How To Build A Turkey Pen

How To Build A Turkey Pen? The first step to building your turkey pen is to find a good spot for it. Choose a site that is away from the house or other buildings and near a body of water or wet ground.

This will ensure that you have access to an excellent place for the turkeys to drink and stay cool in hot temperatures.

The next thing you need to do is prepare the ground by breaking up any large clumps of dirt. A smooth surface is best for getting manure spread evenly and preventing injuries.

Brush off any rocks or debris so they don’t run over them when roaming around, which could result in injury. It’s also good to remove sticks, leaves, weeds, and anything else that could be picked up by the feet and legs.

Next, you need to create a fence to keep the turkeys and predators (foxes, coyotes, raccoons, wild boar) out. Depending on the size of your pen, an 8-foot fence is suitable for 10-15 birds. A 6-foot wall is okay if there are not any predators in your area.

Ensure the fencing is solid and sturdy; these birds will use their weight to push against it, so you want it to withstand this kind of pressure.

They can also be prone to digging under fences if there isn’t enough space between the ground and wire or searching over them for shade or shelter from wind and rain.

What is a turkey pen?

 A turkey pen is a fenced-in area where turkeys can roam freely, safely. Easier access to your chickens for checking eggs and giving them health care such as worming medicine or vitamins.

It makes it easier to do chores that involve handling poultry because you don’t have to go in the chicken coop. If predators are a problem, this will protect your chickens from being eaten by raccoons, dogs or other wild animals.

Putting the pen in an area where you know there are no predators will also give your chickens peace of mind, knowing that they’re safe from harm. When you build the pen, it can help to have an area to feed your chickens. This makes providing them more straightforward, and you can also use the pen to keep them safe if it’s a bad weather day.

How to build one?

You need to dig a hole that is at least six feet wide to put the post fo The depth of this hole needs to be about three feet deep. Next, you need to place a PVC pipe in the center of the hole and cover it with concrete. Because turkeys are heavy, you need to put them in a one-inch thick tube at the bottom.

Before you add the PVC pipe, you need to make sure your trench runs around your fence. This is how the turkeys will get in and out of your pen.

The next step is to start laying the wire for the perimeter of your turkey pen. It would be best if you used at least 12 gauge wire because it’s thick enough to keep predators out but not so thick that it keeps in the heat and makes the turkeys too hot.

Once you have the perimeter of your pen ready, you need to start adding posts to keep it in place. The gates also need to be pretty sturdy so that a predator can’t push through them or climb over them. Now you are ready for fencing, and by using a wire that is at least 4 feet high, your turkeys will not be able to fly over it.

Then, you want to ensure that the bottom of the pen is relatively secure so the turkeys cannot dig underneath it. One way to do this is by putting it on a concrete floor. You can then cover the wire with soil or mulch to make it blend more with the surrounding environment.

You also want to ensure that your gate is strong enough so that predators cannot open it and get into your pen of turkeys.

When should I start building my turkey pen?

It’s best to build your turkey pen as soon as you get a breed of turkeys that are at least three months old or even older. Just make sure the turkeys have plenty of space for them to run around in. You should also keep a check on your fencing if you’re using wood or metal because they can chew it and escape. You have to keep the materials that they can use for chewing out of their reach, so you don’t have a turkey breakout on your hands!

There are a few benefits of having your turkeys in pen:

You don’t have to worry about predators such as dogs and raccoons sneaking into your hen house to eat the eggs or even try to attack the hens.

Your flock will be safe from cold weather because you can move them inside their pen if it gets too hard. It makes it easier to tend to your community because you can get closer without going into the coop.

Pros and cons of building a turkey pen:


It makes it easy for you to get close to your flock and check on them. You don’t have to worry about predators or wild animals trying to eat your turkeys while you sleep at night. It also allows you the freedom of movement, so your turkey pen can be moved elsewhere if a predator lurks around.


If your fencing is not secure, you run the risk of having your turkeys go elsewhere. It would be best to make sure there aren’t any holes in the pen that could allow predators to get into it.

Another thing we would like to mention – if you notice a predator trying to attack or eat your turkeys – do not try to rescue the turkeys yourself. You can call wildlife and animal control groups or even consider using pepper spray to deter them.

Tips for building your own turkey pen:

Decide how big you want to build your pen, and then start walking the perimeter of it. It would help if you made sure there weren’t any holes or problems before you pour concrete for the base. If there are any holes or places that aren’t covered by your fencing – then make sure to fill them in.

If you notice that your turkeys are trying to escape by flying over the fence – you might want to consider building a roof for them. This will stop them from seeing what’s outside the pen and shelters them from bad weather or predators.

Once you have built your turkey pen, certain things need to be taken into consideration when you’re looking after your turkeys.

Cost of materials and how to save money on them 

The tiles that you can use for the roof of your pen are usually around thirty dollars. You will need to buy a few materials, such as some 2x4s of wood and metal fencing. If you want to know the exact price for these materials, it would depend on how large your turkey pen will be, but it shouldn’t be too expensive. If you’re on a heartier budget, then there are other ways that you can cut the cost of materials:

Instead of buying new wood for your pen, it’s possible to use old pieces of scrap wood from another project. If you already have a fence with some missing boards – most likely, those will work since turkeys aren’t giant. You can also get your metal fence from a recycling center instead of buying it brand new.

How To Build A Turkey Pen?

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Building a turkey pen is not something that you do every day, but it’s worth doing if you are going to be raising turkeys for meat. Learn how with this guide! If you have any questions about building a turkey pen or want help designing one of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We also provide free consultations, so don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch. Thank you for reading this article on How To Build A Turkey Pen.

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