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Every once in a while, I come across a piece of poultry trivia that surprises and confuses me – the more I learn about quail, the more enigmatic they seem.

I hear the egg-laying song of the wild quail, so well known throughout this country, but I have never seen it done. I find it hard to believe that a hen can’t lay an egg with actual chicken mothering and goo on it.

How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs Quail eggs

But when I look into the matter more closely, what has been explained in a moment becomes difficult to comprehend.

How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs?

How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs? At first, I thought the quail produced eggs only occasionally, but I was surprised to learn they are prolific egg-layers compared to hens of our domestic breeds.

They lay their eggs right under the hen’s claustrum, so they get the protection of the mother’s body and the food.

A hen has to expend great energy to make many eggs, making her a poorer layer than a quail. Quail are lively little birds, as active as chickens are when in their natural state – roaming about all day

feeding upon insects and worms, but seldom able to make up for lack of food by keeping up egg-laying. As is well known, chickens are lazy by Nature.

Characteristics of Quails

There are many kinds of quails, some wild and others domestic, but few of them are large. A quail is usually a little larger than a dove but smaller than a woodcock or a partridge.

Quails lay their eggs in nests. The nest usually contains twelve or fifteen eggs. They make no effort to take care of the chickens after they hatch. They do not try to protect them from danger and soon desert them.

The appearance of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs appear in three colors – white, brown, and blue. They are generally oval. The shell takes up about a quarter of the egg.

The shells of wild quail eggs are more rough and toothy than those of domestic hens’ eggs. The shells seem harder to break than those of chickens’ eggs.

All three colors may be found together in the same clutch, but they usually come out pure white or brownish-white only.


The colors of the eggs are caused by the food on which the mother bird has lived. If a quail lives on a diet of wild grasses, weeds, and seeds, its eggs will be white.

If the diet consists mostly of grain, they are brown; if they live on plants with blue flowers or fruit, their eggs are blue.

Only yellowish-white eggs will result when a quail is fed white bread and vegetables, such as lettuce and other greens.

Quick Facts about Quail’s Eggs

  • Quail eggs are higher in protein, minerals, and vitamins than chicken eggs.
  • Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs but richer in flavor.
  • They have a much harder shell than the hen’s egg and are not so easy to break.
  • They can be eaten raw, cooked, or fried, but only by those who have grown up with them and acquired a taste for them — otherwise, they are “too rich.

Best Information on Quail Eggs

Here are the Best 10 Information on Quail Eggs

1. To produce a high-grade egg, the hen must feed her chicks large quantities of the proper diet.

2. It is plain that the naturalist cannot form an accurate idea of what has been done by Nature in this respect unless he has previously learned all that can be known about the habits and lives of quail.

3. Knowing how quail live and what food Nature has made available to them is important.

4. It isn’t easy to understand how the quail can live in hedgerows or on the edge of woodland and yet produce these large eggs so soon in the season.

5. “Quail eggs are full of yolk and albumen, rich in fat. This fat makes them a wholesome food for children and invalids.

6. The good qualities of eggs are well known, but there is not the same difference between quail’s eggs and those of fowls because they have no albumen with which they can be distinguished — they have the same proportions of protein, etc.

7. The albumen of quail’s eggs is not so liquid as that of hen’s eggs; it is always solid and stands firmly upon the yolk, which is very large compared to the white.

8. Quail also lays less frequently than hens. Her egg-laying capacity is smaller.

9. Because of this, quail’s eggs are not to be recommended for the hatching out of chickens; the hens are poor mothers and cannot be depended on for proper care.

10. Conversely, those who do not hesitate to trust Nature in most things take quail eggs from under their mother’s bodies and hatch them out in hot boxes or on hot sand.

Quail eggs are smaller than chicken eggs but equally rich in flavor. They are a favorite with poultry fanciers who follow the old-time method of raising these birds.

The most experienced men say that cooked “are too rich for normal use, but when served on a boiled egg for breakfast, or made into quesadillas or scrambled eggs for supper, they are delightful.

How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs Quail eggs

How many eggs does a quail lay in a week?

In the pairing season, quails couple every second day and lay from six to eight eggs.

I didn’t know that, and I certainly don’t believe it.

What are the differences between a quail and a pheasant?

The most noticeable difference is that a pheasant’s feathers are longer than a quail’s. Also, you can eat everything but the bones when you cook quail.

How often do male quails infest female birds?

One in five times. They sneak up and lay their eggs in the nest during incubation.

How often do quail lay eggs?

We should first know why they have to lay eggs to answer this question. It is because they need fresh food daily. But quail can’t make it on just insects and worms alone.

They need grain to produce chicks as turkeys and chickens do. Therefore, they must lay eggs so their chicks can nourish themselves after hatching.

Why do quails stop laying eggs?

Quails stop laying eggs because the hens are already old enough. After the quail reaches about 10 months, it will no longer produce eggs.

The Female Quail’s Body

The female quail is bigger than the male one. The male is small and doesn’t have much meat on his body. Therefore, you’ll rarely find it in the market for sale. Female quails are an excellent food for human beings.

Can a quail lay two eggs a day?

It is not unlikely for a quail to lay two eggs a day, depending on their age and health status. In other words, a quail can have a longer laying season than chickens. Moreover, it is the most numerous kind of poultry in the world.

What Time of the Year Do Quails Lay Eggs?

This is one of those questions which depend on so many factors that you cannot give an answer that will be reliable. In other words, this question has no universal solution.

How often do quail reproduce?

The breeding of quails is usually done in autumn. After that, they do not reproduce until the following spring.

What month do quail lay eggs?

Quail lay eggs in the late winter and the spring. In Eastern Europe, the breeding season usually begins in February, while in Western Europe, it usually occurs from March to April.

Special Note

How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs The best way to keep quail is to buy a male and a female? However, you should know that you can’t keep a quail more than five years old.

In the pairing season, quails couple every second day and lay from six to eight eggs. These facts will give you an excellent idea of how often quail reproduce.

If you want your birds to reproduce, ensure they have enough food and water. You’ll soon see little chicks running around your place.


How Often Do Quail Lay Eggs Quail eggs are a very popular delicacy? They’re also very nutritious and a fun way to feed your family at breakfast and dinner. However, their qualities come with a price — their eggs are much more expensive than chicken eggs.

Overall, quail eggs are good news for those who have been doing poultry raising for years, but they are not so good that they can be sold regularly in the market. Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.

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