Golf Ball Goldfish: 10 Disease and Cure

About Golf Ball Goldfish, A very interesting variety of Fancy Goldfish, with the modern-day Golf Ball Goldfish offering some quite different variations.

The lovely pearling on the outside of the fish is there for all to see on all the options on this variety. Being the original fish, the standard Golf Ball Goldfish attracts people looking for a very different Fancy Goldfish.

 Although quite rounded in body shape, this variety moves well through the water. Although it looks very different, it can really set off an Aquarium visually as they look so different from other Fancy Goldfish.

Now also available in this Golf Ball Goldfish Variety are the Bubblehead, Pearlscale, and Oranda, Golf Ball Goldfish.

One or two Bubbles can be achieved on the very top of the fish now, and also a version with a hood like Oranda when growth can be seen in this variety. Both give the original fish a different look, but all look so different.

Golf Ball Goldfish Characteristics

  • Has a rounded body shape that moves well through the water.
  • Has no dorsal fin and only small scales on top of the fish, which gives a smooth appearance when viewed from above.
  • The tail has a shortened caudal peduncle, and the overall body shape makes it appear more oval than spherical with this variety.
  • Has an olive-green background color with very good Red, White and Black markings over its whole body, including some red highlights around the eyes.
  • Has a bright red and blue center all over the body.
  • Has a red spot under the gill cover, and this is often with an orange or yellow tip.

The Appearance of Golf Ball Goldfish

The Golf Ball Goldfish has no dorsal fin. It has a rounded body with one or two breather holes (bubbles). They have small scales on top of the head, and the body is covered in tiny scales that give these fish a smooth appearance when viewed from above.

Golf Ball Goldfish Temperament and Lifespan

A very peaceful variety, quite easy to keep, but not suitable for very small aquariums. A 2ft/60cm tank required or larger would be preferable. With this Goldfish, breeding is not difficult at all.

The male can be easily sexed by looking at the anal fin. After acclimatizing, this fish will appreciate a well-planted tank. It would be ideal to have some shelter, but they will do fine over gravel as they are not particularly shy of being seen.

Breeding of Golf Ball Goldfish

The male will be bigger than the female and develop a pointed anal fin to identify him. The female will have a rounded, almost square anal fin.

Golf Ball Goldfish Tank Mates

As with all Goldfish varieties, some other fish should be avoided. Fast fish with sharp fins are not advisable as these can damage the relatively fragile scales of the Fancy Goldfish.

Smaller fish may cause problems if they are seen as food items, and indeed this variety of Golf Ball Goldfish is more often kept on its own.

Golf Ball Goldfish Disease and Cure

Here are 10 Golf Ball Goldfish Disease and Cure

1. Goldfish Loose stools, but this is a common complaint in any Goldfish. Try feeding them high-quality food of the right diet.

2. Severe darting against the glass in their tank. This is probably a behavioral issue, and the fish may be overreacting due to water conditions. Try moving to a larger aquarium or upgrading to another tank type.

3. Premature death of young Goldfish is often caused by poor water quality or temperature, so check these carefully and correct any problems if found.

4. Darting here and there against the glass of their tank. Poor water conditions or behavioral issues often cause this. It can be cured by increasing filtration, improving food quality, and moving to a larger aquarium than they are at present.

5. Bloated belly and rapid breathing are common complaints with Fancy Goldfish and can often be cured by adding Mela fix to the aquarium at the first sign of any illness.

6. Poor water conditions often cause slimy patches on their gills, illness, or stress. Try bathing them in tank water containing Methylene Blue and add a little Methylene Blue to the aquarium.

7. Bony growths on their fins can often be cured by adding Mela fix to the aquarium or feeding them live food with a suitable supplement added to the water.

8. Fish swimming round and round in circles is often caused by poor water quality or a behavioral issue. Check the water conditions and try moving to a larger aquarium or upgrading to another tank type.

9. Swimming at the top of an aquarium is common with Goldfish that don’t have enough cover in their tank or are stressed or shy fish that need shelter. Try adding some light plants or driftwood to their aquarium and move them to a larger tank if possible, so they have more choice of hiding places.

10. Goldfish that jump out of the water or refuse to eat or stop eating. Try adding a little aquarium salt at 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons and check the temperature is not too high.

Golf Ball Goldfish Feeding

A very greedy fish will eat most foods offered but will only eat in a well-planted tank at night. So, it is wise to feed them when you switch off their lights at night time.

Try to get them onto good quality food and not feed them too much.

The best way to feed your fish is by buying sinking pellet food for them and not frozen dried foods.

Freeze-dried foods are very hard for most Fancy Goldfish as they don’t like crunching as they eat, so you need a sinking pellet or freeze-dried food if you want your fish to eat properly.

How Long Does a Golf Ball Goldfish Live?

A 2.5 gallon/9.3 liter Goldfish can live till they are 5-7 years old. But each type of fish differs in life span, and it is difficult to tell how long your specimen will live if you do not know their origin, so ask the pet shop before buying them.

Goldfish are cold-water fish and need a temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and should not be kept below 25 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

They can live in a bowl, but they are happier if they have some deep water to swim in, so give them a large aquarium if you want them to live longer.

If you want your Goldfish to live longer than their average lifespan, ensure they have plenty of shelters, such as hiding places, so they don’t feel threatened.

Is Golf Ball Goldfish Hardy?

They are very hardy and can survive in most types of aquariums. But if you keep them along with other fish, then make sure you always buy Goldfish food, especially for them, as some types of food may harm the delicate scales that cover the body of this fish.

Care Sheet For The Fancy Goldfish (Golf Ball Goldfish)

The fancy Goldfish is a very popular and beautiful variety of Goldfish and only needs a small tank to swim in. They are very peaceful and easy to keep, but they need more looking after than the other varieties.

How Big Is The Golf Ball Goldfish?

The average length of Fancy Goldfish is between 10 and 12 inches/25 and 30 cm. The largest one can reach a size of up to 16 inches/40 cm.

The color of this variety of Goldfish is usually bright and clear, with an iridescent sheen.

They are available in many colors, including red, blue, brown, and some with black spots or stripes.

Can Golf Ball Goldfish Live In Ponds?

They can live in a pond, but they are not very happy. So it is better to keep them in a large aquarium if you have the space or even better if you can buy some pond plants and place them within their tank.

Golf Ball Goldfish Best Information

NameGolf Ball Goldfish Scientific
NameCarassius Auratus
 Category Fancy Goldfish
 Temperament Peaceful
 Coloration Varied. See above for colors.
 Size 8″ – 16″/20 to 40 cm; 2.5 gallon/9.3 litre.
 Family Cyprinidae
 Origin Asia, China
 Care Level Easy to Moderate They are a variety of fancy Goldfish that are very easy to care for and need very little maintenance. They can survive in most aquariums, but you should always make sure the aquarium has enough coverage.

Can you keep Golf Ball Goldfish with other species?

You can keep them with many different types of fish as they are very peaceful and shy fish.

Can you keep Golf Ball Goldfish with other types of fish?

You can keep them with many different types of fish as they are very peaceful and shy fish.

Fancy Goldfish can live in a small aquarium, but they will usually only be happy there if they have enough cover in their tank.

Special notes

Goldfish can live for years and years, so if you want to keep them alive and healthy, then feed them 3 times a day with fresh fish food and make sure their water is always clean. You should enjoy your pet for many years if you follow these instructions!

For more information on Goldfish, visit our Aquarium Fish Section.


Goldfish are easy for care fish, but they need some attention, especially when small. They will grow a lot during their first few months of life, so make sure you have the space for them. I hope you enjoyed my Goldfish Care Sheet and learned from this article. Thanks for reading this article.

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