How Far Can A German Shepherd Hear

German Shepherds are known for their excellent hearing abilities. On average, they can hear frequencies between 67-45,000 Hz, while humans can only hear sounds between 20-20,000 Hz. They can also hear sounds from up to 400 yards away.

Their large ears, which can be upright or floppy, depending on the individual dog, help them detect even the faintest sounds.

German Shepherds were originally bred for herding and guarding, so their keen sense of hearing was valuable in their work.

In addition to their acute hearing abilities, German Shepherds also have a highly developed sense of smell and excellent eyesight, making them a versatile breed that excels in various roles, including police work, searches and rescue, and as assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

how far can a german shepherd hear

How Far Can A German Shepherd Hear?

German Shepherds have a very good sense of hearing and can hear sounds from quite a distance away. They can hear high-frequency sounds that humans cannot detect and have an excellent hearing at low volumes.

The distance a German Shepherd can hear depends on several factors, including the loudness of the sound, the direction from which it is coming, and the environment in which the dog is located.

However, German Shepherds have been known to hear sounds from up to 400 yards away, about four football fields in length.

It’s important to note that a German Shepherd’s hearing can be affected by factors such as age, health, and genetics, so not all dogs will have the same level of hearing ability.

Additionally, some individual dogs may have better hearing than others due to variations in their physiology and genetics.

A Brief Overview Of German Shepherd Hearing Ability

German shepherds can hear sounds as faint as 20 dB, nearly the same level as human hearing. This means that German shepherds are especially sensitive to sounds like footsteps and other movements outside and inside the house.

German Shepherd Hearing Range:

The German shepherd’s most powerful hearing range is 16 Hz to 45 kHz.

Dog Ear Hearing Spectrum:

Humans can hear sounds in the frequency range of 200 Hz-8000 kHz, called the adult human hearing spectrum.

Sounds with low frequencies (2 Hz-16 Hz) are not easily heard by humans but can be detected and perceived by dogs. Dogs can also hear sounds with a high frequency (45 kHz), whereas humans cannot hear them at all.

how far can a german shepherd hear

Frequency Range Of German Shepherd Hearing:

The dog’s ability to hear sounds depends on the frequency of a sound. This means that dogs do not recognize low-frequency sounds well, but high-frequency sounds can be heard easily.

Here Is The German Shepherd’s Hearing Range:

40 Hz – The lower limit of human hearing. Dogs can perceive these frequencies a bit better than humans. Stimulating your dog with loud music, especially heavy metal or rap music, is not advisable.

Comparison To Human Hearing Range:

These frequencies occur in human speech and are mostly not heard by dogs. In some cases, however, dogs can hear these noises.

For example, if you whistle at pitches above the frequency of your voice’s first formant (vowel), your dog can hear your whistle through the noise barrier.

The frequency range of a German shepherd’s hearing is about 20 Hz- 45 kHz and cannot be detected by humans or most dogs.

Ability To Detect Faint Sounds:

The ability to detect faint sounds depends on many factors, such as the frequency of the sound, the surrounding noises, etc.

Dogs can detect noises as loud as 88 dB, which is approximately equal to the limit of human hearing, about 120 dB.

how far can a german shepherd hear

Factors Affecting German Shepherd Hearing Range:

Frequency Of A Sound:

It can be said that sounds with frequencies under 16 Hz are barely audible to humans, whereas dogs can detect these noises.

Therefore, if your dog suddenly starts to bark very loudly or is awakened from sleep by a strange noise it has heard, there may be a fair chance that the sound is too low for you to detect but that your dog can hear it.

Loudness of the sound:

The sound must be loud enough to be heard by you and your dog.

Duration Of The Sound:

Knowing when the sound starts and ends and how long it lasts is very important. The duration can vary from a fraction of a second to several minutes.

If, for example, you are taking your German shepherd for a walk, there may be times when you leave one room and enter another at the same time that this sounds, but in such cases, it is possible that even your dog may not hear it.

The Direction Of The Sound:

The direction of the sound is one of the most important factors in a German Shepherd’s hearing ability. For example, if you talk to your neighbor and your dog stays in his room, it may not hear the sound.

However, if you are approaching your neighbor while talking to him, there is a fair chance that your dog will hear the conversation.

Environmental Conditions:

Noise in your neighborhood can have a variety of sources. These noises include the barks of dogs, the voices of people, music from someone’s stereo, or even birds singing or insects chirping. All these sounds vary according to the time and place they occur.

German Shepherd Hearing Distance:

If you have a large yard, avoiding having the dog barking from a distance is a good idea. Remember that dog hearing reaches only 10 to 15 feet.

For instance, if your German shepherd is far from you and the sound of someone talking, it may not hear what you are saying and give loud barking commands.

Variations In German Shepherd Hearing Ability:

Some shepherds are more susceptible to hearing problems than others. The problem may be caused by one of the following factors:

Weakness In A Particular Ear:

Some dogs have a weakness in one ear, making it difficult for them to hear sounds from that side. The ear is later treated.

In many cases, the cause is unknown, but any medical treatment for the “affected” ear may alleviate the problem.

how far can a german shepherd hear


The German shepherd has a very good hearing ability; however, for reasons unknown to us, it may sometimes have some hearing problems.

It is important to know that dogs do not need to hear sounds to sense and detect their surroundings. The frequency range of German Shepherd hearing is about 20 – 45 kHz, enough for the dog’s brain to process the sound correctly. Thanks for reading this article on how far can a german shepherd hear.