Fish Farming And Poultry Which Is More Profitable: 6 Best Benefits, & Comparing 4 Of The Most Profitable

fish farming and poultry which is more profitable
fish farming and poultry which is more profitable

About fish farming and poultry which is more profitable, this article will talk about the reason for this question and which is more profitable in the long run. The main reason for this question is to consider the costs of feed and water, labor, and machinery needed.

This article will compare the 2 industries on a level playing field based on the number of eggs produced, feed expenses, water used per egg, tons of carbon dioxide created per year (due to the animal raising), and manure generated from chicken droppings vs. fish food pellets.

The comparison is based on producing 4 million and 10 million egg-produced eggs per year. The two industries are chicken farming and fish farming.

These two industries have very different production costs, and the processes used in these 2 industries are very different. This article will talk about how these processes differ and what advantages this difference offers each industry.

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Are Fish Farming And Poultry Which Is More Profitable?

Products Chicken: 1.3 billion eggs per year, feed costs = $18.2 million, Animal husbandry = $21.5 million, Water usage = 3.5 billion gallons per year (US); Carbon dioxide gas created = 0.8 tons per year (US)

Egg Production: 4 million eggs per year, feed costs = $0.765 USD/day (US) ; Animal husbandry = $0.037 USD/egg (US) ; Water usage = 0.00172 gallons per egg (US) ; Carbon dioxide gas created = 0.005 tons per year (US)

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Fish And Poultry Comparison:

Animal husbandry = $0.03 vs $0.075 USD/egg; Water usage = 0.00172 gals/egg vs 3.5 billion gallons/year; Carbon dioxide gas created = .005 tons vs 0.8 tons/year.

Fish is the clear winner in egg production.

6 Best Benefits Of Fish Farming And Poultry Profitability:

1. Animal husbandry cost is only $0.03 per egg vs. USD 0.075;

2. Water usage for fish = 0 gallons per year vs. 3-5 billion gallons for chicken (depending on the size of the farm);

3. More carbon dioxide gas is produced from chicken farming than fish stock-raising;

4. Chicken droppings create methane which is 23 times worse than carbon dioxide;

5. Chicken feces contain harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are transferred to humans and are more dangerous than the chicken feces;

6. Chicken litter is hazardous, generating toxic gas when released into the atmosphere.

Egg Production:

1. Egg production per hectare: 5.27 million eggs/hectare yearly;

2. Feed costs = $0.765/day vs $18.2 million per year (chicken);

3. Egg production per acre: 87 eggs/acre yearly;

4. Water usage for fish : 0 gallons/acre vs 500 gallons/year (fish);

5. Manufacturing feed and pesticides necessary for chicken: $6,000 to $20,000 yearly;

6. Carbon dioxide gas created by a chicken: 1,900 tons yearly;

7. Carrying capacity of a chicken: 106 chickens/hectare yearly;

8. Animal husbandry cost = $0.03 USD/egg vs $0.

fish farming and poultry which is more profitable

What Is The Most Profitable Fish To Farm?

The most profitable fish to the farm will depend on your location. Based on the size of the egg produced and the amount of feed needed.

1. Shrimp

2. Trout

3. Carp

4. Tilapia

5. Catfish

6. The Nile

7. Salmon

8. Crayfish

9. Lobster

Fish Farming And Poultry Which Is More Profitable

10. Oyster

11. Clams

12. Tuna

13. Round-eye catfish

14. Calamari

15. Sea bass

16. Codfish

17. Snapper

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Fish Farming And Poultry Which Is More Profitable:

Considering the total cost of raising animals, egg production, and environmental effect. The most profitable poultry is ducks, then chickens. The most profitable fish to farm is shrimp, then trout. Read about the best 10 fish farming and poultry, which is more profitable here.

How Can I Start Fish Farming?

Fish farming is a good choice if you wish to raise fish for food or to help the environment. While this is a profitable business, it also requires an investment as fish are not cheap. The starting capital will be between $8,000 and $20,000, depending on the size and type of fish.

Fish Farming And Poultry Which Is More Profitable

Special Note

The comparison between egg production in poultry and fish is based on the number of eggs produced per hectare, acre, and ton. The amount of feed needed was taken into account.

Water usage per egg was taken into consideration as well. Many assume these 2 industries are similar in production, but when one compares them in-depth, it is clear that these 2 industries are very different.

fish farming and poultry which is more profitable


Chicken and Fish farming is not the best way to feed the world. If you wish to help the environment or do business based on environmental issues, shrimp and fish farming are better investments.

If you do business based on huge profit, keep in mind the environment has been destroyed by chicken and pig farming, which is far more expensive.  

I hope this article helps you choose the most profitable fish and poultry. Do you know any other way to feed the world? Let me know in the comments.

I hope this blog helps exchange information between people who want to help the environment and those who wish to make money at the expense of the environment.

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