How Long Do Highland Cows Live:5 Funny Fact?

How Long Do Highland Cows Live

Do you want to know How Long Do Highland Cows Live:5 Funny Fact? Highland cows are a rare breed of cattle. So, how long do they live? Well, the average life expectancy of a Highland cow is about 18 years.

But it can go up to 20-25 years in some cases. Highland cows have a lot going for them: more meat on their bones and better milk production than other breeds.

They also produce more butterfat and less water in their milk. This means you get better cheese from them! And did we mention that they’re adorable too? In short, if you want your business to be successful, this may be what you need.

Life Expectancy of Highland Cows

Considering that they are hardy creatures with excellent temperaments, it is no wonder many people love keeping Highland cows as pets.

They do not require the same level of pampering, attention, and care as other cattle breeds. But what about their life expectancy?

A cow’s natural lifespan is 15-20 years. However, this number does not include the variable of how long they can live if given proper care and nutrition. Highland cows that are well fed and looked after can reach about 20-25 years!

How Long Do Highland Cows Live:5 funny fact

Highland cows live a long time. The most extended living cow on record was Old Billy from Kent, who lived for an incredible 36 years! And he wasn’t even a highland cow!

However, in general, Highland cows can live up to 25 years. This article will tell you about five hilarious facts that might help you better understand this majestic creature and its life expectancy. Let’s get started!.

Here are 5 Fun Facts About Highland Cows…

1. A Highland cow’s smile can put you in a trance.

Their famous smile is one reason there are made popular pets. But did you know that a Highland cow’s smile can put you in a trance? It seems this silly attribute is used to its advantage in the cattle-ranching trade. 

A “trance” occurs when a highland cow allows itself to be mounted by a bull for breeding purposes. This trance can last up to 5 minutes! It’s due to the release of endorphins by the cow when its mate bites it on the neck.

2. Highland Cows are easy keepers.

Highlands cows are generally hardy creatures which means they’re easy keepers! 

Their level of hardiness is one of the main reasons that they are considered efficient in beef production. Highland cows can live in any climate condition provided that there’s enough food and water for them to gorge on! 

Highland cattle can be raised in both pastures and feeds, depending on what is available at the time. This makes it easy to keep them around, especially during lean seasons.

3. Highland Cows are obligate herbivores.

A highland cow’s digestive system is also very efficient in digesting grasses and other vegetation! This makes them obligate herbivores which means that they thrive on vegetation alone! 

If these cows are given anything else to eat besides vegetation, they will get sick and can even die!

4. Highland Cows are born on “Halloween”!

The highland cows from Scotland and Ireland like to be born on sat, which is also known as Halloween! This is how the tradition started: 

They believe that this date marks a day full of harvest celebrations. These celebrations are also associated with the dead.

This makes it easier for people to prepare their graveyards on October 31st! This is where Scottish highland cows are traditionally buried.

5. They have “waterproof coats”! 

Another reason why these creatures are easy keepers is that they have waterproof coats! You will rarely see a highland cow soaked in water. They will go out of their way to shake off excess water from their coats! 

These cows are also hardy enough to withstand both heat and cold conditions. Imagine that! That’s why many people keep them as pets, especially during the hot summer months! Meanwhile, check out this fantastic video of Highland Cows at work!

Why are they called Highland cows?

Highland cows were named after their place of origin in the Scottish Highlands. They are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world.

Their ancestors, war-hardened Scottish clansmen, first began migrating to the green pastures of Northern Europe in the 7th century.

Where did Highland Cows come from?

The Highland Cows originated from the Scottish Highlands. They were used for milk and meat in their day and helped people travel from place to place. Historically speaking, they are one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world!

Due to various FMD outbreaks between 1812 and 1830, a significant increase in international demand was seen.


A Highland cow is a Scottish breed of cattle that originated in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. This article will explore how long highland cows live on average, some species or variations of this animal, and their main characteristics? 

The following paragraphs will cover these topics in more depth to answer your question about how long highland cows live. It’s important to note that there is no definitive lifespan for all Highland Cows because they have different behaviors depending on which farm they come from.

Some farms keep them indoors with lots of human interaction. In contrast, others let them roam freely across large pastures, so it’s difficult to say an exact number when considering an average lifespan.

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