GoldFish Comet: Characteristics & Best 10 Benefits

GoldFish Comet

Goldfish Comet doesn’t get nearly as big as some other goldfish varieties, and they have their look, too. They have many similar colors and patterns to their goldfish cousins, but their overall body and fin shape differ. This makes them rather unique and very interesting!

Goldfish Comets are relatively small. They’re not as small as the common goldfish, but they’re still on the tiny side. So, don’t expect to get any winners from breeding them, either.

If a big fish is what you want, you’ll have to go with the standard goldfish variety instead. Goldfish Comets are a little more delicate and fragile than regular goldfish.

If you want a more sturdy and durable fish, then this is not the one to do it. But, if you want something really small and cute, go with the Goldfish Comet!

Characteristics of Goldfish Comets

Goldfish Comets are a little bit smaller than the regular goldfish. The normal goldfish is 12-15 inches in length. Goldfish Comets are about 9 inches long, so you can expect your Goldfish Comet to be smaller!

Their overall body shape and fin both differ from the regular goldfish just a little bit. The tailfin is usually divided into two parts, whereas the standard goldfish doesn’t have any fins.

Their coloration is also very different. The regular goldfish has many shades of gold, whereas the Goldfish Comet’s scales are always copper or bronze. But be careful. They still can change color depending on where the light hits them!


The standard goldfish is 12-15 inches long. Goldfish Comets are about 9 inches long, so don’t expect to see any winners from breeding them!


Goldfish Comets thrive in rather small tanks. They also seem to be less active and more passive fish than the regular goldfish. Because of this, they don’t need a big aquarium.

A tank smaller than 10 gallons will do well for them! If you want to get better results from their breeding and you’re okay with spending more money, then you might want to consider getting a bigger tank. Bigger tanks will allow you to have more fish and get a lot more action going on in the tank.

Goldfish Comet Tankmates

Goldfish Comets are very peaceful and quiet fish. This makes them great for community tanks! As long as the community tank is small, Goldfish Comets won’t bother any of their tankmates!

They’ll be fine with pretty much any community fish. If you want to keep them in a tank with another fish, you can use smaller goldfish or the same color. You can also try going for the same fish, like betta fish or other small tropicals.


Goldfish Comets are omnivores, so they’ll do well on a diet that includes both plant and animal matter! This means they’ll eat everything from fruit to plant matter to bugs.

Please don’t feed them plant matter that is too expensive or is not appropriate for them. They are also very sensitive to vitamin and mineral deficiency, so it’s also important that you feed them a balanced diet!

Quick Facts about Goldfish Comet

Scientific NameCarassius auratus auratus (L.)
SizeUp to 5 inches
EnvironmentFreshwater ponds
OriginEurope and Asia
LifespanAbout 4 years
Difficulty LevelBeginners and Intermediate
Diet TypeOmnivore
Fish CompatibilityGood
Shedding LevelModerate to high fish scales
BehaviorVery active, fun-loving, and lively. But their activity level is unpredictable at times. So then they may get bored after a while.

The overview of Goldfish Comets is as follows

Goldfish Comets start appearing at the beginning of spring. They’re smaller, more delicate, and sport more colors than other goldfish types.

Though they don’t get very popular among goldfish collectors, they get several owners because of their cute noises and small size.

This fish is not recommended for beginner aquarists. But they must be able to provide a comfortable tank for this fish.

Temperament & Typical Behavior

This is a must-have fish for any aquarium. They make really cute sounds and are the most active goldfish variety around.

They’re not at all shy; they’re very playful and fun-loving. They’re an excellent choice for beginners as they get along with other goldfish kinds just fine, too.

Goldfish Comets are quite lively, high-spirited, and energetic though their activity level is highly unpredictable at times due to the myth that they become bored once they get older.

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Benefits of a Goldfish Comet

They’re really fun. They get along with other goldfish varieties. Surfaces are not a problem for them so you can give them a tank without any plants. They make cute sounds, and when they get older, they can live up to 4-5 years. They’re beautiful fish, too!

Here are the Best 10 Benefits of a Goldfish Comet

1. They’re very cute!

2. They’re a great choice for beginners.

3. They are omnivores and well enough to get along with other goldfish varieties.

4. They don’t need much space or difficult conditions to live in, so they’re perfect for beginners who can barely keep their fish alive!

5. They live up to 4-5 years if developed properly and well looked after.

6. They are very active and love to play around.

7. They’re very delicate and won’t get big enough to threaten other goldfish varieties.

8. They come in many colors, so you can give them a tank of their color or keep them mixed with other kinds of fish.

9. You won’t need to feed them much so that they won’t take your precious money away from you!

10. They make awesome noises that will make your day 100% better!

Disadvantages of a Goldfish Comet

  • They are only suitable for smaller tanks.
  • They may develop aggression in their tank, so you have to keep more than one of them if you don’t want them to fight each other.
  • If they’re bored or lonely, they won’t be very active and could cause problems. So, you have to make sure that they have plenty of social interaction, toys, and places to hide in their tank.
  • They’re rather fragile compared to other goldfish varieties. They need a lot of attention to their special needs.
  • You can’t see them in big ponds even if they are larger than standard goldfish.
  • They’re not the best choice for breeding.

Care Level & Origin

These Goldfish Comet love to be on the move, so make sure that you have lots of swimming space for them to enjoy.

They also need a filter, dry food, and plants for them to be comfortable. You can get Goldfish Comets from pet shops, local fish markets, and online sellers.

But make sure that you read the reviews properly before buying! You won’t know everything about them if you look at their pictures or read the description.

These goldfish are native to Europe, but they were bred in Asia, so that they may have some Asian genes. So, you may not find their exact color or pattern in your area.

How does Big Will My Goldfish Comet grow to Be?

As these fish are small, they usually don’t grow big. They start as medium-sized goldfish. As they grow older, they can get up to 5 inches. That’s quite small for a goldfish, though!

If you like your fish to have a bigger size and don’t want him to become too hardy, you should go with the standard goldfish variety instead.

How many goldfish comets should be kept together?

If you’re more of a beginner, then you should at least keep 3 goldfish comets together in the same tank. That’s because they can easily get bored if they’re alone and will start fighting against each other or stop eating.

And they usually don’t get along well with other goldfish types and other livestock, so be careful! They may become weary or aggressive because of a lack of space and companionship.

Special notes

These goldfish are neither recommended for beginners nor advanced aquarists. It would help if you were a real pro to keep them alive without having them die on you.

So, make sure that you’re ready for the long-term commitment. Goldfish Comets grow up faster than other goldfish types, so they’re not recommended for beginners.


Goldfish Comets are quite the right choice if you want your goldfish to be colorful and not too big. They’re also an excellent choice for beginners who want a variety of goldfish but are too afraid to get some other kind of goldfish.

They don’t need much space or difficult conditions to live in, which is cool because beginners usually have problems finding time for their fish.

Thank you so much for reading this article, and I hope you will find this information useful. If you still have any questions regarding Goldfish Comets, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me directly.

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