Mineral Feeders For Goats: Use & Best 3 Characteristics

mineral feeders for goats

Mineral Feeders For Goats There are many mineral feeders for goats on the market, so you need to decide which best suits your needs. The three main types of mineral feeders are gravity-fed, free choice, and free stall.

How To Choose a Mineral Feeder For Goats

The size of your herd will determine how many feeders you need. On average, one mineral feeder is necessary for every four goats. One kit may be enough for a small herd, but it’s always better to have a spare on hand in an emergency or simply to have it on hand if one of the units breaks down. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one spare package of feeders available in case some aren’t working correctly.

Best 3 Characteristics of Mineral Feeders

1. Gravity feeder– The mineral feeder is placed in a pen, and the mineral is poured in through a funnel or tube. There are several types of gravity feeders. Hanging is the most popular. An adapter plate with suction cups must be used to support the weight of the feeder when hanging it above the ground.
Mineral Feeders For Goats
2. Free choice– The mineral feeder is placed on the ground, and hoppers are used to pour mineral into it. The mineral feeder can be quickly rearranged to accommodate a free choice system. A hopper is attached to the feeder, usually by a rope, and mineral is allowed to pour into it. The hopper can quickly move from place to place, filling the container with minerals.
Mineral Feeders For Goats
3. Free stall– The mineral feeder is placed on an elevated platform, and a bucket or tub may be used to pour minerals into it. – Free stall systems are at a premium because of their cost and limited availability.


Gravity feeders should be hung in a sheltered area to prevent the mineral from being rained away. If it rains, a roof can be attached to the top of the feeder. – Free choice and free stall systems should be placed in an area with maximum exposure to sunlight for maximum ultraviolet germicidal action. This is particularly important during cold weather and winter months.

What is a mineral feeder for goats?

A mineral feeder for goats is a feeding station goats, usually placed outside to encourage them to eat. These feeders can be gravity fed, free choice, or free stall and should be located near their hay rack. Mineral feeders like this are great because they’re inexpensive and easy to clean. Another reason they’re great is that they provide the goat with a steady source of minerals needed to stay healthy.

How do you make a mineral feeder for goats?

You can make a mineral feeder for goats in many ways depending on the type you want to make. The process is generally more accessible than you’d think, so it’s not very difficult to accomplish.

The most common way to make one is by using PVC pipe, which can also be made out of wood or aluminum pipes like you see on this page. The main important thing is to decide which type of mineral feeder you will build and have all the materials ready before putting together the structure.

mineral feeders for goats


Overall, mineral feeders for goats are a great item to have around your farm. They’re inexpensive, easy to use, and serve a purpose. If you want more information on using them on your goat farm, continue reading this article and learn more about our mineral feeders. Thank you for reading!