Murcia Goat: Characteristics, Origin Use & Best 10 Farming Benefit

About Murcia Goat, Murcia goats are a type of domestic goat with a distinctive orange color found in Murcia, Spain. They are also known as the “Murcian goat” or “wild Murcia.” The goat is an old breed, mentioned in the early 16th century by Antonius Gauda. Murcia goats are kept mainly as pets and can live for more than 20 years if their diet is rich and varied.

The Murcia Goat is a native breed of goats in Murcia, Spain, very similar to the Barbary Sheep. They are characterized by their long, white wool covering their entire body except for the horns.

How to  Identify The Murcia Goat

The Murcia goat has a body covered with white wool and white hair except for its face and the backsides of its ears. They have curve-shaped horns made of a bony substance attached to their head. Their faces also have a beard and mustache with whiskers on their cheeks. The goat has brown eyes as well as black hooves.

The female goats are called “does,” while males are called “bucks.” Does can be pregnant for about 150 days before giving birth to kids or babies.

Characteristics of the Murcia Goat

  • Goats are herbivores
  • They are intelligent and curious about their surroundings
  • The goats have horns to protect themselves from predators
  • They have beards and whiskers to protect themselves from scratches and bites
  • Goats can be very vocal, making grunting sounds that are loud enough for humans to hear them

The behavior of the Murcia Goat

The Murcia goat is one of the quietest goats in the world. However, in case of danger, they will probably try to run away or hide as humans are their natural enemies since they are wild animals.


The Murcia goat was recognized in 1993 by the Ministerio de Agricultura y Pesca (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) as a native breed of domestic goat. The ministry also assigned the species as one of its product brands in 2010.

Habitat of the Murcia Goat

These goats are found in extreme South-Eastern Europe on mountains and rocky fields, open hillsides, and pastures near towns.

A quick fact about the Murcia Goat

Breed nameMurcia
Breed typeBreeding with wild Barbary Sheep.
SpeciesDomestic goat.
OriginSpain is known as the largest producer of goat milk.
Typical colorsWhite, black with brown eyes.
DietConcentrate on water and fruits derived from imported food and milk.
Life span15 years.
UseMilk, meat, and skins.

Uses of Murcia Goat’s products

Goat milk is used in cheese making and as a beverage.Goat meat is used in the production of beef burgers, sausages, and sometimes a Sunday roast. Goatskin is made into gloves, boots, and other accessories. Sometimes they are tanned with fur inside and then used in coats or jackets.

Best 10 Farming Benefits of the Murcia Goat

1. The Murcia Goat is a hardy animal. It can endure extreme weather conditions, for example, when the temperature is high or when there are storms.

2. They are straightforward to maintain, require less space to live in, and eat very little compared to other farm animals.

3. They produce quality meat with less fat and cholesterol than beef and mutton. Goats have half the amount of CO2 per kg as other farm animals do during respiration which helps reduce global warming.

4. They produce more milk per goat than other farm animals.

5. Goats are very good at sniffing out and finding mines, bombs, and unexploded ordinance that humans have planted. This makes them very useful in the civil defense effort and sometimes goes beyond the scope of military work.

6. Goats are good at turning over soil and destroying brush and weeds.

7. The Murcia Goats have their personality and can be pets that can live closely with the family members

8. They are very good at clearing land, weeding, and destroying brush.

9. It increases the biodiversity of farms where they live.

10. The goats can be bred for milk, meat, cashmere, or wool.

Special note

The Murcia Goat is both a keystone species and a flagship species. The importance of the Murcia Goat to their environment has increased since the Industrial Revolution.

Goats have been used to destroy shrubbery and invasive plants on the sides of hills, cliffs, and canyons.


The Murcia Goat is a hardy, intelligent, good-natured animal that can make a good pet. It also provides an environmentally friendly service to the local community by clearing shrubbery and invasive plants and weeding out unwanted vegetation. I hope You found this helpful information, and I hope it will help You better understand this animal. Thank you for reading this article.