How To Stop Roosters From Hurting hens: 4 Best Info

How To Stop Roosters From Hurting Hens? What is the most humane way to stop roosters from hurting hens? Many have asked this question, and there are many answers.

Roosters don’t always hurt hens, but when they do, it’s usually because they’re fighting other roosters or because they’re mating. One suggestion is to remove roosters from the pen with hens and replace them with a female red-wigged Indian runner duck.

This type of duck is not aggressive and will not fight the rooster when a male and female are put together. Another suggestion that can be made is to put the hens in an enclosed space where the rooster cannot reach them.

The last suggestion is to get an artificial hen. “I don’t know how humane anything is when it comes to roosters and hens. The best way may be to cull the rooster, but that’s not always an option.” said expert farmer Jimmy Wetherington.

How To Stop Roosters From Hurting Hens?

1. Use a slow-down feeder to release the food gradually, making it hard for the rooster to be aggressive to other chickens.

2. Put the feeder high up and attach a string to it so that there is less chance of roosters reaching it.

3. Use a tray under the feeder with a large hole in the center to prevent roosters from accessing the feed.

4. Place an obstruction such as a chain or board in front of the feeder. It is again preventing roosters from accessing it quickly.

Roosters are aggressive and can be harmful to hens:

A rooster gains aggressive behavior towards other chickens from fighting and is also stimulated by the hormone testosterone.

It’s better to keep only one rooster in a flock of hens. Roosters can be excellent fathers, but they protect their eggs and the young chicks aggressively, making it hard to nurse or care for them. By separating the rooster from the flock for a few hours every day will make them less aggressive.

Roosters can be aggressive to humans too, so if you plan on keeping only one rooster in your flock, then make sure that it’s well trained and accustomed to human contact.

Find out the reason why roosters attack hens:

There are three main reasons why roosters attack hens:

1. Lack of space

Roosters need enough room to stretch and flap their wings to maintain muscle strength. If they don’t have enough space, they are more likely to be aggressive towards others for lack of exercise.

2. Lack of something to do

Roosters are more likely to be very aggressive if bored, so make sure they have something to keep them entertained. Rooster toys can easily be made by stuffing an old sock with treats and tying a string to it, then letting them play tug-of-war.

3. Springtime

This is the time of year when roosters are more aggressive towards hens. Males become very protective of females and their nests during this time, so don’t let hens near them to avoid injury.

Make sure that you only keep one rooster in your flock:

As stated above, it is best to keep a maximum of one rooster in a community of hens. Using the methods listed above, it is easier to do this and keep your chickens happy and healthy.

Isolate the rooster when there’s an injury:

When a hen gets injured, especially if it’s terrible, remove the other hens from her until she fully recovers by keeping her in a separate cage. By doing this, the other hens will stay safe from any further injuries by the rooster, and it is much easier for them to recover without interruption.

What should you do if a rooster attacks your hen?

Immediately pull the rooster off and then remove it from the area. If there is an injury, keep it extremely clean until you can take your chicken to a veterinarian. You should also be careful when handling an injured hen, as sometimes the rooster will attack again right after being removed if they are not entirely separated.

It’s best to keep the rooster away for a few days in a separate area until the hen has fully recovered.It’s also imperative to note any injury that your chicken has received so that it can be treated as soon as possible.

How to spot chicken aggression:

How To Stop Roosters From Hurting Hens. Aggression between chickens usually is very hard to see, but you can tell by their posture. Your chicken’s body language lets you know what they’re feeling. Birds can look very similar when fighting, so it’s essential to look for the following:

Ears back and wings up – showing aggression, a low level of intensity. Ears flat on top of the head and thrust forward with fluffed feathers – a higher level of aggression, but there is still distance between birds.

Hens will make horning noises and may begin to hackle and peck each other while cocking their head sideways with an open beak – one chicken is in a dominant position over the other.


Roosters can be a problem for the hens in your yard. If you are looking to solve this issue, we recommend reading our article on chicken behavior problems and solutions. It has some great tips for stopping roosters from hurting hens so they can live peaceably together. Thank you for reading this post! Please comment below if there is anything else we should know about this topic or any other questions that have come up as a result of reading it.”

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