Dog Bite Didn’t Break Skin: Lawsuit

About Dog Bite Didn’t Break Skin: Lawsuit, The dog bite didn’t break the skin. Many people are suing for severe injuries that didn’t break the skin but caused great pain and distress. A recent case involved a woman whose dog bit her on the arm.

Dog Bite Didn’t Break Skin

She sued, claiming the dog’s owner should have known she would suffer from intense pain because there was no sign of “a red line on the skin where the injury had occurred.” The lawsuit, filed by a Philadelphia law firm, is ongoing in federal court, and at present, it has not been decided whether or not her claim will succeed.

Dog Bite Didn’t Break Skin: Lawsuit:

The woman alleges that, although the bite didn’t break her skin, it “caused acute pain and left a lump.” The case seems to be a fight over what determines a “bite” and how we define this legal term.

What should I do if a dog bites me but doesn’t break the skin?

It’s important for dog owners to be aware of what’s needed to make a dog bite claim. The plaintiff must prove that the bite did break the skin. She must show that pain and suffering occurred.

What Should I Do If a Dog Bites Me Without Breaking My Skin?

Regardless, if the dog bite didn’t break the skin and a dog has bitten you, please follow these steps: If you have been bitten by a dog and did not necessarily need medical attention but still want to sue, contact an attorney and see if you have a case.

If the injury is severe, seek legal advice right away. If the injury was minor, there might not be much your lawyer can do to help. Your attorney will tell you if they think it is worth pursuing.

Can You Get Rabies If Your Dog Doesn’t Bite You?

No, there is no fear of rabies if the dog’s venom does not mix with your blood. But you can have a medical examination. This will reveal whether or not the dog was vaccinated against rabies.

Contact a lawyer today if you are concerned that a dog bite didn’t break the skin. A lawyer will help you understand the legal process and whether you have a solid case to begin with.

What Are the Rabies Symptoms After a Dog Bite?

You must seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The disease is fatal if not treated promptly. The symptoms of rabies are sudden and violent.

The first symptom of rabies is extreme weakness or paralysis. Other symptoms include hallucinations and convulsions, eventually leading to respiratory failure and fatal heart arrhythmia. Inability to swallow and hydrophobia are also symptoms.

If you suspect that you or someone else is showing symptoms of rabies, contact a doctor immediately. If the doctor suspects rabies, they will administer an anti-rabies vaccine, which is only partially effective if not used within 24 hours of exposure.

Always seek medical attention after being bitten by an animal or insect, even if you have previously been bitten by the same species and had no reaction.


Dog bite did not cause skin damage lawsuit, If the dog bite didn’t break the skin, you might want to seek legal advice. If it did break the skin, seek medical attention and consider contacting a lawyer.

The dog’s owner may be liable for your medical costs and pain and suffering if they knew or should have known that that particular breed or dog was dangerous.

You should also report the incident to your local animal control office. If a dog has injured you, contact one of our injury lawyers today for a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. Thank you for reading this article about the Dog Bite Didn’t Break Skin.