Milk Is For Baby Cows Not Humans

Milk Is For Baby Cows Not Humans

Do you know Milk is for baby cows, not humans? You may have grown up hearing that milk builds strong bones, but the truth is it does just the opposite. The calcium in cow’s milk can lead to bone loss and osteoporosis because your body doesn’t absorb all of it.

 It also contains hormones, antibiotics, and added sugar, all unhealthy ingredients you don’t need in your diet. If you’re looking for an alternative to dairy-free alternatives, try almond or soy milk instead!

They come in different flavours like vanilla bean or unsweetened plain, so there will be something to suit everyone’s taste buds. Plus, they’re much healthier options without any risk of side effects!

Cow’s milk causes inflammation in the body and can lead to heart disease:

It is full of cholesterol and saturated fat, which can lead to heart disease. Dr Neal Barnard says that “humans evolved to drink human milk, not the milk of cows or any other species.” Humans produce lactase which metabolizes lactose, but after infancy, this enzyme decreases.

As stated in the book, humans are the only species to continue drinking milk after weaning and therefore do not get the nutritional value out of milk.

Cow’s milk has been linked to several types of cancer:

Many studies have shown that countries with more dairy in their diets have higher rates of prostate cancer. There is also a correlation between milk intake and ovarian cancer. It has been found that the

IGF-1 hormone, which is located in cow’s milk, stimulates cell growth. Researchers suggest it to be a possible cause of breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer.


Cows are often given hormones that are dangerous for humans:

All milk contains some amount of pus and blood. Cows are often given antibiotics which can cause allergic reactions in humans. Babies must take antibiotics because the mother’s milk transfers antibodies to fight against diseases, but drinking cow’s milk will also give you these antibodies; thus, it is unnecessary for human infants.

Also, the pasteurization process does not remove all bacteria, which can cause illness. Drinking milk has been linked to osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer.

Dr T Colin Campbell states that calcium from plant sources may reduce your risk of osteoporosis, unlike the calcium in dairy products which does not benefit bone health. Furthermore, there is a correlation between countries that have high dairy intakes and high rates of osteoporosis.

 Milk can increase your chance of cardiovascular disease and cancer; studies have shown that the risk rises even if the milk is skimmed.

You can avoid heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis by not drinking milk. The easiest way to avoid these diseases is simply by not drinking milk. You can get the necessary calcium from leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli.

Calcium carbonate supplements are also readily available. If you choose to drink milk, the author suggests organic dairy, although there is debate on whether.

Dairy products contain too much fat and cholesterol which can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, weight gain, and obesity:

If you want to avoid getting these ailments, it is best to avoid dairy products.

Dairy can also cause acne. It increases your insulin levels which creates more testosterone, and the excess testosterone causes the overproduction of sebum which clogs pores leading to pimples.

There is also a correlation between dairy intake and eczema. Well as chronic constipation is due to the lack of fibre in milk.

The American Dietetic Association states that humans do not need to drink milk once they reach adulthood.

Human beings are the only species that consumes the milk of another species, and for this reason, alone humans should not be drinking it.

The nutrients in cow’s milk are explicitly designed for calves.  To grow into giant cows. This is why humans cannot utilize the majority of these nutrients.

You do not need cow’s milk to get the nutrients your body requires.It is best to avoid dairy altogether; however, if you consume dairy, it is best to choose organic milk.

Milk Is For Baby Cows Not Humans:

Milk is for baby cows, not humans. You may have grown up hearing that milk builds strong bones, but the truth is it does just the opposite.

 The truth is also it doesn’t do much for your skin. The reality is, milk has been stripped of the anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting components.

Drinking milk weakens bones and is a leading cause of osteoporosis. In countries where dairy products are consumed most,


Tips for humans:

Here are some tips to follow if you are going to drink milkIf you are going to consume dairy, choose organic, whole milk.

  • Avoid dairy as much as possible.
  • Avoid animal proteins such as meat, cheese and eggs.
  • Avoid dairy, especially if you have a respiratory problem such as asthma or bronchitis.
  • Avoid dairy if you have allergies to food or the environment.
  • Avoid dairy if you have acne or other skin problems.
  • Avoid dairy if you suffer from constipation or diarrhoea.
  • Avoid dairy if you tend ear infections or bladder infections.
  • Avoid dairy if you suffer from joint pain and swelling such as
  • Remember, the nutrients in milk are for calves, and these nutrients cannot be absorbed and utilized by human beings.


We have shown that milk is not a necessary food for humans. Milk does contain some benefits, but these can be obtained from other sources which are more easily digested and better suited to the human digestive system.

As discussed in this article, there are plenty of reasons why dairy products make no sense as part of an adult diet. It’s time for us all to stop drinking the cow juice! Thank you for reading. If you liked what you saw, please comment below.

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