Lote Fish In English: Best 10 Health Benefits

Lote Fish In English

About Lote Fish In English, Lote is a typical fish from the mouth of the Amazon with a flavor rich in oils and exquisite flavor. This fish species is found in large numbers in the Amazon River and its principal tributaries.

Where there are about 35-40 species, as its name suggests, this fish is harvested in large quantities by the anglers of the Amazon.

They use their nets to catch it, and together with their scales, they rise in such quantity that many people call them “floating fish.”

Lote Fish In English Characteristics

Here are Lote Fish In English Characteristics

  • Food Value: rich in oils, rich in phosphorus
  • Cooking Method: grilled, deep fat fried
  • Ingredient: The body is baked with herbs and spices, served with jequirity beans.
  • Moisture: 45-50%
  • Cleaning and Preservation: dry, cool, refrigerated
  • The difficulty of Preservation: very difficult, requires special methods such as pickling.

This species is a kind that the use of heat can easily cook. The flavor of this fish is rich in oils and has an exquisite taste.

It is commonly called “floating fish” because it swims freely in the river to find food without going after it.

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Lote Fish In English The appearance

The color of the Lote Fish is a grayish-brown, which is coppery brown when the fish is cooked; its skin is opaque and smooth, without any paper-thin parts.

Its body is slightly elongated, its mouth is small, and it has two barbels under its chin with no horny lures. The lateral line extends to both sides of the upper jaw up and down, like a tube on each side of the head.

Life Spam

This fish can be found in abundance in the main Amazon River and its tributaries, from Iquitos to Tabatinga.

It is one of the largest fish there. It can grow to a length of 1 m-1.5 m, although most of them are smaller than that.

When it reaches sexual maturity, it lives in groups of 5 or 6 individuals, which congregate during the spawning period only once a year.

Life Cycle 

This fish reaches sexual maturity between 2-and 3 years old, and its life cycle is 5-6 years. It usually reaches sexual maturity at age 2-3, after which it will spawn every year, as they are polyandrous/ polygyne.

It is polyandrous/ polygyne, meaning it has 2 or more males per female, and is protogynous/ protandrous, meaning that the females mature before the males and change sex from female to male.

Lote Fish In English Catching

Lote fish is caught by net or by competing with other anglers. The crews use their nets to see them.

Garment Preparation

This species is a kind that the use of heat can easily cook. The flavor of this fish is rich in oils and has an exquisite taste. It is a nutritious food and has many secondary uses such as medicine and cosmetics.

Lote Fish Physical Description

At first sight, the lote looks like a typical fish with its rectangular body. However, it has a unique characteristic that distinguishes it from other types of fish: its tail fin.

The tail fin of the lote is very similar to that of a piranha. It has two spots located on the upper side of its fins, distinguishing the lote from other species.

The lote also has barbels on both sides of its mouth, and they are used to feel around in dark areas and search for food.

The Lote Fish Chemical Composition

This species is a kind that the use of heat can easily cook. It has an exquisite flavor and is rich in oils. The lote is a nutritious food and has many secondary services such as medicine and cosmetics.

Lote Fish Health Benefits

Here are the Best 10  Health Benefits of Lote Fish In English

1. Anti-Inflammatory

It is anti-inflammatory, and it is good food for rheumatism and arthritis. It also helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

2. Digestive Aid

The lote fish is a good source of calcium and phosphorous, which are important minerals needed by the body to keep bones healthy. This fish can also help people who suffer from indigestion while pregnant due to its rich oils.

3. Heart Health

It is a good food to increase the blood pressure of people suffering from high blood pressure.

4. Immune System

The lote fish helps protect the body because it contains many minerals, such as iron, zinc, manganese, potassium, and selenium. These minerals are needed by the body to build and maintain healthy cells.

5. Skin Care

The lote fish has smooth skin that can be used for cosmetics and medicine. It can also help to treat wrinkles and stretch marks on the skin.

6. Weight Loss

The lote fish can help you lose weight because of its high protein content. It also contains low fat and is rich in nutrients that are beneficial for your body.

7. Vitamins B1 and B2

It has several vitamins, such as niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine, choline, and biotin, which the body needs to keep healthy cells functioning properly. This fish can also prevent anemia.

8. Eye Health

The lote fish is good for your eyes because it contains vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyesight by preventing cataracts and night blindness.

The lote fish also contains vitamin E, which can help to improve your long-term memory and protect against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

9. Bone Health

The lote fish is good for your bones because of its high iodine content, which helps to prevent arthritis and osteoporosis.

The lote has vitamins B6 and B12, which helps prevent bones’ breakdown because they keep red blood cells healthy.

10. Red Blood Cell Production

The lote fish is rich in iron, which helps increase red blood cell production and improve stamina. The lote fish is also beneficial to pregnant women because of its high protein content and low-fat level.

Lote Fish In English Usage

Ripe: made as a vegetable dish, baked with herbs and spices. We can also use it to prepare some kinds of broths for soup. It is suitable for food preparation by the people of the Amazon region.

At harvesting, the fish must be dried for at least one month. If it is not dried, the fish does not have a good flavor. Dried, you can use it for more than a year.

Special note

This species only lives in the Amazon River and its tributaries. The lote is very tasty, but it does not as the Amazonians eat it.

In Peru, the fish is called “pejojo.” In Ecuador, it is called “durazno.” In Colombia and Venezuela, it is called “per loro,” In Brazil, they call this fish “pirarucu.”


The lote fish helps the body stay healthy and fit because it contains many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are important for the cells to function.

The more we eat this fish, the healthier we become. This species is a kind that the use of heat can easily cook. It has an exquisite flavor, and it is rich in oils.

The lote is a nutritious food and has many secondary uses such as medicine and cosmetics. I hope that you enjoy this article, but of course, you can add your own. Thanks for reading this article about Lote Fish In English.

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