Can horses eat chicken feed: The 5 Benefits of Eating Unprocessed

Can horses eat chicken feed, and if so, what are the benefits and risks? If you have chickens, it is no surprise that you don’t want to feed them anything that might harm them.

Unfortunately, if eaten in large doses, horse feeds can contain medications harmful to chickens. This is something worth being aware of when feeding your horses food for chickens.

The good news is that many horses fed on the market today are formulated with particular ingredients in mind: either for show or work performance.

Can Horses Eat Chicken Feed?

Horse owners in the know will tell you that there’s no reason why horses can’t eat chicken feed, as long as it’s horse feed.

This means it should be formulated with high-quality ingredients that are not harmful to your horse. If your horse has a sensitive digestive tract, he may benefit from eating any chicken feed available.

What Do I Do If My Horses Eat Chicken Feed?

If your horses are constantly getting into their chicken feed, you may have to consider putting a lock on their door or cutting off their access to the chicken coop.

You can try using chicken wire, but this may not work in all cases. You can also try putting your horses on a higher platform so they can’t reach the feed from the ground.

Can horses eat chicken feed? Commercial solutions can help teach your horses not to eat chicken feed if you’re still having trouble.

Can horses eat chicken feed

Why Chicken Feed Is Harmful To Horses?

The chicken feed contains chicken litter and bedding used for sleeping. The chicken litter contains high amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which can be good for your horse’s hoof health as long as it’s crushed into a fine powder.

However, if the cows or chickens on your premises decided to eat large quantities of the crushed-up bird litter, you might be in shock.

Chicken feed is made from leftover food, so it can contain moldy, rotten food that can cause illness or death for your horse.

Mixing this with the high amount of calcium in a chicken litter will cause problems for your horse’s stomach and intestinal tract.

Horse feeds meant for work performance or competition use soybeans instead of chicken litter to create high-protein compounds in the feed. These compounds are used for energy and to increase muscle mass.

The Horses Can Eat Unprocessed Chicken Feed:

Few things in life taste better than chicken feed. And if you have a horse that constantly goes into the chicken coop for a snack, you may be better off just feeding him the chicken feed rather than trying to keep him out of the feed. Can horses eat chicken feed.

The 5 Benefits Of Eating Unprocessed Chicken Feed:

1. You can prevent your horse from eating the chicken feed if you only give him the grain.

2. Your horse’s digestive tract will not be affected by large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, or other harmful ingredients in unprocessed chicken feed.

3. Your horse will gain a source of protein from soybeans found in chicken feed.

4. You will save money in the long run by feeding your horse the chicken feed since you don’t have to replace damaged feed or perform expensive vet procedures on your horses.

5. It saves you from having to repair the chicken coop, which can be costly depending on what type of material you use for construction.

The Cons Of Feeding Unprocessed Chicken Feed:

1. The unprocessed chicken feed does not provide a good source of protein for your horse.

2. Too much calcium can cause your horse’s digestive tract problems. Can horses eat chicken feed?

3. Unprocessed chicken feed can hurt the condition of your horse’s teeth and gums. This eventually leads to problems with the meat on his bones, which can restrict movement and make you and your horse uncomfortable in his stall.

4. Unprocessed chicken feed can cause infections in your horse’s digestive tract. Can horses eat chicken feed.

5. Unprocessed chicken feed can cause your horse’s skin to get irritated; this may lead to a condition known as thrush.

Can horses eat chicken feed

How do I stop my horse from eating chicken feed?

You can use commercial deterrents to keep your horses out of the chicken feed, but you may want to consider changing their diet.

If you have a particularly persistent horse that just won’t give up on the chicken feed, you may want to try one of these methods: • Place your horses on a higher platform where they can’t reach the chicken feed.

The Hors Problems of Overfeeding Chicken Feed

  • Chicken feed can cause colic and diarrhea, which are unhealthy for horses. Use chicken wire to keep your horses out of the chicken coop. Use chicken feed with additives to prevent your horses from eating it.
  • Chicken feed can cause gastric problems in horses because of the high amounts of calcium and phosphorus in some feeds. You may have to give your horse frequent enemas or douches after feeding him chicken feed to prevent colic or diarrhea.
  • Chicken Feed contains high amounts of salt, which is unhealthy for horses whether the chicken feed is unprocessed or processed.
  • The chicken feed contains antibiotics, which can harm your horse’s health and immune system.
  • Chicken Feed can contain mycotoxins from moldy or rotten chicken feed.
  • Chicken Feed may contain too much protein for your horse. This puts stress on the digestive tract and causes colic in horses.
  • Some horse feeds have high amounts of fat and sugar, which is not good for a horse’s healthy level.

Special notes for Can horses eat chicken feed

Chicken Feed is not a staple part of a horse’s diet Chicken Feed is a supplement and should be used sparingly because it can cause harm over time.

Horses should not be given large amounts of chicken feed because high protein and fat can harm their health. Do not use any horse supplements containing eggshells or chicken litter, as they can cause harm over time to your horse.


Can horses eat chicken feed? Do not use commercial eggshell products in your horse’s feed; never feed him chicken feed that has not been processed. If you have a small amount of chicken feed left over, you can give it to your chickens; just don’t make it a habit.

Remember that any leftover food should be properly disposed of to avoid bacteria or toxins from harming your horses. Feeding unprocessed chicken feed can cause colic, diarrhea, and gastric problems in your horse if he eats too much of it. Thank you for viewing this Can horses eat chicken feed article.