.

Do Quail Need Nesting Boxes?

Quail need a nesting box in their enclosure to sit on their eggs and hatch them. You can buy nesting boxes, or you can make your own.

A good way to make your own is to use PVC pipe and cut holes in it so the Quail can sit on their eggs through the holes.

The size of the holes will depend on the size of the Quail; make sure there are no gaps between your cage and any walls where predators and other birds can enter it.

Special Notes

Quail housing ideas, Quail are timid birds, but they do not like to be alone. If you want them to be more comfortable in their cage, you will want to provide them with a perch to sleep on when they are not active.


Quail housing ideas As you can see, raising Quail is not that difficult. All you need is a place they can call home and good quality food and water so they will grow and be healthy.

But don’t forget to keep your bird in a safe environment, as you may get one that has been poisoned through bad garbage or something like that.

I hope you found this article useful, and I hope you will find a good breeder to help you raise your Quail in the future. Thanks for reading this article.

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