Pet Quail: Best 12 Breeds Name

Pet Quail, sometimes called egg-laying hens, is a type of domestic fowl kept by some hobbyists and small farms.

They are also known as “ducks” or “chicken chickens.” The domestication of the quail dates back to 1955 in the United States.

Undergoing breeding, raising, and caring for these pets requires a long investment. Here’s some expert advice for those interested in reviewing their options before making such an investment.

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What Do Pet Quail Eat?

Quail are like chickens in their dietary needs, but they are more prone to stress. It is recommended to be fed with or on the same plate as other birds or in the same cage as other birds.

To ensure that your pet quail remains healthy, feed them a cooked meal of grains and vegetables. It would help if you also fed them nutritious seeds and sprouts.

The nutritional requirements of pet quail are best achieved by feeding them a mixture of whole cornmeal, hulled oats, sunflower seeds, buckwheat, and white millet.

This can be supplemented with vegetables like carrots and cooked lettuce to provide more fiber and nutrients.

Pet Quail Some Breeds Name

Although pet quail can be kept in as many as 12 different varieties, it is important to remember that not all quail are bred the same.

Some are more prone to stress than others, and although they may grow faster, they cannot withstand the cold temperatures of winter.

Here Are The Best 12 Pet Quail Name

1. White Laced Spanish

The White Laced Spanish is a bird that was originally bred in Spain. It belongs to the domesticated quail family, and as such, it is very much like the regular quail. Spanish Quail Male Spanish Quail Female

2. White Leghorn Quail Breed

The Jamestown colonists in America originally bred the White Leghorn. The breed is also very much like the regular quail, and they lay eggs just like any other chicken.

3. Coturnix Quail

The Coturnix quail is the type of quail that is most commonly used for commercial purposes. It is also the most popular pet quail in Japan because of its small size and sweet taste.

4. Blue Sumatra Quail Breed

The Blue Sumatra quail is native to Indonesia. It is a very active bird but is also very loud. Its diet is also very similar to that of the pet quail and is composed of corn, beans, pumpkin seeds, and soybean.

5. Singapura Campine Quail Breed

The Singapura Campine quail is a breed that has been developed in the Netherlands and Belgium. Although the breed has been developed, it was first bred in Singapore in the 1990s, explaining the bird’s name.

6. Silver Pencilled Marans

The Silver Pencilled Marans quail is a breed from Australia. Although it is very similar to the regular quail, it is slightly bigger than the regular one.

7. White Faced Black Spanish

The Spanish people in Cuba bred the White-Faced Black Spanish quails, which explains their name. The breed is very much like the regular quail, and this is why.

8. White Leghorn Rock Quail

The White Leghorn Rock Quail quails are also from the same species like the white ones, but they are slightly larger and imported from Japan. This explains their name.

9. Golden Pencilled Hamburgh

The Golden Pencilled Hamburgh quail is a breed from New Zealand. The breed belongs to the same group as the regular chickens, and their eggs can be sold in the market if you want to make extra money from your pet quail.

10. Cochins Quail Breed

Cochins are also of Chinese origin and are very popular pets because of their tiny size. They are slightly bigger than the regular quail and are very calm.

11. Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

The Blue Laced Red Wyandottes came from the US, where they are still bred in large numbers today. They are very much like the regular quail and lay beautiful eggs that can be sold at a very high price.

12. Gold Pencilled Rock Dorking

The Gold Pencilled Rock Dorking quails are from the Dorking breed but have been modified to make them bigger. They are also very popular with hobbyists because of their beauty.

How Much Does Pet Quail Cost?

A single quail costs about $5 to $20, depending on the quality and where you buy it. A starter kit for raising this type of fowl would cost you about $100, but if you have a large space and want to keep a larger quail population, this investment could be well worth it.

Pet Quail Care, Pet Quail Housing, Pet Quail Cage

You must ensure that your pet quail is housed in a proper cage. That means you should not house your pet quail with other small animals or pets.

Quail are very noisy and can get scared by other pets or animals that they live with. The best place to house quail is an outdoor pen with a roof.

You should also ensure that the pen has good ventilation and an enclosed feeding area that is relatively clean.

Pet Quail Diet What Do You Feed Pet Quail?

Please do not feed your quail non-organic food because it will poison them. It would help if you fed your pet quail a mixture of grains and seeds. This diet will ensure that your quail don’t become sick from any diet you may feed it.

Feed your quail a mixture of whole cornmeal, hulled oats, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat. This will ensure that your quail is healthy and can grow into a large full-grown pet.

Special Notes

It is very important to pasteurize your quail’s food. If you don’t, then your pet quail will die. There are special pasteurization machines made especially for quails, which are very easy to use.

Pet Quail Breeds Many people like to keep different types of quail in their homes, but it doesn’t work that way. Quails can become very stressed and will not reach the expected size because of the stress levels during the breeding process.


In conclusion, you can find that it is very important to understand quail before you decide on keeping them in your house.

They eat a lot of food, so it is wise to have plenty of space. If you want to get eggs from your pet quail, it is worth having the best cage for sale.

This will ensure that the eggs are kept safe and clean. You should also ensure that the rest of your home has good ventilation because there are times when they will get scared during cold weather. Thank you for reading this article.

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