Goldfish Feeder Fish: Best 6 Ideas for Remedy Fish Disease

Goldfish Feeder Fish

Goldfish Feeder Fish is a new breed of fish designed to feed your goldfish while you’re away, whether it be on vacation or simply at work.

These fish are specially-bred with a larger appetite and a slower life cycle to eat more but live longer than other breeds of feeder fish.

They are also specially-bred to be calmer than other types of feeder fish so that you can feed them at any time without being injured by the fish.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Characteristics

Goldfish Feeder Fish are raised just like your normal goldfish. They are kept as healthy and happy as possible and have very similar care requirements to what you would have for a normal goldfish.

Goldfish Feeder Fish is a very gregarious breed of fish. Goldfish Feeders will feed their friends and show affection in the form of chasing each other around the tank and doing little dances in the water.

They are very social and will likely end up eating their friends if they’re not careful. Unlike other feeder fish, goldfish feeder fish have a slower aging process.

This means they will live a significantly longer life than other types of feeder fish, even getting to the age where they are almost fully grown.

The average lifespan difference is around 20% which is why you may see a few goldfish born or grow old at the same time as regular goldfish.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Care

Goldfish Feeder Fish is very easy to care for and can live happily in a community or a single-tank setup.

You will need to provide them with the same care as any normal goldfish. This means that you must feed your fish, clean the aquarium and perform regular water changes.

Once they reach a certain size, they become too large and need their tank. This is probably the largest disadvantage to having feeder fish, as they will eventually leave you if they are not kept in their tank.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Diet

Don’t be surprised if your goldfish feeder fish eat each other! A full meal for a goldfish feeder fish would be around 2 or 3 small goldfish or a medium-sized one.

Goldfish feeders enjoy a variety of different foods, so feeding them can be as simple as tossing them whatever food is leftover from your other tank.

Most of the time, you will need to feed them live food. This is because they are far too gregarious and social for them to survive on frozen or dried foods.

They prefer live foods, so they tend to eat with their friends if allowed to.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Breeding

Breeding goldfish feeder fish is something that you will probably not ever have to do. This is because goldfish feeder fish always have been a breed that only rare breeds, if at all.

Goldfish feeder fish is an inherently difficult breed to breed, so they are fairly rare. Even once you get a pair of goldfish feeders together, they will usually not produce golden offspring.

The main reason for this is that the mature female goldfish feeder fish can only produce one egg at a time.

Normally, the female goldfish feeder fish will only have one or two eggs at a time, and it will take up to a year for her to reach sexual maturity and start producing eggs again.

If you want to breed goldfish feeder fish, it is recommended that you breed them with a common breed of goldfish. This way, you can have a higher chance of getting offspring.

You can use the offspring from these common goldfish as your new feeders if you choose to do so.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Compatibility

Goldfish Feeder Fish are very social and live happily in a community or single-tank. They are great fish to have in an aquarium if you have a variety of different fish and will actively participate in any feeding sessions, whether they be your other goldfish or not.

Goldfish Feeder Fish as Pets

Goldfish Feeder Fish make excellent pets for both children and adults. If you choose to get feeder fish, be sure to purchase around six of them, two for each child or adult living in your house.

Feeder fish are friendly and live happily in an aquarium with other fish, so they don’t need a designated owner.

Buying goldfish feeder fish is an excellent choice if you want a pet that needs little maintenance is active and friendly. They are also great for teaching children to be responsible and caring for living animals.

Goldfish Feeder Fish Tankmates

Goldfish Feeder Fish can make excellent tank mates with various fish, as they are active and social animals.

However, you should avoid pairing them with overly aggressive fish, or you may find yourself in a situation where you need to rescue your feeders.

Fancy goldfish prefer to be the center of attention, so it would be best to keep your feeders away from them.

Smaller or slower fish are usually best for fancy goldfish, as they are more likely to get eaten.

Goldfish feeder fish Size

Feeder fish will normally grow to around 2 or 3 inches in length. This includes their tail, not just their body.

They also do not reach sexual maturity until they are around 3 or 4 inches, which means they will continue to grow until they can’t fit inside your aquarium.

The average fully-grown feeder goldfish is about 5 inches long, with the females being a bit smaller than the males.

Goldfish feeder fish disease

Goldfish Feeder Fish disease is very similar to other feeder fish. They are vulnerable to the same illnesses as other goldfish, such as ich, fungus, and even fin rot.

The biggest difference is that they are less likely to develop some diseases that regular goldfish will develop over time.

This makes them a great choice for someone who wants a pet that will not get sick from their fish tank if something happens.

Feeder fish will sometimes develop tumors if left to live too long in the same tank as a goldfish. This is something to be cautious about, but it should not affect the health of the fish very much.

Remedy for Goldfish Feeder Fish Disease

1. The best way to treat goldfish feeder fish disease is to try and prevent it from happening in the first place. Keeping the tank clean and performing regular water changes is the best way.

2. If you notice your feeder fish getting sick, remember that they cannot handle medications as well as your regular goldfish can. Goldfish Feeder Fish is faster than any other type of feeder fish, making them more likely to escape if you add medicated foods or medicines to their tank, even accidentally.

3. When it comes to feeder fish, goldfish feeders have a higher tendency to develop tumors. Again, this is because they are extremely fast and could have gotten the parasites that lead to the disease in your tank if you had let them live there for too long.

4. If you find your goldfish feeder fish tumor-ridden and dying, remove them from your aquarium and put them in the freezer for 24 hours. This should kill them off, and you can dispose of the carcasses.

5. Although goldfish feeders are prone to disease if you treat them for it, do not be surprised if they survive or cure! Because of how their bodies work, they may sometimes recover from diseases that would kill your other fish.

It is good to have a few extra on hand to ensure your population doesn’t suffer too much if something happens.

6. Another way to help prevent goldfish feeder fish disease is to feed a diet high in freshwater algae. This will help clean the water in your tank and prevent the disease from happening in the first place

Overview of Goldfish Feeder Fish

Goldfish feeder fish is excellent as both a snack for your bigger goldfish or as pets that do not need a lot of attention.

They are very hardy animals, making them excellent for beginners who want a pet they can’t kill if they accidentally forget to feed it overnight.

Goldfish Feeder Fish growth rate

Feeder fish grow and mature very quickly, taking about half the time the other goldfish varieties will take.

After a few weeks, you will have feeder fish between 2 and 3 inches long. For this reason, it is suggested that you keep your feeders with other goldfish as they will not be as likely to attack them.

Special notes

Feeder fish can still be sold as goldfish, even though they are not real goldfish.

It is illegal to sell them as true goldfish, but if you do so, you will not have to abide by the rules or regulations that the rest of us must follow.

Feeder goldfish can only be sold in their small size. This means that they may not receive all the nutrition their real tank counterparts need at times.


Feeder goldfish are a wonderful option for anyone who loves their fish but does not have the capacity for keeping a larger tank.

They are small and peaceful, making them perfect for children or anyone with smaller aquariums.

You do not have to worry when it comes to feeder goldfish as they can survive on very little, making them truly ideal companions if you only want a pet that will live in your room.

Thank you for reading our article, and hopefully, it will help you get the right fish for you.

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