Dwarf Goat Fencing: Top 10 Information

About Dwarf Goat Fencing, Dwarf goat fencing is livestock fencing used to keep goats out, in, or around your property. Dwarf goats are commonly used for many fencing situations, such as: Keeping them from veggies in your garden. 

Keeping them from berry bushes, Keeping them from the yard, but allowing their access to the backyard pool and patio area Keeps the goats out of areas you don’t want. Such as weed beds, tree crops, gardens, and other items you would like to keep free of grazing animals.

What is the Dwarf Goat Fencing?

Dwarf goats are typically between 14-20in high and weigh between 50-70lbs. They can be as short as 12 inches or as tall as 20 inches. Unlike their cattle counterparts,

They have a distinct climbing ability and can easily scale a six-foot fence. If you have dwarf goats, it is ideal to have a shorter and sturdier fence for them for these reasons.

How tall should a fence be for dwarf goats?

The height of fence should be taller than the goats’ heads. That is typically 6 feet tall. If your property is not already fenced in, it would be ideal to have a fence that is 8 feet tall.

As with any other animal, it is ideal to have a sturdy and strong fence that they cannot see through or climb over.

What type of fence is best for dwarf goats?

The rules for an effective goat fence are no different from those of cattle. A one-way gate and a sturdy livestock panel gate should be installed to give you easy access to the backyard and pool area.

Your fence panels should be in good condition and not splintery or broken. Your fence posts should be placed 6’6″ apart on your property and 4′ high.

The Dwarf Goat is typically just outside the heavy brush, trees, stumps, Dwarf Goat Fencing, etc.

Do dwarf goats jump fences?

Yes, they do. The fencing should be 6 feet tall to be safe. A 7′ fence will be in great condition if it is available.

The strength of your fence will enable you to keep goats or any other livestock out of unwanted areas—but a sturdy fence will also keep goats in areas you want them to graze.

Top 10 Information about Dwarf Goat Fencing

1. Dwarves can jump 6 feet in the air.

2. They cannot climb over a 6-foot fence but can easily scale it.

3. They will use the underbrush, trees, and stumps to climb over, but their sheer height prevents them from doing so.

4. Constructing a fence to be 8 feet high will help keep them in your backyard and pool area without having any problems or issues with jumping or climbing to get out.

5. Dwarf goats are very territorial and will fight with other goats if they are within a few feet of each other.

6. When you want to allow them access to your backyard, they will probably be very interested in your garden or the areas you want to keep free of grazing animals.

7. They can easily climb walls too, but most people opt for that 6-foot fence height, so they won’t be able to scale it!

8. They are very social animals and are very protective of the group they live with.

9. They do not get along well with cats, dogs, or other goats.

10. The most effective solution will be to use a 6-foot fence and place an electric wire fence behind it so they cannot climb over it!


Fencing is not the best size for dwarf goats. Dwarf Goat Fencing They are typically just outside the heavy brush, trees, stumps, etc. They will not be happy if you have them in a small area. They need to roam; they need food and water. They need grass and bushes.


Dwarf Goat Fencing It is a very effective way to keep your dwarf goats in the areas you want them to be in and out of the areas you do not want.

A well-constructed fence with a sturdy gate will keep them in their areas as you wish, but they can easily be let out or locked up if necessary. It is an excellent solution if you have much different livestock on your property, including cattle, horses, arena animals, and many more. Thank you for reading this Dwarf Goat Fencing article.