How To Put Weight On A Goat: Best 10 Tips for weight grow

How To Put Weight On A Goat

You are searching for How To Put Weight On A Goat:? A goat is a farm animal that can be used for meat, milk, and fibre if you have found yourself with a skinny goat who needs to put on some pounds.

Them to keep them healthy. We’ve compiled 10 of the best tips for putting weight on a goat, so you know how to do it and keep them healthy and happy.

The Right kind of feed To put weight on a goat, it is vital to ensure that the feed you are providing contains enough nutrients for your animal to thrive.

A good idea before starting nutritional programs is to take a faecal sample to your local veterinarian.

How To Put Weight On A Goat

Have you ever heard the term “chicken neck”? It’s when a goat is so skinny that its neck seems to be too long for its body.

Some people use this term derogatory, but it can also be caused by an unhealthy diet and not enough exercise.

If your goat has been losing weight and looks like they need some help putting on size, read these 10 tips to start putting some weight on your goat.

Feed Your Goat More! A skinny goat might be missing several vital nutrients that are necessary for its body to function correctly.

1. Carrots Carrots contain many Vitamin A and are a great way to weigh a goat. All you have to do is feed your goat one or two whole carrots per day. You can even mix it up by feeding them the leftovers from your meal! Don’t Feed Your Goat Corn.

2. Avoid Feeding Your Goat Corn While corn is a good source of carbohydrates and energy, it doesn’t provide your goat with all the nutrients they need to be healthy. Because it lacks some vitamins that goats need in their diet, please don’t give them any more than one tablespoon per day. Feed Your Goat Molasses.

3. Feeding Your Goat Molasses Molasses is a great way to boost your goat’s health. They contain calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all essential minerals your goat needs for healthy bones. Molasses should only be given in moderation, though – one tablespoon per day is plenty! Feed Your Goat Grass Hay.

4. Feed Your Goat Grass Hay If you want to put weight on a goat, it’s essential to make sure they eat good hay. Grass hay is much better for goats than alfalfa because grass hay has fewer calories and calcium, which means your goat will be able to put on weight without getting too chubby. But if you can’t find any grass hay, then alfalfa works just as well. Feed Your Goat Bran Mashes.

5. Feeding Your Goat Bran Mash If you want to put weight on a goat, then feeding them bran mash is an easy way to do it. A little bit of this healthy food goes a long way! All you have to do is mix one part water with three parts bran and let it soak for about two hours before feeding it to your goat. You can also mix in molasses if you want to give the mash a boost of extra nutrients. Feed Your Goat Salt.

6. Salt & Mineral Block Make sure that your goats always have a salt and mineral block available so they can consume essential vitamins and minerals. Don’t let them run out of this critical part of their diet, but don’t let them eat it all at once either. It is suggested that you give your goats one block per day as a treat. Feed Your Goat Treats.

7. You CAN Feed Your Goat Treats! You can feed your goat treats if you want to put weight on a goat – make sure they are healthy. Scrap pieces of fruit, vegetable, or bread are all great ideas for goat treats. But avoid giving them any candy, chocolate, sugar cubes, sweet feed, molasses cubes, sweet corn, oats etc. Resist the Temptation to Feed Your Goat Small Treats.

8. Don’t Give Your Goat Treats Too Often If you give your goat treats every day, they will not be able to eat their regular diet. It’s best only to give them treats once a week (or less) so that they can maintain good health without overindulging in unhealthy food. Feed Your Goat, High-Quality Hay.

9. Feed Your Goat The Best Hay! Feeding your goat hay low in calcium and high in fibre (grass hay) is vital if you want them to gain weight. If they are getting the nutrients they need, they will be able to put on weight without getting too chubby or overweight. Always make sure their pasture is free of rocks, holes, garbage, and debris before letting them outside to play and eat. Give Your Goat A Salt & Mineral Block.

10. Make Sure They Have a Salt/Mineral Block You should always give your goats access to a salt block while keeping them on a regular feeding schedule. If they are fed on an irregular schedule, it can impact their metabolism, making it harder for them to gain weight. It’s also essential to only give your goats plain salt blocks because some flavoured blocks contain molasses or other treats.

Pick a goat:

healthy one. Add weight: By putting them on a diet high in nutrients and proteins, while adding adequate amounts of physical activity, the goat will maintain a healthy weight.

Increase the nutritional value of the goat’s hay by mashing it or giving them free choice grass. This causes the goat to exert more energy while foraging for food, increasing activity levels and overall health.

Take care not to overfeed goats. If they are overweight, decrease their feed intake until they reach a healthy weight.

Give it food and water:

You should feed a goat the same type of food they would eat in the wild, including grass and plants. Give your goat hay, such as alfalfa or Timothy hay, or add corn stalks to its diet to add fibre.

You can also give your female goats vegetables high in calcium and protein, such as plantains, watercress, kale, turnip greens and endive. Feed your goat about 3 per cent to 5 per cent of its body weight every day.


We hope this article has helped you understand the best tips for putting weight on a goat. It’s important to remember that not all goats are born with the same genetics, so what works well for one may not work as well for another.

That said, certain things will universally help any goat put on some pounds. With these 10 guidelines in mind, go ahead and give your animal friend their life back!

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