Castor Rex Rabbit: Best 10 Tips For Farming Benefits

Castor Rex Rabbit

The Castor Rex Rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that was developed in the United States. It has been bred to have longer, softer fur than other rabbits, and it can be found in many different colors, such as black, white, silver, and brown.

This breed of rabbit is also very large; it can weigh up to 12 pounds. This type of bunny also needs lots of room to move around because they are known for their running abilities. 

The castor rex rabbit is a wonderful pet because not only do they need space, but this particular breed makes great house pets due to their laidback personality and gentle nature.

Castor Rex Rabbit Characteristics.

This spectacular breed of rabbit has many unique characteristics that are unknown in other breeds. They have huge, floppy ears that need to be brushed regularly to remain clean and healthy-looking.

The pointy nose is an extremely sensitive part of the body, so if you want to pet one, you will have to find a gentle way to do it. Otherwise, you may hurt them.

The castor rex rabbit has the longest fur of all domestic rabbits, which is why they are looked at as a very special breed.

They are known for shedding their undercoat right before it gets cold out; this will happen about 6 months after you get them.

If you own a castor rex rabbit, you will need to help your pet during this time by brushing them two times a day so they can remove their extra hair.


This article will discuss how you should care for your new furry friend so read along if you want more information on these wonderful animals.

The castor rex rabbit breed was created by a man named Roy Robinson from Portland, Oregon. This amazing animal results from years of careful breeding that has been going on for as long as 20 years.

It was first bred in 1979, and it took another seven years to become popular at shows around the country. The American Rabbit Breeders Association has recognized this breed since 1987.

The castor rex rabbit is a very large animal that can weigh up to 12 pounds when it’s an adult, but don’t let their size scare you away from getting one because they are the most laidback animals around. They have been bred to be gentle and calm so that they will make wonderful pets.


The castor rex rabbit can be found in many different colors. They are one of the only breeds that have black, brown, and white colors.

It is also possible for them to be silver or a mix of two colors, such as a white and brown bunny. This breed has a short but thick coat that is very plush and likes to shed, especially when it is cold outside.


The castor rex rabbit is a very popular breed because it can be found in so many different colors and sizes. This animal has been used for commercial as well as show purposes.

Some have even been bred to have shorter fur to create a new breed called the satin rex rabbit, which was first created by crossing with an angora rabbit. This breed has long fur and is usually white.

Housing and Feeding


Castor Rex rabbit indoors or in a hutch outside. The hutch should be at least 2ft x 4ft and should have room for the bunny to move around comfortably. Also, you will need to put about an inch of bedding material on the bottom because they will sometimes go potty inside their living area if it is not cleaned often enough.

The hutch should also have an area where you can attach a water bottle because they make messes with the water bowl and spill it. You will also need to provide toys such as ladders, solid blocks of wood, or even some toilet paper rolls for them to play with inside their enclosure.


Feed your castor rex rabbit high-quality pellet food every day. They are good at chewing because of their large mouths, so you will need to ensure that they are getting enough nutrients in their diet when feeding on these pellets.

You can also offer your pet fruits and vegetables, but it is not recommended that you do this often because some of them may have pesticide residue on them, and some of the rabbit’s organs may not be able to handle that.

You can give them a small number of greens once or twice a week if you would like to; make sure they are a type that is good for bunnies such as

  • Collards,
  • Dandelions,
  • Clover,
  • And kale.

Farming Benefits

1. They can adapt well so that they can survive in almost any environment.

2. They are good parents, which means their babies have a greater chance of living if the mother rabbit chooses to parent them.

3. Castor rex rabbits can eat just about anything considered food and will not become sick from it.

4. Their gentle and calm demeanor makes the castor rex rabbit a good candidate for families that want to own rabbits.

5. They can be found in many different colors and sizes, so they offer such diversity as a breed.

6. People love to have their children interact with rabbits because they are so mellow; this means the castor rex rabbit makes for a good classroom animal.

7. They are very easy to care for because they are self-cleaning animals, mostly because of their large size.

8. The castor rex rabbit does not make noise which can be surprising because it is so large.

9. This breed has short fur, which is perfect for finding a house rabbit.

10. castor rex rabbits are very laid back, making them an ideal pet for people who do not have the time or energy to deal with all of the needs of a bunny.


The castor rex rabbit is a very popular breed because it can provide so many great things. You can find them in almost any color or size, which means you will be sure to find one that matches your tastes and preferences.

If you would like a friend that is laid back, easy to look after, friendly, and very gentle, then it is time to consider owning a castor rex rabbit. Thank you for reading this article.

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