Cheap Goat Feed: Top 10 Disadventis

cheap goat feed

About Cheap Goat Feed, Cheap Goat Feeding: If you are a goat farm owner and want to provide your goats with the most nourishing food possible, this article is for you. Goat feed can be extremely expensive, so it may make sense to purchase a cheaper pre-mixed meal from time to time.

However, feeding cheap feed is not necessarily the best way to ensure goats get all the nutrition they need. After all, cheap goat feed isn’t that cheap. You may be paying more for it than you should.

What is the Cheap Goat Feed?

Suppose you were to purchase a pound of hay, a pound of alfalfa pellets, and a pound of timothy pellets and mix them in the proper ratio for your particular goats. The price for this mixture would be about 10 cents per pound.

You would then feed this mixture to your goats at one or two pounds per day (assuming they need only hay and the year is not winter). Doing so would save money but feed your goats inferior feed.

Benefits of Feeding

It is very common for Nubians to be fed cheap goat feed. The same mixture above would cost you around 40 cents per pound if bought in bulk. Because of the high cost, goats on this diet may not get everything they need. These goats often don’t receive a balanced diet and may experience health problems because they aren’t getting enough nutrition. A much better alternative to cheap goat feed is appropriate to feed for goats.

Top 10 Disadventis

1. Cheap Goat Feed is Very Expensive. Good goat feed can be expensive but considerably cheaper than cheap goat feed. You may pay more for cheap goat feed in the long run because your goats will need to be treated for health problems caused by being fed cheap goat feed.

2. Cheap Feed is a Poor Substitute for Hay and Grain. Cheap goat feed, or hay and grain mixed, cannot provide the nutrients in individual grass and grain types. It would be a mistake to feed cheap goat feed to your goats as a complete diet.

3. Cheap Feed Can Be Mined-out Early. If you purchase fast or cheap goat feed, chances are it was not properly stored or has been harvested early in the season and then sold at a low price, making it unappealing to farmers and ranchers who may have quality grain and hay available. In this situation, they will waste the quality product, which can mean going without feed for months. The seller will purchase cheap grain and hay to package and sell.

4. Animals in Cheap Feed May Be Diseased. Animals in cheap goat feed may very well be diseased or in poor health. There is no telling if they have been exposed to a disease or are already infected with parasites. The animals may also be treated with antibiotics, meaning you will feed your goats drugs instead of proper nutrition.

5. Cheap Feed is Inferior. If the mix was put together with good intentions, but poor quality grain and hay were used, the mixture could contain inferior grains in the first place. Grains of subpar quality will not be as well chewed by goats as the good quality grain will. Cheap feed will also have a lower nutrient content because cheap grain is less expensive than fine grain.

6. Cheap Goat Feed May Contain a Prescription Drug That Causes Harm to Goats. Depending on what type of cheap feed you have purchased, it may contain traces of drugs such as antibiotics or banned drugs. This can be harmful to your goats and make them ill.

7. Cheap Feed Can Make Your Goats Sick. If you are feeding your goats cheap goat feed, they will not get all the nutrition they need, which can make them sick. For instance, if you are providing your goat hay and grain that has been mixed, then the grains will not be chewed properly by your goat. The results will be an unbalanced diet, and your goat may become sick.

8. Cheap Feed Can Be Bad for Your Goats’ Health. By feeding unbalanced diets to your goats, they will likely not get the nutrition they need to be healthy. In turn, they may not get the proper nutrition to prevent illness or disease in the first place, which can harm them in one way or another.

9. Cheap Goat Feed May Injure Your Goats’ Health. If your goats are fed cheap, unbalanced diets, they may experience health problems such as kidney failure, blindness, or sudden infant death syndrome.

10. Cheap Goat Feed Can Be Bad for Your Wallet. Cheap goat feed is not the best choice for feeding your goats a balanced diet. You may be spending more money on goats than your budget can afford.


If you’re looking to save money by feeding cheap goat feed to your goats, you need to reconsider. It will be bad for your budget in the long run and could also make your goats sick and injured.

Feeding cheap goat feed is not only dangerous, but it can be deadly as well. Thank you for visiting my blog. Come back soon. Thank you for reading this article.