Pigeon Male Female Identification: The Best 7 Ways To Know

Pigeon Male Female Identification

Do you know the Pigeon Male Female Identification? It might not seem like there is much difference, but there are actually some critical distinctions between the two.

We will take a closer look at those differences to identify pigeons more quickly in the future. Stay tuned!

The male pigeon is typically more significant than the female pigeon. This is especially noticeable in the head and beak, where the male’s beak generally is larger and more robust than the female’s beak.

Another key difference between male and female pigeons is their plumage. The male pigeon has a more metallic coloring, while the female is more brown.

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Pigeon Male Female Identification Best Tips!

In addition, the male pigeon is typically more colorful than the female. It is typical for a female pigeon to have brown and grey tones only, while the male has rainbow-colored feathers all around!

Males are also slightly slimmer in shape than females. Finally, pigeons have very different personalities between genders too. Male pigeons are typically more aggressive and territorial than female pigeons.

So, now that you know the critical differences between male and female pigeons, how can you use this information to identify them?

Here are a few tips:

  • Look at the size of the bird. As mentioned earlier, the male pigeon is typically more significant than the female.
  • Look at the color and patterning of the feathers. As mentioned earlier, the male pigeon has a more metallic coloring, while the female has a more brown coloring.
  • Look at the shape of the beak. As mentioned earlier, the male pigeon’s beak is typically more prominent and robust than the female’s.
  • Look for any distinguishing features. For example, males might have more colorful feathers than females or a differently shaped beak.

Identifying pigeons becomes much more manageable once you know what to look for; identifying pigeons becomes much more manageable! With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to identify males and females with ease.

1. The appearance of the Birds also

Males have longer necks and are slimmer than females. They have elongated red eyes while brown for female birds.

The male can fly up to speeds of 90 mph during solid winds because of their long wings, which can be as long as 5 feet across.

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2. Monitor their Behavior

When looking at the birds’ nests, the males are slightly smaller than the females. Males’ tails are also shorter than female birds when they fly. The wingspan is very long, which is almost six feet in extent.

3. Listen to Their Sound

The male birds are very aggressive in their behavior and have a typical call of “coo-coo” sound. Females have more tame voices, which are soft coos. The cooing sounds of females are also higher-pitched compared to the males.

4. Monitor the Toe Clips

The toe-clips of the female birds are yellow, indicating that she is sexually ready to mate. The male pigeons have a red or purple clip suggesting they are ready for mating. Once the male and female mate, their toes are matched in color.

5. Hold their Wing

Both male and female pigeons have the same length of feathers on their wings. If you find any difference in size, it is a sign that you should do more observation about the birds. The color of the branch also does not indicate anything for identification purposes.

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6. Vent System

Male pigeons have a vent system on their lower back that emits musk, pungent in smell. Females do not talk this musk from the vent area on their lower back. You can even see a red or pink colored membrane surrounding this area of females.

7. DNA Testing

DNA testing is the final way to identify male and female pigeons. This is the most accurate way to determine the gender of a pigeon, but it’s also the most expensive. With DNA testing, you can be 100% sure about the gender of a pigeon.

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Pigeon Male Female Identification is not an easy task, but you can do it in many ways. We’ve compiled the best 7 methods that we think will be most effective for you (and they’re all free).

If you want more information on telling if your pigeon is male or female, check out these blog posts! What’s Your Method? Let Us Know In The Comments Below.

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