California Quail Eggs: Appearance & Best 10 Benefits

California Quail Eggs

About The California Quail Eggs, California Quail Eggs are a type of egg produced by the California Quail, which feed primarily on wild berries in Southern California. The eggs are available year-round at many grocery stores and farmer’s markets. If you find them at your local store, look for eggs with a thin white shell and no air sacs visible inside.

The color of these eggs varies depending on the quail they are from, but they can typically be seen as orange to red or brown depending on the time of year and location they were laid.

The best place to find quail eggs is in farm stands, where the owner(s) will usually be happy to give you a few eggs. Other than the color and shape, there isn’t much difference between a California Quail Egg and any other type of small farm-raised egg.

They are a very common food item and have been used in various recipes throughout history, including those used by our forefathers during their war efforts.

What a California quail egg looks like?

The eggs are generally small, ranging from 43 g to 75 g (1.5 oz to 2.6 oz).[3] Their shape is an oval shorter than it is wide, with the long axis slightly pointed at one end and rounded at the other.

The egg color of most female quail ranges from pale green or tan to orange or rusty brown, while a few colors like blue are only found in certain subspecies.

The appearance of California Quail Eggs

The hen lays her eggs in open nests on the ground. She usually lays 9 to 12 eggs in a clutch. She can lay up to 20 eggs. The color of quail eggs can be yellow, white, or brown. The color is not related to the gender of the quail egg, and they are all taste equally good

The purpose of the California Quail Egg

The quail egg is a symbol of good luck. It represents fertility and long life. It is also considered a powerful aphrodisiac by the Chinese and is used in soups and drinks.

​Quail egg availability

Quail eggs are generally available year-round. Their availability peaks in the summer and early autumn months of May through August. Outside these periods, quail eggs can be hard to find at many grocery stores, but they may be available at farmer’s markets seasonally.

​How to store California Quail Eggs

If you plan on cooking the quail eggs, you should store them in their carton in a cool place at 50 F or lower. Due to the low storage temperature, quail eggs have a better shelf life than chicken eggs.

The storage time of fresh quail eggs is about one month, which will not change even if the eggs are refrigerated for half a year. Eggs can be stored for about three months at room temperature with no problem.

How often do California Quail lay eggs?

California Quail lay eggs approximately from June to November. Eggs are laid from two to five days apart, peaking in July and August. [3] They are one of the few egg-laying animals that consistently produce more than one clutch per year.

A female can produce three clutches per year with a maximum of seven eggs per clutch.[2] Female California Quail typically raise their young for six months at a time, although the yolk color will vary depending on the color of her body and the age of her offspring when they hatch.

How long does it take for California Quail eggs to hatch?

California Quail eggs are hardy and will hatch in about 24 hours if kept at a temperature of 88-95F. The young chicks can stand and feed themselves within 2 days of hatching. They emerge by spending two to three days being brooded by the parent before hatching.

How much do California Quail eggs weigh?

At 75 g (about 2.6 oz), It is one of the smallest eggs on the market. The smaller eggs are also available from California Quail, ranging in size from 40 g to 65 g (about 1.4 oz to 2.5 oz).

What is the number of eggs per clutch?

One female quail can usually lay up to three clutches each year, but it has been observed that some females will lay more than one clutch annually.

Brian Livingston, a famous writer on exotic animal husbandry, says, “If you count eggs and not chicks hatched from those eggs, the California Quail will lay up to eight eggs per year. If you count chicks by the age of maturity, then the females would have a maximum capacity of five clutches per year.

Can you buy quail eggs in California?

California Quail eggs can be found at farmers’ markets, ranging in size from 40 to 75 g (1.4 oz to 2.6 oz). They are usually sold loose, although they can sometimes come in cases of 25 or 50.

The eggs are hard to tell apart when they are fresh, but as the days go by, the color will tend to darken, and a clear path will begin to form inside the shell.

Are California quails good eating?

Quail eggs are not good for eating if cooked by themselves; they taste very bland and smell like ammonia because the shell is porous. However, if you add them to a soup or a sauce, it will be delicious.

What is the best way to cook quail eggs?

The best way to cook these eggs is if you want to prepare them for eating in recipes like by hard boiling them. If they are cooked in a pan and then baked in the oven, the eggs will be mushy and can be served as an omelet. The best way is to buy fresh eggs, then hard boil them before adding them to any recipe.

What are quail eggs called?

The name “quail” comes from the French word châtelain meaning “a landlord.” The English translation was derived from an earlier name for the species, the “chatelain quail’s hen,” a historical French term for the European quail. The California Quail is also known as “Ring-necked Quail,” “California Quail,” and “Chaparral Quail” in other countries.

Benefits of California Quail Eggs

1. California quail eggs have small sizes and are easy to eat.

2. California Quail Eggs are high in protein and a great source of Vitamin D and B12.

3. California Quail eggs contain high levels of selenium, which can help protect you from the effects of aging and cancer.

4. California Quail eggs are good for man’s health. They help in preventing many diseases. It helps improve memory, preventing diabetes, bone density, cardiovascular system disorders, etc.

5. California Quail eggs are also good for human skin. It is one of the best food for your skin that includes proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

6. California Quail eggs have antibacterial properties. They protect us from many infectious diseases like diarrhea and gastroenteritis etc…

7. California Quail eggs help in proper nutrition of the body if we include them in our daily food habits along with other foods such as grains, nuts, butter, dairy products, etc.

8. California Quail eggs can be cooked in different ways and make a delicious dish eaten with the main course or as an appetizer.

9. California Quail Eggs are good for those people who suffer from insomnia, indigestion, and anxiety.

10. California Quail eggs are also low in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.

California Quail Eggs: FAQs

Is it legal to sell Californian Quail Eggs in the USA?

No, not yet, but they are currently being imported into the U.S

Q: Are quail eggs good for health? What are the benefits?

A: California quail eggs are also a good source of protein, iron, copper, and vitamins B1 and B12. Their effectiveness as a wholesome food has been studied in animal research studies, with positive results. These eggs are rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, thus making them perfect for the elderly.

Q: How can I store quail eggs?

A: To maintain the best quality, place the eggs in a cooler with ice packs or freezing gel packs and store them at 40oF (4.4oC) or less.[5]

Q: How do quail eggs taste?

A: Quail egg flavor is delicate and pleasant tasting.

Special note

In summary, it is important to remember that California Quail Eggs are a good source of protein, calcium, and iron. They are also high in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. They have caffeine and can be eaten as a snack or an appetizer.


California quail eggs are a protein-rich food. It is high in calcium, folate, and vitamin B12. These eggs are enriched with Vitamin D and vitamin B2.

They also have high levels of zinc, which help in maintaining an active life. If you like to eat eggs for your breakfast, then quail eggs are the best option you can select.

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