Panda Black Moor Goldfish: Best 10 Tips For Care

Panda Black Moor Goldfish is an amazing hybrid that is a cross of a black moor goldfish and a panda bear. This beautiful combination makes for an eye-catching fish with the best traits from both parents.

This article will help you pick out some of the best combinations for your new Panda Black Moor Goldfish aquarium.

We will cover a list of the most popular, rare, and unique combinations. In addition to that, we will also list some important information about each mix so you don’t end up with a fish that will face more struggles than it is worth.

Panda Black Moor Goldfish Characteristics

This fish can be best described as a cross between two of the most popular and beautiful fish on the market.

Panda Goldfish are black fish with white markings, but this cross takes it up a notch by adding in the unique markings of a panda bear. This fish will light up any aquarium with its striking appearance.

Moor Goldfish are also black with white markings, but the white markings on this fish are different and more like those you see on moor goldfish.

This is because the fish that make up the hybrid is a cross between a panda goldfish and a white moor goldfish.

Panda Black Moor Goldfish Appearance

The Panda Black Moor Goldfish will turn out completely black, but it is not solid black. The white markings of both parents do make an appearance, but they are more like the type found on a panda bear instead of those that come from a moor goldfish.

This fish has many characteristics that come from each of its parents but with the best traits from both combined. It has a long elegant body and tail fin like those found on moor goldfish, but it also comes with attractive markings.

Breeding of Panda Black Moor Goldfish

Panda Black Moor Goldfish is a more common fish in Asian and African countries. They are not often seen in other countries, but it is possible to find them in some.

However, this hybrid has only been recorded to be bred by a few aquarists, meaning it is not as common as other hybrids.

Panda Black Moor Goldfish don’t require any special attention when it comes to breeding, but you will want to keep the water conditions at a neutral pH of 7.6-7.8.

For Panda Black Moor Goldfish to spawn, you will need to prepare a tank at least 20 gallons in size (ideally 30 gallons).

The water should be of neutral pH, between 78°F – 80°F. Panda Black Moor Goldfish can live 2-5 years.

Panda Black Moor Goldfish Compatibility with Other Fish and Invertebrates Though this fish can be bred, it is rare that they are born well.

Origin of Panda Black Moor Goldfish

Panda Black Moor Goldfish is a hybrid that is brought about by crossing the traits of both parents. This hybrid comprises a panda goldfish and a white moor goldfish.

The black parts of the fish come from the moor goldfish, while the white markings come from the panda goldfish.


Panda Black Moor Goldfish can be used in a lot of different ways. In the past, Panda Black Moor Goldfish were bred for fighting purposes and as a way to predict the weather. Today, Panda Black Moor Goldfish is more commonly used as an ornamental fish viewed in an aquarium.

Panda Black Moor Goldfish Care

These fish are pretty hardy when it comes to caring. They can tolerate a wide temperature range and eat a wide variety of foods.

The only downside is that this fish has sensitive barbels that can get damaged if moved around too much. This means you may want to handle this fish with care if you want your barbells to remain in good condition.

Best 10 Care of Panda Black Moor Goldfish

1. Feed your Panda Black Moor Goldfish with a high-quality flake food

This is a fish that can eat any food. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting sick from eating bad foods or having an allergic reaction when eating certain foods.

2. Avoid overfeeding

Overfeeding can make your goldfish sick, and it can also make them fat. When fat, the fish will not perform well in the water and could end up facing more health issues than it is worth.

3. Supervision is key when feeding this goldfish.

The Panda Black Moor Goldfish can jump out of their aquarium and very easily become injured while they are doing so. You will want to collect them from this contact whenever you feed them to avoid any potential injuries.

4. Water changes are necessary

You will want to make sure the tank water is changed at least once every two weeks. This will ensure that the water stays clean and healthy for your goldfish.

5. Frequent feeding is essential

You will want to feed your goldfish at least twice a day and preferably three times a day. This makes sure they are getting the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

6. Keep the tank temperature

Goldfish require water temperatures between 72° – 82°, but you don’t want to go below 72°F or above 82°F because this could end up killing them.

7. Keep the tank light on for 12-14 hours a day

This is the time of day that goldfish usually prefer the most. This type of lighting will help them feel comfortable and be more active in their tank.

8. Use a strong filter

Although goldfish are very hardy, they can damage internal organs if they are not provided with enough oxygen while swimming around in water that isn’t moving enough.

This is why you want to use a filter that moves enough water to keep them from being depressed in the tank.

9. Avoid introducing new fish or invertebrates into the aquarium

These two groups of fish are typically not compatible and will often suffer. This is also because most goldfish commonly eat invertebrates, and these invertebrates typically have sharp spines or other hard parts.

10. Check the water quality regularly

You need to check the water quality in your tank at least once or twice a month. You can use an electronic pH tester to do this if you want, but an inexpensive test kit will work just as well.

The Panda Black Moor Goldfish is a fish that can be best described as a cross between two of the most popular and beautiful fish on the market.

Special note

Although both of these fish are great to have in aquariums, you will want to make sure that you keep these two types of fish separated. Most goldfish eat invertebrates, and the panda fish are no exception.

You should never put a panda goldfish into an aquarium with any live plants, and you should never put the white moor goldfish into an aquarium with any red plants.


The Panda Black Moor Goldfish is seldom bred, making it a rare and beautiful fish. This fish has the best features from both parental breeds.

Making it a great fish for anybody who wants to share their home with an exotic and beautiful fish. Bring home a Panda Black Moor Goldfish Today. Thank you for reading this article.

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