Male Quail: Best 10  Information

Male Quail

About Male Quail, Male quails are typically larger than female quails, but the size difference is usually less noticeable in adults as males reach maturity earlier in life.

The quail will often show aggressive behavior towards other males and occasionally attack them if they feel threatened or overpowered by another male dominance display.

Female quail will also show dominant behavior towards quail.  This is common among females and is what allows females to be able to find suitable males to mate with.  For both male and female quails, there would be an equal amount of females and males in a healthy flock.

Reproductive Characteristics

During courtship, females will often engage in a head-bobbing display.  This is often used as an “OK” sign for males or females interested in mating.  If the female accepts the male quail’s courtship display, it may lead to copulation.                                             

                       Quick Fact About Male Quail

Average lifespan6-9 months
Average weight1-6 ounces
Average size8″ to 9″ tall
Home range5 miles squared per bird
Population density3-15 birds per square mile

Food Habits

These quails are typically herbivores.  They primarily eat seeds, but they will also eat bugs and other smaller insects.  Female quail are more omnivorous as they typically eat more than the quail.

In a free-range flock, The quail will eat about five pounds of food and drink about 10 ounces of water a day.  However, if male quails are in an enriched or free-range environment, they can potentially double this amount.

They can also be fed mealworms, crickets, and other small foods to provide additional nutrients.

The Ornamental Value

Male and female quails are very popular as backyard birds.  They are also very popular in cities because they are small and do not require a lot of space.  Typically, these birds can be used as an alternative to a business such as a pet store that sells reptiles and amphibians.

The quail are very easy to care for and can be found at a reasonable price at most bird stores.  Usually, males cost less than females because males do not lay eggs (although some females will lay eggs anyway) and are sold by weight.

Size Difference

A male quail will measure around 24-28cm (9-11in) with wings outstretched along its back.  A female adult will measure around 20cm (8in) long with her wings outstretched at rest.

A male quail’s breast will be lighter in color than its plumage, and it will have black bars on each side of its body.  

The chest area will be lighter in color because it is used to display sexual dimorphism, which means that males and females have different colored feathers.  Males are usually larger than females, and males’ heads are longer and wider than females.


These quails have light-colored plumage on their chest to distinguish their gender.  The quail will have a long, striped face and a much heavier head.  The quail also have vibrantly colored feathers on their breast and back.

Best Information About Male Quail

Here Are The Best 10  Information On Male Quail

1. The quail are more aggressive and territorial than the female quail.

2. The quail can also be aggressive towards other males in the flock and become territorial around nesting areas.

3. The quails are sexually dimorphic, meaning males have different colors than females.

4. The quails are about twice the size of a female, but their reproductive organs are the same size.

5. The quails have many darker feathers on their chest and back.  This is to show off their sexual dimorphism.

6. The quail’s face is also much thicker and heavier, so it is easier to distinguish between the female and the male when they are nearby.

7. This quail will display aggressive behavior towards other males during and outside the mating season, called “male-male aggression.”

8. These quails are sexually dimorphic in color to show sexual dimorphism.

9. Female quail incubate the eggs, while male quail usually adopt the role of “guard.”  Both mother and male father will defend the nest and its young from larger predators and other males.

10. The quail also display aggressive behavior towards other bird species, such as ducks and geese, which are a threat to their nest’s territory.

Special Notes

Like most other male birds, The quails are difficult to have sex with as they tend to be very similar in size and color.  However, several differences may help you determine the gender of the quail being sold in bird markets.

Both male and female quail have almost identical plumage in terms of size.  The only real difference is the relative proportions of body feathers on the male compared to the female.


Male quail is very popular among the general public, and for a reason.  They are very easy to maintain and come in many colors, making them look very attractive in the backyard.

Female quail also make great pets, but they can be difficult to keep because of some behavioral characteristics that make them difficult to handle. However, male quails are much more difficult than females to sex with. Thanks for reading this article.

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