Doeling Goat: Physical Characteristics & Best 10 Farming Benefits

Doeling Goat

About Doeling Goat, Doeling Goat is a cross-breed between full-sized Nubian goats and pygmy goat kids. This cross-breeding makes the doeling goat smaller than its parents, resulting in a friendly and clever animal that is not afraid to interact with humans.

Also, since they are very easy to care for, they make a fantastic pet or farm animal that can fit in small areas and provides their owners with many benefits.

What is a Doeling Goat?

Doeling Goat is a cross between a full-sized Nubian goat and a pygmy goat. This type of breeding results in a smaller type of goat that is not afraid to interact with humans. Plus, they are very easy to care for.

A Doeling Goat can reach a height up to 24 inches and weight up to 100 pounds or more. These animals not only make excellent pets but are also very intelligent and friendly and will provide their owners with many benefits.

Physical Characteristics of Doeling goat

A doeling goat has a similar appearance to its parents, except that they are smaller in size. Their height ranges from 20 to 50 centimeters, and they weigh between 15 to 50 pounds. On average, a doeling goat can grow up to 100 cm in height and weigh up to 60 kg.

Doeling goats are usually born with short fur, and their color ranges from white, black, grey, brown, or mixed.


Doeling goats are more similar to Pygmy goats than to Nubian goats. They are easier to care for than Pygmy Goats, but if raised as pets, they need a lot of attention from their owners. Like other types of cross-breeds, doelings reach sexual maturity very early. So inexperienced owners shouldn’t keep these goats as pets until they fully develop their personality and character.

Reproduction in Doelings

Being a cross-breed, doelings can only reproduce with other types of goats. It is very rare to see a doeling goat with kids.

Doelings are usually divided into three categories; Miniature, Medium, and Large. The medium-sized animals are also known as “Gentle Giants,” They make an excellent pet that does not require much care.


Doelings can be kept indoors or outdoors. Since they are smaller, they can easily be accommodated inside the house. If keeping them outside is preferred, it is highly recommended to shelter them during cold weather. Feeding Doeling Goats

Doeling goats eat almost twice the amount of food as their parents. They also should be given more minerals and vitamins because of their rapid growth rate.

Quick Fact of  Doeling goat

Breed NameDoeling goat
OriginSpanish or French
Life SpanUp to 15 years (the normal life span of a goat is 10 years)
HealthThese animals do not have any health issues except those common in all farm animals.
AppearanceThey are similar to the parents but smaller in size.
Body TypeA doeling goat is like its parents but smaller and less aggressive.
Ease of raisingThey are easy to care for and require less effort when compared to other types of goats.
PersonalityThey are more intelligent and friendly than other types of goats.
MatingNubian Goats, Pygmy Goats, Spanish goats, Miniature goats, and Semi-rare goats can be mated with a doeling goat.


1. Mix a small portion of pinhead oats or crushed corn (2 pounds) with a small amount of milk.

2. Add 5 pounds of fresh, green hay and 5 gallons of water. It should be mixed 2 to 3 times every day.

3. Mix 1 tablespoon of molasses and dry feed with 1 gallon of water each week in spring and fall (very important).

Farming Benefit of Doeling goat

1. They produce high-quality milk.

2. They can be raised inside or outside.

3. They have an excellent dairy farm animal that is not as aggressive as Nubian goats.

4. Doelings are very intelligent and can learn how to open gates and doors with ease and will keep them open for their use. However, this habit has to be taught from the first day to avoid problems in the future.

5. They have excellent meat and dairy farm animal.

6. They are very friendly with human beings and love to be petted, which makes them a great pet for families that want to raise pets for their kids that do not require too much attention and care.

7. They cannot be kept on a diet of just grass and hay, as it would result in malnutrition. A doeling goat needs a lot of fresh greens and must be given grain, minerals, and vitamins to grow healthily.

8. Doelings can be easily transported to different areas because of their small size. They can also easily climb over fences, jump over gates and walk over small-sized bridges. Hence they make an excellent livestock farm animal that provides their owner with many benefits.

9. Doelings can be divided into 3 categories; miniature, medium, and large. The medium-sized doeling goats are known as “gentle giants” because of their good temperament and friendly nature.

10. Doelings can be started from a very early age and will mature at a very young age.

Special Notes

Doeling goats are not suitable for transportation from one location to another.

This cross-breed can be considered an excellent pet or farm animal but should be raised with routine care from a very young age.

Various cross-breed types, which have been classified into different categories, may exist today. This term is used in the study and classification of domestic animals.


Doeling Goat is a special type of animal that has been classified into different categories and is considered an excellent pet (…)This term is used in the study and classification of domestic animals. It is very rare to see a doeling goat with kids.

It is quite easy to differentiate a Doeling Goat from others since they have an average height of 100cm and weight up to 60 kg. They are usually born with short fur, but their color ranges from white, black, grey, brown, or mixed. Thank you for reading this article.