Live Goldfish Colors: Amazing 10+ variety

About Live Goldfish Colors, You may have heard that if you want to make your goldfish happy, you should feed them food in the color red. The same goes for feeding your live goldfish water.

The problem is that some people can’t find red food at the grocery store and don’t know what else to feed their live goldfish, so they end up with a bunch of dull-looking fish who looks like nobody loves them. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, though.

There are many different colors or varieties of live goldfish available for sale. Some people say that their fish are “albino,” which means they do not have any pigment.

Other people say that their fish may be called “pearl” because they have white spots. Fortunately, there are relatively easy ways to identify the different colors by what you can see.

Live Goldfish Colors

The black goldfish is only available in the form of a male or female. The females are generally smaller than the males and do not have any spots.

They may be black as well, or silver with a tint of black on their backs near their gill plate.

How Many Types Of Live Goldfish Colors?

There Are Different Kinds Of Live Goldfish Colors, And Some Species Have More Than One Variety.

1. Black Gold

Blackfish with a shiny black body.

2. Silver Gold

Silverfish with a shimmering metallic effect to their scales.

Live Goldfish Colors

3. White Gold

Gray/Silverfish with a hint of white on the body and scale. Blue Gold- A darker shade of blue on the body and scales.

4. Blue Pearlfish

A pearl color with darker shades of blue on the body and scale.

5. Blue Blackfish

A darker shade of black on the body and scales.

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6. Red Goldfish  

These are common among males and have white spots on their bodies, tails, fins, and gill plates.  They also tend to have thicker lips than other types of live goldfish.

7. Red Blackfish  

It is a blackish-red color with a few white spots

8. Red Silverfish

It is a lighter shade of red with a few white spots on its body and gill plates.

9. Crystal Brown 

The appearance of this variety changes depending on the fish’s gender. The males tend to be lighter in color, and Females are a darker brown color.

10. Albino Goldfish  

A goldfish that does not have any pigment or spots on it.

11. Java Pearl

This variety comes in a different red, pink, orange, and yellow shades.

12. Glow In The Darkfish

The scales of these fish fluoresce under a blacklight.

Most people like keeping small Koi fish as pets in the home and securing them in decorative silverfish aquariums.

Their bodies have been sculpted from plastic pellets and then painted with vibrant colored paint to look more lifelike than ever before.

What Do Goldfish Colors Mean?

Pigments create colors in fish. In the case of goldfish, you will find that some types of live goldfish colors can vary, and some have been given more pigment for an appealing appearance.

For example, the red and white color varieties will have more pigment to their scales than the standard version of this species.

Just as with humans, fish do not produce all the pigmentation they need and must obtain it from food.

What Color Is A Female Goldfish?

If you have a female goldfish larger than the males of her color, she is likely a mature fish.

If this female goldfish has more pigment to her scales and fins than the standard version of her species, she likely needs a diet change or treatment for parasites or other problems.

How Many Goldfish Colors Are There?

Unfortunately, there are only four goldfish colors they can have: black, silver, white, or red. However, you may find that your goldfish is a mix of these four colors.  

This can help enhance their purpose for keeping fish as a pet for an aquarium. Red is the most common of these color varieties.

It is a mixture of yellow and orange indicated on their bodies, fins, gill plates, and tails.  This red color tends to be more vivid in males than in females.  

The female goldfish with this color variation has a more pink tinge to her scales. A black-colored goldfish will have darker pigmentation to the body, fins, tail, and gills than the standard version of this fish species.

Where To Buy Live Goldfish?

Once a color variety has been decided upon, you will want to ensure that you find the right place to purchase your live goldfish.

You should also ensure that this is a reputable and safe place for your fish. Before making your purchase, check the place out and ensure they are certified and have a good reputation.

Another thing to keep in mind is that fish are considered pets and are animals, just like cats and dogs.

They need the right amount of care, attention, and food best for them.  It would help if you did not take action that could harm your fish or others in cruelty by purchasing them from an unqualified source.

Overview Of Live Goldfish Colors

When you decide which live goldfish to purchase, it is important to consider the conditions you will have them in.  

The water temperature and lighting conditions can make a difference in the live goldfish colors they will bear.

If you are planning to keep a group of female goldfish in an aquarium, be forewarned that they will most likely be quite large, which may lead to big problems for your fish tank.

Special Notes

A variety of colors can be created with live goldfish. If you are purchasing these fish, it is important to understand that not all goldfish colors are created equal, and some may be better than others when they come to providing the environment the goldfish need to thrive.


Keeping goldfish as pets can be a lot of fun. There are many different colors, shapes, and sizes of these fish to choose from when picking out which one will be right for your home aquarium.

If you are looking to purchase live goldfish, you should consider finding a reputable place. You will want to be sure that they are certified and have a good reputation.

They must provide the right amount of care for your fish. Most people keep their fish in tropical fish aquariums, but goldfish can be kept in other types of aquariums too. Thanks for reading this article.

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