Poultry Keeping: 10 Major Benefits

Regarding poultry keeping, poultry keeping is the act of raising, feeding, and caring for chickens. Here are the 33 benefits of keeping poultry. Poultry keeping can be an excellent hobby or profession.

Keeping poultry has many benefits, such as natural fertilizer, low-cost meat, labor savings, and a close connection with the environment. It is also a great way to supplement your family’s income or start up your own small Poultry Keeping business.

How to Start poultry keeping?

Poultry keeping can be initiated with the purchase of chicks. This is a wonderful way to start a poultry hobby, but the costs of young chickens are often not sustainable for everyone. Fortunately, in many places, you can purchase from local hatcheries.

Many cities also offer locally raised chicken and turkey products for sale. You can also buy directly from the farm or restaurant to save shipping costs. These are excellent ways to get an introduction to poultry keeping and raise your chicks at home.

Characteristics of poultry

Species, breed, and variety can classify poultry. There are many different breeds of poultry that you can choose from. Some breeds include; bantams, Cornish game hens, buff and whites,

Chateaus (or Ameraucanas), Brahmas, Cochin bantam chickens, Faverolles bantams, Rhode Island Red chickens or turkeys, Runts, and Leghorns. Some rarer breeds, such as the Bantam King Campbells or Buff Cochins.

Major Benefits of Poultry Keeping Business:

Here are the 10 Major Benefits of Poultry Farming Business

1. Increase income and produce locally:

1.1. Eggs and fruits can be purchased from your home or farm shop.

2. Control and easy to maintain:

2.1. When you start a poultry farming business, you do not have to worry about building as well as buying a lot of expensive tools for your farm because you can use the small space available at homes such as front porch, balcony, or backyard:

3. Shelter not required:

3.1. You do not need to buy expensive shelters or cages because you can use the existing space at home, such as the back yard, garden, garage, or porch.

4. Low investment cost:

4.1. The initial equipment cost is lower than that of a beef farm, and most of the equipment is readily available in your neighborhood yard or hardware store, so there is no need to spend extra money on transportation and traveling expense:

5. Good for family bonding:

5.1. Poultry farming is a family business because everyone in the family can either contribute or participate in the poultry issues.

6. Economical and humane treatment:

6.1. The feeding cost is less than $1 per day, which is lower than that of a common chicken you can find at a supermarket or farm shop:

7. Different breeds of poultry:

7.1. There are different breeds of poultry such as bantams, Cornish game hens, buff and whites, Chateaus (or Ameraucanas), Brahmas, Cochin bantam chickens, Faverolles bantams, Rhode Island Red chickens or turkeys, as well as Runts and Leghorns:

8. Faster growth:

8.1. Poultry farming business can provide you with more income because of the faster growth than cattle:

9. Low cost of living:

9.1. Poultry farming is a low-cost of living business compared to other farming businesses:

10. Convenient:

10.1. More time to spend with your loved ones and less time using on traveling because you will have to drive them to the processor or marketplace:

You Can Start with a Very Less Amount:

The cost of starting a poultry farming business can be very low compared to other farming businesses. Here is what you will require to start a poultry farming business:

1. Chickens:

The cost of breeding chickens is not high because most egg-laying chickens are available in your neighborhood market or farm shop.

2. Feed and Watering system:

2.1. A simple system can be used for feeding and watering the chicken, such as a feeder, waterer, perches, bedding, and disinfectant.

3. Chicken houses:

3.1. Masonry chicken house will be sufficient for the chickens because it is widely available in your neighborhood hardware store or marketplace with simple accessories such as wood, wood boards, and concrete block.

4. Tools:

4.1. Hatchet and shovel are all required tools for the poultry farming business because you will have to cut down the tree and rake out the grass:

5. Taking care of the chicks:

5.1. You can take care of your chickens in your backyard or build a chicken coop with some wood or plastic material, which will help you keep the chickens clean, healthy, and comfortable:

6. Feeding system:

6.1. The chickens can be fed either with your fresh feed or commercial feed.

7. Other things:

7.1. Comb, rattle, and waterer are just some of the simple accessories that you need to start a poultry farming business:

How do you maintain Poultry Keeping?

Poultry keeping is the act of raising, feeding, and caring for chickens. This article will discuss how you can maintain your poultry if you are a beginner. Here are the tips that can be given to you if you want to Poultry Keeping.

1. Raising chicks:

Raising chicks is easier than taking care of adult animals because it takes less space and effort than chickens grown up by themselves.

2. Feeding:

Caring for your poultry does not need a lot of time, so you can find some projects and work to do at home, but you must still feed your poultry at the right time.

3. Disinfectant:

It would help if you used disinfectant on the chicken coop, which is normally diluted with water and used as a solution for killing all microorganisms on poultry. This will help in keeping the chickens healthy and disease-free.

4. Housing:

You must ensure that your chicken coop is free from debris and droppings, which can cause disease. Keeping your chicken confined with available space will help increase their egg production and nutritional gain.

5. Cleaning the chicken coop:

It would be best to clean the coop once a week or at least whenever you see it dirty to avoid them getting sick. With these simple steps, you can easily keep your poultry healthy.

Special notes

Chicken eggs are sold in the marketplace for various food products, but if you are interested in keeping chickens for commercial farming, you can do it by following the above steps.

Always allow your poultry just as much space as they require to live, and provide them with a clean and healthy environment. You can have a good time being a poultry farmer and keep it up for future generations.


The Poultry Keeping above information is enough to make you a successful poultry farmer. Still, it will not be possible if you don’t put yourself in the process of learning how to keep your poultry healthy and give them a better environment.

Here are some poultry farming business ideas that can change your life. If you like my blog, share it with your friends, family, and other people you know might find this useful.