Panda Ryukin Goldfish: Best 10 Keeping Benefits

Panda Ryukin Goldfish

Panda Ryukin Goldfish is a freshwater aquarium fish that is very small compared to other types of goldfish. This brand name is sometimes used for similar species, glitter ryukin goldfish.

They have been bred in captivity since around 1990 and are considered by many to be the smallest type of goldfish still available for purchase today.

Their length can grow up to under three inches due to their tiny body size (the largest reported specimen being a mere 1-1/2 inches long). The average length of these fish is around 1-3/4 to 2 inches.

Panda Ryukin Goldfish Characteristics

These fish come in a variety of colors, including white, red and orange, yellow and orange, and black. The most common colorations are solid white with no patches of any other color.

They have been bred to have very large eyes with a very prominent forehead than the rest of the fish’s head.

One of the most prominent features of this breed is its abnormally large fins comparable to those found on bettas.

The coloration of these fish has been bred to include a wide variety of colors and patterns, but the most common is white with colored patches and black markings.

The Appearance of Panda Ryukin Goldfish

These fish are very small and resemble the common goldfish, with a single dorsal fin, though their fins are much more similar to that of a betta fish.

Their large eyes set high on their head, and wide gill covers set back from the domed head give them an almost “alien” appearance.

The more commonly found types of this fish are solid white with all black markings, but some have black and red patches with no white.

Origin, History, and Distribution of Panda Ryukin Goldfish

The goldfish’s origin, history, and distribution are closely connected to their markings. These golds come from isolated regions in the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, where it was first discovered by American scientist and amateur goldfish breeder Carleton Coon.

The breed was first brought to North America in the early 1990s by a few breeders. It was very difficult to rear properly and become a successful fish, but with a little time and patience, the golds that these individuals produced have become quite popular.

The most common type of this fish is found in the United States as far west as California and as far east as Florida. However, there is also a strong population developed in many parts of Asia. The exact origin of these goldfish is unknown, but it is believed that they were first bred by the Japanese biologist Yoshiharu Kurihara.

Panda Ryukin Goldfish Temperament

These fish are very peaceful and one of the most active goldfish varieties. They are best kept with other small or medium-sized fish that cannot fit into their mouths when fully grown.

They make a great addition to any community aquarium and are much less aggressive than other types of goldfish. They can grow up to 5 inches in length in captivity but usually stay much smaller than this.

Breeding the Panda Ryukin Goldfish

Panda Ryukin Goldfish can be bred in the same way as other goldfish. They are egg-scatters, which means that they will release their eggs into the water and then leave them there until they hatch.

The eggs are highly recommended to be opened to be hatched without any stress. After hatching, they require further care to ensure that they become healthy and well-adjusted goldfish.

Panda Ryukin Goldfish Care

They are one of the easiest types of fish to take care of, especially if you are new to keeping fish for the first time.

Unlike other kinds of goldfish, these are not that active, and thus they are more suitable for a small-sized aquarium. Feed them once a day with high-quality flake food and change the water regularly.

Panda ryukin goldfish food

The best food to feed your Panda ryukin goldfish is floating food as they like them more than sinking ones. You can feed them with high-quality flake food or flakes with frozen brine shrimp every day.

They will eat everything that floats on the water, so it is your job to ensure that what you feed them is healthy for them.

Keeping Benefits the Panda Ryukin Goldfish

Here are The Best 10 Keeping Benefits the Panda Ryukin Goldfish

1. Small Body Size

This type of goldfish is one of the smallest varieties available today. This is a great benefit for those who do not have much space to keep fish.

This kind of goldfish can be easily kept in a 5-gallon tank as they will not grow much bigger than 3 inches.

2. Super Active

The most adored kinds of these goldfish are the ones that are super active and interactive. They will stay in one place and keep moving around the tank.

This makes them more pleasant to watch, and they are not just stationary objects that consume the tank’s waste.

3. Beautiful Colored Pattern

Panda Ryukin Goldfish can be bought in various colors, from black with red patches to white with various patches, etc.

This is also one of the most interesting benefits as it will attract the attention of many people who see them for the first time. This will make them a beautiful and eye-catching addition to the aquarium.

4. Great Care Requirements

Panda Ryukin Goldfish are very active fish in the water, and they will require more care than other kinds of goldfish to ensure that they are healthy and well-adjusted.

They will grow rapidly in size and become rather large, so there is a need to provide an adequate amount of water space for them and adequate filtration.

5. Great Breeding Potential

Panda Ryukin Goldfish can be bred similarly to other goldfish, with a great degree of success. One major benefit is that the eggs are set in the water.

Which makes it easier to hatch them without any stress. Therefore, this ensures that any natural factors do not compromise their health and well-being.

6. Great Goldfish Choice

Panda Ryukin Goldfish are one of the most popular kinds of goldfish today. This is mainly due to their small size and great care requirements.

This makes them one of the best goldfish choices, especially if they are kept in a community aquarium where they can interact with other fish.

7. Great Ability to Help Coral

The health of the coral depends on various factors, but one of the most important ones is the presence of algae in the same aquarium.

This is because algae convert ammonia into nitrates that are not hazardous for them as compared to ammonia.

Since Panda Ryukin Goldfish are great at eating algae, you will have many corals in your aquarium without any issues.

8. Great Relationship with Other Fish

Panda Ryukin Goldfish are very peaceful, and even the smaller ones can be kept in a 1-gallon tank. This is one of the greatest benefits as they will not become aggressive towards other fish.

This makes them a great companion for any other fish in the tank, especially those that look less “dangerous” than others.

9. Great Aquarium Decorations

This type of goldfish is not just great in the water but also looks outstanding. Keeping them will require a lot of space, but they are worth it.

Their colors and markings are unique, making any aquarium more pleasing to look at.

10. Great Ability to Adapt

Panda Ryukin Goldfish have an amazing ability to adapt to various water conditions due to their high resistance against disease and infections. This makes them suitable for aquaria in areas where the water is often altered.

How big do Panda ryukin goldfish get?

These kinds of goldfish can be kept in a 5-gallon tank at home, as they are not that big to require much space compared to other types of goldfish.

Some people have even seen them grow up to a length of 3 inches, and they can also grow up to 5 inches while being kept in an aquarium.

How long does Panda ryukin goldfish live?

Panda Ryukin Goldfish can live for up to a very long time, with these fishes able to live for up to 8 years.

If you are buying an adult fish, you should see their age by the length of their body and the number of their tail rays.

How much are Panda ryukin goldfish?

If you are looking for a small goldfish, you will be happy to hear that these are some of the cheapest ones available to buy.

They can be bought at an affordable price, and they will require very little maintenance as they do not grow more than 3 inches in length.


Panda Ryukin Goldfish are beautiful and colorful to look at, but they are also very hardy and friendly. They will look great in any aquarium and do not require much space.

If you have a small tank, this is the type of goldfish you should consider getting for your home.

They can be kept in a 1-gallon tank, but you would have lesser options in terms of food without much space. I hope you are enjoying Read This article Thank you.

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