Coturnix Quail Baby: Best 10 Characteristics & Care

Coturnix Quail Baby

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The Coturnix quail is a domesticated game bird that originated in Europe. The Coturnix quail has been introduced to many other parts of the world and has become an important food source in some regions.

Their eggs are known for their rich yellow yolk coloring and a slightly pungent odor. The quail is brown with a slight grayish or greenish shade.

The dark brown feathers of the Coturnix quail are tipped with buff-colored feathers. This quail has white speckles on its wings and head, which resemble small tufts of cotton wool.

How to Care for Coturnix Quail Baby?

Coturnix quail baby should be washed after every feeding and towel dried. Clean the cages with a disinfectant or commercial cleaner once or twice a week.

Coturnix Quail Baby are known to carry diseases as they are susceptible to certain infections. Because of this, you must keep the quails in a clean and disinfected environment.

The quails must be kept in an area that is not dusty, and the cages should be cleaned regularly. A Coturnix quail baby can only be carried on its mother for about 5 hours; after that, it will have to walk.

The mother should be firm when picking up the quail baby. When you have many birds, it may not be possible to pick them individually and then transfer them from one cage to another every time you remove one.

Coturnix Quail Baby Characteristics

Here Are The Best 10 Coturnix Quail Baby Characteristics

1. Coturnix Baby is one of the most common quail species as far as domestication is concerned.

2. Coturnix l Baby is generally found in the wild in Europe and Asia.

3. Coturnix Baby has been domesticated for over 2,000 years, with the first depictions being found in Ancient Rome, China, and India.

4. Coturnix Baby are very easy to breed without using artificial methods or hormonal stimulation.

5. Coturnix Baby is found in the wild in Asia and Africa.

6. When Coturnix quail is mated with the Spanish grey quail, there is a possibility that the offspring will be fertile and able to produce fertile eggs for multiple generations.

7. Coturnix Baby hatchlings have a yellowish color which darkens as they mature.

8. Coturnix Baby has a strong constitution and can live for at least 3 years, if not more.

9. Coturnix Baby is not easy to tame. This is because of the speed at which they move and the loud noise they make when they are scared or excited.

10. Coturnix Baby can be trained to do tricks like picking up objects, singing, and dancing.

Color of Coturnix Quail Baby:

Coturnix Quail baby’s normal color is black and dark brown with redhead speckles. The quail are known to have a unique yellowish-brown color. Coturnix Quail Baby is pale brown; their head and wings are also dotted with white feathers.

How fast does Coturnix quail Babygrow?

Coturnix quail baby grows fast. It reaches maturity at 10 to 15 days of age. They mature quickly from the moment they are hatched.

At about 2 weeks old, the quail can be considered full-grown. Coturnix Quail Baby is known for their fast growth rate.

They grow at a rate of about 0.25 to 1 ounce per day. Adult quail’s average weight is 1/2 oz. Before reaching adolescence, they have reached the full size of an adult bird.

How long do Coturnix quail Baby stay in the brooder?

The Coturnix quail’s brooding period is only 12-15 days. The brooding period is very short compared to other species of quail. As soon as the chicks hatch, they are ready to go outside.

You should also ensure that you provide the broody hen with plenty of food for proper nutrition. If a young Coturnix quail do not receive enough nutritional food, it may develop diseases like metabolic bone disease and pox.

When can you put baby quail outside?

Coturnix quail baby should be moved from the brooder to the brooding box very early. Please do not keep them in the cage by themselves for long.

If you want to see how fast Coturnix quail babies grow, take them out of their cage when they are about 4 or 5 weeks old and wait for two weeks.

When you take them out, bare their beak and ask them to eat something in your hand or place a piece of food in their mouth.

Special notes

Baby Coturnix Quail are very fast. They are essential flightless at first, and they need time to learn how to fly. The Coturnix Quail Baby may have difficulty flying and will not be able to fly well for the first few weeks.

This is because they cannot weigh their wings enough to fly. If you keep them locked up in a cage all the time, it will be hard for them to learn how to fly well.


Coturnix quail baby is easy to breed, and you may have them in your backyard. This bird species are a great addition to any backyard flock or even a pet.

They are very friendly, gentle, laid back, and docile. They do not make much noise, and they make good pets as they are quiet and do not bite at all.

Their hardiness makes them perfect for raising indoors because they can easily withstand low temperatures.

I hope you enjoy raising Coturnix quail baby, and I wish you good luck in your endeavor. Thank you for reading and learning about Coturnix quail baby. Have a great day!

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