Outdoor Pigeon Cage: Best 10 Ideas For Making

Outdoor Pigeon Cage If you live in an area with large amounts of pigeons, you know how annoying it can be when they leave droppings all over your home. This is one of the most common complaints about how these birds behave.

Pigeon droppings are not only unsanitary for people to walk around on, but they also pose a severe threat to household items like wooden furniture and wooden flooring that can easily catch fire if exposed to the droppings for too long.

Outdoor Pigeon Cage Characteristics

The outdoor pigeon cage is the ideal solution to these problems. Made of durable stainless steel, the outdoor model comes with two doors, one on each side.

The top door has a loop-hole attachment so that you can put a lock on it to prevent anyone from entering your home without your permission.

The bottom door is equipped with a hinged feeding tray that you can use to deliver food and water to the pigeons without needing to enter the cage yourself.

The top door also includes a clip that you can use to attach a water container, such as an automatic bird feeder so that the pigeons will always have fresh water to enjoy.

Outdoor Pigeon Cage Benefits

The outdoor pigeon cage features a powder-coated finish and welded seams for extra strength and durability. The bottom door is designed to allow the pigeons to enter and exit without issue while also preventing them from escaping.

The outdoor pigeon cage comes with a robust steel support stand, which you can use to keep the cell standing upright.

The stand also includes a convenient set of wheels that you can quickly move the cage around your property if necessary.

You can wash the outdoor pigeon cage with warm water and soap to clean it thoroughly after each use.

Outdoor Pigeon Cage Difficulty

The outdoor pigeon cage is simple to set up and fill with pigeons. However, the major problem you will face when using it is keeping it clean.

Because the cage allows the pigeons to enter and exit at their leisure, they can easily mess inside the cage once they are done eating or drinking.

This can make cleaning difficult because you need to thoroughly scrub all of the interior walls and floors to remove the droppings.

Outdoor Pigeon Cage : Types

There are two main types of outdoor pigeon cages: cage models and loft models. The cage models have wire floors and come with a plastic base tray to house the birds’ droppings.

The loft models have sloping floors, which help the droppings fall onto a removable tray at the unit’s base.

Outdoor Pigeon Cage : Cost

You can get an outdoor pigeon cage for $75, approximately Rs. 4,700. A five-tier model with a feeder plate costs around $125 or about Rs. 6,500.

How To Make An Outdoor Pigeon Cage At Home?

If you are planning to make an outdoor pigeon cage at home, the first thing that you should consider is the space where you will place it.

It should be a place where pigeons are allowed. If there are no pigeons in your area, it’s not a good idea to make one as they will not take it.

First, you need to plan the number of slots in your pigeon cage. Try and keep the number of places around 8-10 and less than 20.

You should also keep in mind the size of the pigeon cage; since adult pigeons are big birds, a 2′ X 1′ cage will not serve your purpose. The size of the cage should be enough for them to move about comfortably.

Next, you need to decide on the flooring of the pigeon cage. There are two options available – wire or sloping/slanted wire; choose what you like or find comfortable and easy to clean.

Now, you need to buy the cages. Hang them from the roof and prop them up on wooden posts for stability. Attach a door on either side of the cage and lower it to a level with your floor. Place the feed and water tray at the base of this door.

Top 10 Ideas For Make Outdoor Pigeon Cage

1. Check out some sites on the internet that may have step-by-step instructions. 

2. Search for videos of full-scale pigeon models and design your own model. Here is one that has a video ON how to build one: 

3. Visit your local pet store and ask them to make a customized model for you. Some pet stores carry kits that come with everything you need to get started (except for the bird). 

4. Check out garage sales, rummage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for wire, tubing, and some pieces that you may have thrown away from other projects. 

5. Start with a simple model and work your way up. You can expand and add as you see fit or your budget allows. This can be an ongoing project that lasts for years to come!  

6. Build your model out of wood (a good woodworking project), or get creative and make your pigeon cage out of recycled materials such as paper, plastic, or metal. You can paint it any color to match your decor! 

7. For a unique outdoor birdhouse idea, try making an outdoor pigeon cage in the shape of a tree trunk. 

8. You can modify a big giant birdcage to work for your outdoor pigeons. You can also try building a simple frame that you can fill with netting or screening to make it comfortable for your birds.  

9. The best way to start is to look online at what models are available, choose the one you like best, and go from there. From there, you can modify it until it is perfect for your needs! 

10. Build the outdoor pigeon cage of PVC pipe and plastic sheeting. You can cover this with a tarp to keep the rain out when necessary. 


Pigeon cages are great for outdoor use. You can use them to attract feral pigeons and save them from being killed by predators or by people.

Pigeon cages are also great for rehabilitating sick, injured, or unwanted birds. Keeping a pigeon cage indoors is also a great way to keep your pet pigeons safe while they recover from illness or injury.

The best way to build an outdoor pigeon cage is to use a kit that has been pre-assembled by experts. Thanks for reading this outdoor pigeon cage.

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