DIY Goat Feeder: Materials & Best 10 Ideas for Building

About DIY goat feeder, DIY goat feeder is a device for feeding a pet goat that is assembled from products bought in a home improvement store.

A goat feeder is an alternative to the commercially available feeders that are expensive and often unsuitable for goats.

This guide shows how to make a goat feeder with materials similar to those used in making a deck, such as lumber, screws, nails, and paint.

The completed project measures 4 feet by 2.5 feet and can hold up to 400 pounds of feed. It is also made of materials resistant to mold, making it healthier for the goats.

How do you make a DIY Goat Feeder?

I have made many feeders over the years and know exactly what to use. Finding a strong base is the most important part of making a Goat Feeder. I used 2″ lumber, 8′ long, but you can use any lumber that you want, and it’s up to you to find a good location for it.

You also need various screws, nails, paint, and some paint brushes. You can use paint that is stain resistant or designed to be used indoors. This project is done over a large area, so using ordinary latex-based house paints won’t work due to the humidity in your barn.

One of the things you will want to avoid is using an all-metal base, as most goat feeders are not made for heavy-duty use. Make sure you don’t use anything with sharp edges because your goat may accidentally hurt himself trying to get at his feed.

How do you build a DIY Goat Feeder trough at home?

Materials of Goat Feeder:

  • Start laying out the parts of your DIY Goat Feeder. The plywood should be about 16 feet long, and the 2″ x 8″ lumber should be around 8 feet, making your DIY goat feeder about 4′ wide and 2.5′ high. Make sure to get the measurements right, or you’ll end up with a house of cards when it’s time to set it all up!
  • Assemble the base frame, using 1-1/2″ screws to hold everything together as tightly as possible.
  • Cut the 2″ x 8″ boards to size, making sure that the ends are cut square.
  • Attach the 2″ x 8″ boards to the underside of the top frame using 1-1/2″ screws once again. Make sure to leave a small gap between each one, about an inch.
  • Lay out your DIY goat feeder as per your designs and determine how wide it should be, how high off the ground you want it, and where everything will go.
  • When you are done with your DIY goat feeder, get a good idea of how it will sit on the ground and how close it will be to the barn entrance.
  • Attach the boards using 4″ screws throughout, ensuring everything is secure yet not too tight.
  • Once the screw holes are filled, paint the entire frame using latex-based paint designed for outdoor use in wet conditions.
  • Let the paint dry, then screw the top boards to the bottom of your DIY Goat Feeder. Then drill some holes into the frames and bleach them thoroughly.
  • Mix up a bleach and water solution in a bucket and use a paintbrush to paint all over every board of your DIY goat feeder.
  • Let it air dry, then put together your DIY Goat Feeder!

Best 10 Ideas for Building DIY Goat Feeder

1. Building DIY Goat Feeder

Building DIY Goat Feeder is simple. But if you want to ensure that your structure can support a heavy load, try using 2x lumber. You may use lumber of 1x, but the more extreme weight will also cause you problems and liability issues.

Jig saws can cut through 2x lumber without much effort, while a circular saw will be very difficult or impossible with 1x lumber, especially when building overhangs.

2. DIY Goat Feeder-Plywood and 2x lumber

If you are looking for a simple DIY build that’s lightweight, then choose to make a DIY Goat Feeder using only 1x lumber and plywood.

The plywood will create the top shelf of your feeder, but the frame’s construction can be as simple as 2x lumber with a few screws or nails to hold things together.

3. DIY Goat Feeder-Vinyl Siding

DIY Goat Feeder made with vinyl siding can be a great look that is also durable and easy to build. The materials will cost under $100, and the feeder will take less than an afternoon to construct.

4. DIY Goat Feeder-Wood Pallets

DIY Goat Feeder with wood pallets can be a great way to make a durable, cheap, unique feeder. You’ll have to use a circular saw that you might not have, but it shouldn’t cost much to rent if you don’t already own one.

5. DIY Goat Feeder-2x4s

You can also just make this feeder with 2x4s and nails. It will only cost a little more and will be more durable. Just make sure to leave that inch or two between each board so that the goats don’t feel like it’s on top of them.

6. DIY Goat Feeder-Pallets

You can also make this DIY feeder with pallets and 2x lumber like you would a wooden pallet bed. This is another great way to save money from buying new supplies.

7. DIY Goat Feeder-1x2s

You can also make this DIY feeder with 1x2s and some 2x lumber. Just make sure not to use nails, as the goats will damage them, which could cause a problem for you.

8. DIY Goat Feeder-Pallet Slats

If you don’t want to deal with mounting boards or want something that doesn’t require pallets, try making your pallet slats and attaching them in place of the boards. This can give you the same look but will be more durable.

9. DIY Goat Feeder-2x8s

You can also just go ahead and make this feeder with 2x8s, as long as you decide how tall you want it to be, and figure out your measurements for the rest of the parts.

10. DIY Goat Feeder-Paint

You can just paint your boards and add the nails after everything is dry. This is only viable if you already have the paint and need a quick solution. Otherwise, it’s better to use other materials.


This DIY Goat Feeder was one of the easiest to build of all the ones listed, so if you’re just looking for something easy and quick, this is the way to go.

It also looks much better than it is, which is good for your goats seeing this and coming running over to get their treats or hay!

The size of your DIY Goat Feeder can also be determined by how many goats you have. Thank you for the reading.