German Owl Pigeon: Best 10 Tips for Farming Benefit

German Owl Pigeon is a cryptid creature that witnesses say looks like a cross between an owl and a pigeon. Its black body and red eyes are supposedly most often seen in the morning hours when no one else is out.

They are also known to make bird noises that sound similar to hooting or tapping on cars’ windshields, indicating they might be looking for food at the time.

However, some have argued that German Owl Pigeons are just regular pigeons flying at night instead of in the day due to instincts.

German Owl Pigeon Characteristics

German Owl Pigeons are about the size of a pigeon but have a black body with a red or orange beak. Their wings are fairly large, and their feet even have talon-like claws on each toe that make sounds.

During the night. It’s also noticeable the bird has feathers on its backside, which is unusual for pigeons to have. German Owl Pigeons can have a wingspan of up to 75″ (190cm), making them fairly large compared to pigeons.


According to legend, German Owl Pigeons were created from a real-life woman who was a witch. After being burned at stake, she transformed into the creature out of revenge.

When in the air, her feathers are those of a black owl, but she forms like a giant pigeon when on the ground.


Traditionally, German Owl Pigeons scare away hunters and other humans. They are also used as a scout for the owl/bird of prey, their natural predator.

One rumor has it that they circle towers and other tall places at night, waiting to swoop in after hearing noises below.

Farming Benefit Of German Owl Pigeon

Here are The Best 10 Tips for Farming Benefit

1. German Owl Pigeon is known to love to eat seeds and grains in the winter months. They will also eat insects, birds, and mice.  

To scare them away from your farm, a game of hiding and seek is one option to have your neighbors play.

2. German Owl Pigeon can be a pest, but they are also useful for composting. They can be used to help turn poop into fertilizer for your farm.

3. Using German Owl Pigeon poop to fertilize your crops is a great way to save money on buying your own, and you will also have a natural product.

4. To make sure that the German Owl Pigeon poop is ready for use, it must not smell bad, or else it could kill your crops instead of helping them grow stronger.

5. Using the poop in your compost heap will help pigeon poo, and rabbit poo breaks down by turning it into a spreadable fluid.

6. German Owl Pigeon poop can also be used as a natural fertilizer for any garden or trees and bushes around your home and farm.

7. You can use the poop to clean any house by spraying it on walls and floors, scrubbing it until clean. It is great for removing mouse-poop stains from carpets as well.

8. Unlike other farm animals, German Owl Pigeon won’t leave poop all over the yard or house. They will only poop in one place, so cleaning up will be easy.

9. You can use the poop for flypaper, leaving small pieces at the entrance to your home and keeping flies away from your precious home.

10. You can use German Owl Pigeon poop to make a fire starter to light a fire without having a match handy.


The German Owl Pigeon has created a legend around it as if it is a legendary creature, but that is because it does exist.

 It is also believed to move through the night and hunt with its eyesight, so having this in mind, you can be sure of not seeing one without reason.

They can be added to your farm for pest control and to help with composting waste and making fertilizer, which could help increase your farm profits. Thank you for reading this article.

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