Coturnix Quail Varieties: Best 10 Different Types

About Coturnix Quail Varieties, Coturnix Quail Varieties is a short post that provides information on Coturnix Quail Varieties.

The Coturnix quail is the most common species of domesticated quail. This speedy, egg-producing bird is found throughout Asia and Europe and parts of Africa and the United States.

They are also known as “Japanese Quails” or “Chinese Quails” due to their popularity.

Coturnix Quail Varieties

Different Types Of Coturnix Quail Varieties Include

Here Are The Best 10 Different Types Of Coturnix Quail Varieties Include

1. American Red

The American Red is a red quail breed with a white neck. They are the most popular variety because they are very hardy and can tolerate confinement.

They don’t need much contact with other Coturnix Quail Varieties making them perfect for commercial breeding facilities.

2. Japanese White

The Japanese White is a white quail breed with red eyes and rings around its legs. Due to their flight feathers, they need extra protection from the weather but make excellent pets.

3. Wheaten

Wheaten is pure White with orange eyes. They are very tame and easy to care for, making them a good choice for pet owners new to raising Coturnix Quail Varieties.

4. Mottled

Mottled is white with black spots. They are very popular as pets because they are gentle and relatively small. Mottled quails make wonderful mothers, but the babies may be hard to find if the mother hides them.

5. White-Sided

White-Sided is white quails with red eyes. Most commonly found in China, these quail are very hardy and can endure cold weather.

6. Black-Eyed

Black-Eyed are black quails with orange eyes. They are very good mothers and make wonderful pets. However, their babies can be hard to find if the mother hides them away from their nest box for too long after they hatch.

7. African Brown

African Browns are brown quail with black caps and eyes. They are good mothers but may be difficult to find if their eggs are not marked with orange rings.

8. White-Cheeked

White-cheeked quail have a white cheek patch on each side of their heads. They make excellent pets due to their friendly nature and hardy nature.

They will raise a relatively large number of chicks in the spring, which can make extremely popular pets.

9. White-Eyed

White-Eyed quail have white feathers on their heads and black feathers on their bodies. They are known for being good mothers but may not be the best pets because they tend to get aggressive with other Coturnix Quail Varieties.

10. White-Laced

White-Laced quail have white feathers that run in a line down their backs. They don’t make very good mothers, but they are still a popular variety of Coturnix Quail Varieties because they are gentle and attractive.

There are other varieties of Coturnix Quail Varieties that can be found in specialty markets or through mail-order companies. These varieties include Painted, Black-Tailed, Flamed, Green, Yellow-Billed, and Red Ringed.

If you decide to raise Coturnix Quail Varieties for eggs, you may want to consider purchasing white Quails compared to colored varieties. White Coturnix Quail Varieties make it easier for the eggs to be identified when cleaning them.

The Coturnix quail is a hardy bird that is easy to care for. They can be used as pets, laboratory animals, or food sources. Although domesticated, they can still fly and make good escape artists.

The Best Information About Coturnix Quail Varieties

1. Coturnix Quail Varieties are a fantastic source of food. Almost all of the world’s quail eggs are produced through Coturnix Quail Varieties.

2. Coturnix Quail Varieties make good pets because they are hardy, tame, and able to give off a loud call when they feel threatened.

3. Coturnix Quail Varieties make a good choice for children because they are easy to care for and can be kept in small cages.

4. Coturnix Quail Varieties do not require much space for exercise, only about 3 square feet of floor space per bird. This makes them perfect for many indoor environments.

5. Coturnix Quail Varieties lay eggs regularly throughout the year but will lay the most during the spring months.

6. Coturnix Quail Varieties love eating vegetables and fruit, but they will also eat most small seeds and grains.

7. Coturnix Quail Varieties are sensitive to noise and may become stressed out if loud noises are nearby.

8. Coturnix Quail Varieties can be slaughtered for food when they reach about seven weeks of age, although some people prefer to wait until the quail are older.

9. Although Coturnix Quail Varieties are very easy to care for, they can be difficult to breed because they have twins of the same sex.

What Are The Different Colors Of Coturnix Quail?

There are many different varieties and colors of Coturnix quail. Some of them include:

• White Quails

• Black Quails

• Yellow Quails

• Red Quails

• Black-eyed Quails

• White-cheeked quail

The Best Outlets to Purchase Coturnix Quail Varieties: The best place for you to purchase your Coturnix quail eggs is from a local backyard breeder. You can find them online, but it cannot be easy to find a high-quality source.

What Is The Largest Coturnix Quail?

There are no known Coturnix quails that have been specifically bred to be large. Some of the largest ones come from Japan, but these were not bred for their size.

How do Long Will Coturnix Quail Eggs keep?

Coturnix Quail eggs will keep in the refrigerator for up to one week if placed in a small bowl of water. They can also be frozen if you have space available in your freezer, and they will last up to six months.

Which Quails Are Best For Eggs?

The best Coturnix Quail Varieties to raise for eggs are Rhode Island Red Quails. Japanese quails are another great option, but they may not be able to produce as many eggs each year.

Japanese quails cannot produce as many eggs as Rhode Island Reds because they do not lay many eggs each year.

Can You Mix Quail Breeds?

You can mix Coturnix Quail Varieties, but you should be careful. Some quail breeds are more aggressive than others, so you may need to avoid mixing them.

What Is The Difference Between A Female And A Male Quail?

The smallest difference between a female Coturnix Quail Varieties and a male Coturnix Quail Varieties is that the male has two little bumps on his chest and the female does not.

This is why it is important to identify one of the two sexes to choose which type you want.

Can Coturnix Quail Live Outside In Winter?

The Coturnix quail is a warm-weather bird, so it will not do well during winter. They should be kept indoors during those months if you decide to keep them outside.

Special Notes

The Coturnix quail is one of the most popular birds in the world. It has been around for years, and if you are interested in keeping it as a pet, this article should help you decide what type of Coturnix quail will work best for you.


Coturnix quail are a great species of birds to add to your home. As long as you keep them properly, they will be happy and healthy for many years to come.

The Coturnix quail is one of the best-domesticated birds that can be kept as a pet or used for food or experimentation. Thanks for reading this article.

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