How Do Pigeon Mate?: Top 10 Ways to Know

How Do Pigeon Mate

Here are the top 10 ways to learn How Do Pigeon mate with pigeons. Keep reading. Pigeons have been a familiar sight in cities and towns around the world for thousands of years,

but to many, they remain a mystery. We know that these can be found in large quantities on rooftops, on the streets, and in gardens that feed on discarded food.

Pigeons are often seen mating in the same way as other birds when they are seen flying in groups or sitting together. In fact, their mating habits are very different from those of other bird species and are often confusing to those who observe them.

How do pigeon mate?

Interestingly, it seems that the male pigeon takes the most initiative in mating. They will directly approach the female by tapping lightly on her beak with their own.

This type of mating ritual is referred to as a “knock-release” courtship ritual. It is fascinating how two species not related to each other can mate by this specific technique.

The male continues cooing softly before he begins pecking on the female’s beak over and over again.

Pigeon Characteristics

There are 300-330 species in the world, ranging from the frazzled rock pigeon to the “flying fox” (a different family of birds).

They are believed to be among the first birds that moved towards becoming monogamous. The only group that sticks together throughout their lives is the pair bond.

Both males and females have an average lifespan of about 10 years, and if both do not die at once, there will be one survivor that will continue alone.

How do pigeons show affection?

Although the male does most of the courting, male and female pigeons will show affection in various ways. The male will fawn over the female’s eggs and young.

When they mate, they are very protective of their mates and offspring. They show utmost respect to their mates, which is indicated by their “wing-flap” display.

This is a behavior pattern where they raise their wings in a slightly upward position while holding them together with both feet firmly pressed on the base of the wing (a sign of dominance).

How do you tell if a pigeon is a male or female?

In the wild, there are many different pigeons species that use various mating techniques to find a mate.

During mating season, they will go out in large groups and be very vocal and aggressively flirtatious with other males.

When this period has passed, the entire group will return to their homes and form couples once again. This gives them the time of year and opportunity to build relationships before the breeding season begins again.

How do you get two pigeons to mate?

It is quite rare that humans have the opportunity to witness mating rituals in the wild, but when they do, they are quite a sight to behold.

The male “flirts” with the females and sometimes shows his territorial stance by making various noises. The female chooses which male she wishes to mate with and will tell him by cooing back at him softly and repeatedly.

If he is allowed to continue courting her, this is a sign that she has accepted his advances.

How Do Pigeon Mate: Top 10 Ways to Know

Here are 10 Tips for  Way to know

1. Pigeon mating season is during the springtime and often lasts throughout the summer months. The males will fight for the right to mate with a particular female, and several battles might occur before a winner is declared.

2. The female pigeon has to be ready for mating to occur. This usually happens during her first year to build up enough fat reserves to sustain herself and her eggs.

3. When the female is ready, she will allow a particular male to mate. This usually consists of a “knock-release” courtship ritual where the male pigeon taps on the female’s beak.

4. If the female is not ready, or if there are too many males in the area, a mating ritual might not occur at all. Pigeons are very picky about their mates, and they want to find an individual that they feel comfortable with before they commit.

5. The female pigeon will lay her eggs in a small nest gathered from nearby shrubs and plants. Several pairs will sometimes share the same nest. This is especially true if there are large amounts of other birds in the area.

6. The female pigeon will sit on the eggs and work very hard to incubate them while still in the nest. If there is a problem with her egg, she won’t even try to hatch it.

7. Most male pigeons are very protective of their nests and families. They will defend them fiercely by attacking anything that comes too close to their family.

8. The female pigeon will mate with more than one male during a single season. A human might find this offensive, but it is quite common for several birds to mate with the same individual at the same time or in close succession. This gives them almost a guarantee that they might produce offspring with stronger genes than others.

9. When a female has mated with several males, she will go into “reproductive diapause,” where she will lay eggs without developing them.

10. When the female pigeon is done laying her eggs, she’ll leave them and find another male to mate with to produce new chicks.

When observing pigeons mating, the one thing that you should remember is that it does *not* take place during the full moon.


It is fascinating how similar our behavior patterns are to those of the pigeon. Although we are not related to them, they have evolved to mate and reproduce by very similar methods as us.

I found this article extremely interesting and would love to know more about pigeons. What do you all think of pigeons? Share your opinion in the comments section below! Thank you for reading this article.

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