Chinese Owl Pigeon: Best 10 Tips for Farming Benefit

Chinese Owl Pigeon

Chinese Owl Pigeon is a new breed of pigeon that has been developed in China. It is a cross between the Chinese Owl and the racing pigeon.

The Chinese Owl Pigeon is a very hardy bird resistant to disease. It is also a fast flyer and can fly long distances.

The Chinese Owl Pigeon is a beautiful bird with striking markings. The head is v-shaped, giving it an owl-like appearance. It has a crest erected when the bird is excited or angry.

The Chines Owl Pigeon was developed by Guang Zhou Daxi Shili Zongchang Technology Company Limited in 2003 after several years of crossbreeding experiments.

Chinese Owl Pigeon Characteristics

The Chinese Owl Pigeon is a medium-sized bird with a body length of about 15 inches. It has a wingspan of about 24 inches.

The plumage is primarily gray, with a white head and neck. The wings are black with white markings, and the tail is black with white stripes.

The eyes are dark brown, and the beak is yellow.


Is quite striking with its gray and white plumage, v-shaped head, and crest.

The Chinese Owl Pigeon is a very hardy bird resistant to disease. It can also fly long distances.

The Chinese Owl Pigeon’s temperament is gentle and friendly. They are good pets for children as they are very easygoing.

The Chinese Owl Pigeon crosses between the Chinese Owl and racing pigeons. It was developed in 2003 after several years of experiments.

Origin and distribution

The Chinese Owl Pigeon was developed in Guang Zhou, China. It is available all over the world.


Chinese Owl Pigeons are used for racing and as pets.

They can fly long distances, so they are suitable for racing. They also make perfect pets as they are friendly and gentle with children. The breed’s striking appearance also makes it a famous show pigeon.


It is best to keep breeding pairs of Chinese Owl Pigeons in a large flight cage. The floor should be solid as the birds are sensitive to drafts.

Housing & Feeding


the Chinese Owl Pigeons are in a roomy wire-mesh cage protected from the rain.


The feed for Chinese owl pigeons should be of high quality, with no mold or mildew. The diet should consist of grains like corn, white millet, and hemp seeds.

Farming Benefit

1. Chinese owl pigeon is racing and shows pigeons, can high economic value.

2. Chinese owl pigeon is resistant to the disease and suitable for release in winter.

3. Chinese owl pigeon has the strong flying ability to reduce damage from bird strike hazards to aviation safety.

4. Chinese owl pigeons breed quickly and have good fertility to achieve rapid industrial development.

5. The unique physical characteristics of Chinese owl pigeons, with beautiful feathers, are also very popular with pigeon enthusiasts.

6. Chinese owl pigeon meat is also suitable for health, usually eaten as poultry.

7. Chinese owl pigeons can reduce the harm of bird strikes to aviation safety to protect human lives.

8. Chinese owl pigeons are very hardy and resistant to disease to improve the ratio of return rate after releasing racing pigeons.

9. The use of Chinese owl pigeons can promote the sustainable development of the economy and society.

10. Chinese owl pigeon is a good pet for home and schools, can be taught to fly back after the release.

However, review the whole breed profile of the Chinese Owl pigeon in the following chart.

Breed NameChinese Owl Pigeon     Other NameAlso Called Whiskered Owl PigeonBreed PurposeExhibition, Ornamental, PetsSpecial NotesBeautiful birds, attractive and uncommon appearance, suitable for raising as pets, females are clam  males are territorial, 7-10 years average lifespanBreed Classmedium-sizedWeight280-340 gramsClimate ToleranceAll climatesFlying AbilityAverageAs PetsGoodColorMany standard colors are black, blue/blue-grey, barred, brown, ice, satinet blondinette, white, white- blackRarityCommonCountry/Place Of OriginGuang Zhou, China


The Chinese Owl Pigeon is a new and exciting pet that many people are interested in. If you’re considering this unique animal as your next pet, make sure to research the proper care it requires before committing.

We’ve provided 10 tips from our experts here at Animal Care Center of New York City for making sure your furry friend has an enjoyable time while living with you. Thank you for reading this article.

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