Quail Farming: Information & Best 10 Farming Benefits

About Quail Farming, Quail farming is a business that allows one to breed and raise quail for sale commercially.

Quail are usually kept in the backyard or on commercial farms in wire cages. If the farm is large enough, it may have more than one row of cages.

The breeding stock should be fed properly and protected from predators such as dogs and foxes.

Quail Farming

They should also be checked periodically for diseases such as Newcastle disease, which can wipe out an entire colony of birds.

How to Start Quail Farming?

To begin quail farming, you should know what is required to raise the birds commercially and make it a flourishing business.

Quail are not very demanding in their needs and can be raised in cages made from wood or chicken wire.

A wire cage just one foot (30cm) square may accommodate 20 birds. Since quail lays small eggs, large wire-mesh cages with several layers are used for egg production.

They are also raised in similar cages. Therefore it is important to know how many cages need to be set up to house the birds and avoid overfeeding optimally.

A commercial farm usually requires more than one type of cage or building to suit the different needs of the quail.

For instance, one cage could serve as a brooding pen for breeding and a place for hatching and rearing chicks.

The brooding area must be cleaned daily and rinsed with a solution that promotes good air circulation without causing condensation.

Step 1

Starting a quail farm business may be as simple as acquiring a pair of quail and setting up a small, portable coop in your backyard.

Step 2

The coop should provide food, water, and safety for your birds. Keep the coop clean, including its equipment, to prevent disease.

Step 3

A nesting box or brooder can be attached to the side of the cage or even built into the cage’s floor.

How to Raise Quail?

Quail, like other poultry, should be fed and watered daily. This practice helps maintain good general health and encourages proper egg-laying and egg production.

Feeding makes sure the quail bodies are kept in a healthy state to ensure they can produce eggs that can be sold commercially.

Step 1

To raise quail, start with a pair of quail or hatch an extra one if you want to start with some eggs right away.

Step 2

Cage the quail by placing one for each cage in a row on top of the other. There should be a distance between each cage to ensure that the birds do not get lonely.

Step 3

After a week or so, when the birds are grown enough, you can put some quail into cages. The litters should go into cages with no more than two pregnant quail per cage. After two or three weeks, the eggs will be ready to hatch.

Step 4

After five to seven days, the quail eggs should hatch. At this time, remove any dead hatched quail and replace them with live ones.

Step 5

You raise them individually in cages only after the chicks have grown enough.

Quail Farming Information

Here Are The Best 10 Quail Farming Information

1. Types of Quail Farming

• Commercial Cage

• Organic Cage

• Outdoor Cage

2. Top Quail Farming Myths

1. Myth 1: Quail can just be let loose in the backyard, and you do not need to feed them. Truth: Quail requires more than just open spaces; they need proper food and protection from predators.

3. Quail Farming Costs

• Cost: depends on the cage used, feed costs, and other investments.

• Affordability: since you can buy a pair of quail for as low as 50$ to 300$, this is the most economical way to get started.

4. Quail Farming Process

  • Purchase the Quail
  • Acclimatize the Quail |Bentleyville Farm, PA}

5. Cost of Quail Farming

• Feeding

• Production of Eggs

6. Marketing Quail Products

• Egg Products: Eggs (white, brown, or blue), Quail meat

• Other Products: Feathers, oil, and meat production due to slaughtering the birds.

7. Export Markets for Quail Farming

EU Countries like Germany, France, Italy, and the UK buy quails from us.

8. Quail Farming Companies

• Lesser Quality Quail Farming

• Full Cage Quail Production

• Organic Quail Farming

9. Other Ways to Make Money

1. Sell your eggs to local markets and other places that raise birds for egg production, like farms or restaurants in your area.

2. Be a professional breeder and sell quails that you have raised from your backyard by sending them off to other farms in exchange for a portion of the sale of their eggs.

10. Chicks, eggs, meat, and live birds are the main products of quail farming. Birds start laying eggs in their 3rd month, i.e., from 30 to 40 days. From this time onwards, egg-laying reaches its peak in about 45 days and then slows down during the next few months.

Benefits of Quail Farming

1. The eggs produced are in high demand as most are exported.

2. The meat is rich in protein and can be sold at a high price, especially in countries like America.

3. Special varieties of quails like the golden quail etc., have very high prices due to their unique appearance, which is good for marketing purposes.

4. The quail farming business has emerged as a lucrative investment option in the last few years.

5. Eggs and meat production is just one part of the business, and starting a new business requires minimal capital investment.

6. Quail are hardy birds that can be kept inside homes and small areas.

7. The quails are cheap and easily available for eggs and meat.

8. The production of quail eggs is profitable and a good business.

9. It is easy to find customers for quail meat and eggs due to their high demand in the market.

10. Chicks, eggs, meat, and live birds are the main products of quail farming. Birds start laying eggs in their 3rd month, i.e., from 30 to 40 days.

From this time onwards, egg-laying reaches its peak in about 45 days and then slows down during the next few months.

Types Of Quail Farming

1. Backyard farming: In this type of farming, you can produce eggs and meat on a small scale and sell them locally.

2. Production for Exports: In this type of farming, you use large cages designed to breed quails.

The birds are raised in the cages, and after some time, the eggs and meat are collected from the cages. Then, the birds are transported to another country and reared in large numbers.

3. Production for Export: This type of farming is similar to production for export, but in this case, small numbers of quails are raised in one place on a large scale.

What Does It Take To Turn It Into A Thriving Business?

Several factors must be considered while starting a commercial bird farm or a hobby farm that is raising quail.

The first one is the availability of birds, to begin with. Once you have selected a species, it is important to find out how long a breeding season they have, how many eggs they can lay, and what the price of each egg is like.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Quail?

The quail is a very small bird and has the shortest period of turning into an adult. It takes 50 days for quail to grow up to the adult stage.

The quail egg that the female quails laid at about the 20th day of incubation will be ready for sale on the 50th day of incubation. Thus, as a farmer, you can earn your profit from the first quail egg-laying cycle.

How Many Eggs Do Quail Lay A Day?

Quail lays 2 to 4 eggs per day, which can hatch in about 30 to 40 days. Therefore, the quail egg-laying cycle is about 60 -72 days, and you can start egg sales from the first quail egg-laying cycle.

How Much Does A Quail Egg Cost?

The price of each quail egg that is sold varies according to its size, quality, and quantity. If your farm has many quails, you should consider selling them as whole quarries at a higher price than if they are sold separately.

Is Quail Farming Profitable In India?

Yes, quail farming is very profitable in India. It is a good business niche and requires minimum investment with maximum profit returns. The market is well established, and the demand for such products is high.

Is There Any Certification Required For Quail Farming Business?

Yes, there are many certifications required for different reasons. Firstly, to hire employees, you need to be ISO certified or registered with your country’s government.

Secondly, you will need several certifications regarding health and hygiene during your production process.

Is Quail Eggs A Good Business?

Yes, quail eggs are a good business as there is a huge demand for them, and they are easily available all over the year.

How Do You Start Quail Farming From Home?

The first thing is to build a mesh wire fence the size of 10 x 2 meters, and this will be the run area for your quails.

The next thing to do is buy some quails; they can be bought at any poultry shop in your city. Make sure you buy healthy and disease-free birds.

Once you have bought the quail, you must keep them in a coop for at least a week till they become familiar with their home.

Now, it is time to provide them with fresh food and water. You can make a wood pen covered by a mesh wire fence. Put some fresh grass and seeds inside the pen so that your quails will eat.

You can also buy special feed from any local poultry shop in your city. The price of this special feed depends on the quality of the feed and its ingredients.

You must start feeding the quail on this feed and keep changing it every three days. They need to get fresh food and have all their needs met as they are still young.

You must change their water at least once a day. The quail will lay eggs after a few days. After a few weeks, the eggshell will appear, and this is the time when you should start cleaning their pen.

The eggshell is removed, and you must throw in the dirt and feces. Now, you must start collecting their eggs.

There will be a day when you will get more than one egg, so make sure you collect the whole lot at that particular time, as this is a profitable business.

You will find that your quail laying cycle is longer than the others; this means that you have more eggs than the others, which is another reason your farm can be profitable.

Special Notes

Starting a quail egg and meat business will require hard work and attention. The birds need to be fed and taken care of throughout their lives, so you must ensure that you do your homework before starting this business.

Once you have mastered this art, you can make the most of it. You can buy the stock at a low price from the market or other farmers and sell them at a higher price.


These days, quail farming has become very popular among people. They are widely available and their eggs are a tasty delicacy for most people.

This makes quail farming a very profitable business to be in. You can get into many types of quail farming, but you must research before starting your business.

There are many training institutes throughout India where you can learn more about this art and make money from it. Thank you for reading this article.

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