Bubble Goldfish: Identify, Characteristics & Best 10 Benefits of the aquarium

bubble goldfish

Bubble Goldfish is a  fish that can be found in a bubble. It is a small, colorful fish that will only live in a bubble with the light shining on it.

It can be found on the top of the water and any other place where it can see the light. The Bubble Goldfish gets its name from its small size and large gills.

They are about one inch long, grow to eight inches long with their tail, and have three-toed feet and bright blue scales that contain black spots.

How To Identify Bubble Goldfish?

This is a tropical fish found in the ocean, and the bubble will reach its maximum size during winter.

Bubble goldfish can live for about two years, but the female is usually much larger than the male. The goldfish coloring is usually different on both sides, so their color depends on the location of their habitat.

Bubble Goldfish Bigger Than Expected The Bubble Goldfish has a unique feature that helps it live in a bubble.

Bubble Goldfish Characteristics

The Bubble Goldfish lives in the sea. It has a small head and mouth that are usually smaller than half of its body. The Bubble Goldfish’s fins are more slender than the scales, so they don’t stand out.

The fins are also smaller than the body, so it doesn1t take much energy to swim. The Bubble Goldfish has three-toed feet and long gills that are very easy to reach and light. Trust me, and you won’t be able to reach them with your hands!


Bubble Goldfish is a small fish with a length of about 15 cm. It is also very colorful, which can be seen in the color of its fins or even on its gills.

Bubble goldfish’s fins are translucent with gray, black, or yellowish spots. The size of the fish is different when it’s still living in the bubble and after being caught.

The tail of the Bubble Goldfish can also be used as a weapon by making small waves with it. The Bubble Goldfish is a tropical fish that needs to live in warm water, below 40 degrees and above 80 degrees.

A goldfish tank has nothing special, but you should use bowls that are not too deep. If the bowl is too deep, the goldfish will not be able to reach the surface of the water and will suffocate.

Social Behavior

The Bubble Goldfish can’t stand being alone. If you have only one fish in a tank, it will start to swim around the bowl and may even get into the bowl.

The Bubble Goldfish will move from one place to another and come back again.


Bubble Goldfish is a tropical fish, so that it will eat different food depending on its climate. It can be fed with vegetables and frozen foods, but goldfish do not like to eat soft foods because they are too messy.


Goldfish can be eaten when they’re still young or as old as two years. You can feed them any fish food, but they prefer earthworms and flatworms containing many nutrients.

Bubble goldfish can eat almost anything, such as dry food and snacks. You can even feed them with small insects that live in your garden.


Bubble Goldfish can be reproduced in two ways: through breeding or splitting the bubble. When breeding goldfish or other fish, you have to make sure that their living conditions are suitable for them and that they are compatible with each other.

If they’re not, they will not reproduce. If you have a male and a female fish, you have to wait for them to mate with each other. After that, the female fish will need some time to carry their eggs.

After three months, the eggs will then fall from the female’s mouth into the water and turn into baby fish.

You must maintain the water temperature in an appropriate range for them to survive. They shouldn’t be too cold or too hot for them because it can cause their death.


Bubble goldfish is a tropical fish that can survive in different temperatures. It would help if you kept them in a bowl with clean water, and you should feed them with food containing nutrients, such as earthworms or dry food.

It is also important that their environment has enough light to see each other. Otherwise, they will become bored and lonely.

However, don’t worry too much! They can get used to it easily so they won’t get bored anymore because they have nothing to do.


Some people say that bubble goldfish can be used to treat epilepsy, but it is not proven yet. I don’t know if it’s true or not, so you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to take medicine because the things mentioned above are all based on rumors.

Benefits Of Bubble Goldfish In The Aquarium

Here Are The Best 10 Benefits Of Bubble Goldfish In The Aquarium

1. Colorful

Bubble goldfish are very colorful; keeping them in an aquarium will be like a piece of artwork. You can place a lot of different colors around the bowl to make it more interesting and beautiful.

2. Good Starter Fish

For beginners, bubble goldfish is a good choice because they’re easy to care for and usually survive. They will eat almost anything you feed them, and their living conditions do not need to be too precise.

3. Small Size

Bubble goldfish are small and beautiful but can still grow to be larger than expected. They are very easy to take care of because they don’t eat a lot and don’t need to be cleaned regularly.

4. Good Character

Goldfish are very social and friendly, so that they will interact with all the fish in the aquarium. Some people even keep them with other fish that are too large or aggressive for them to be able to attack goldfish.

5. Lifespan

Bubble goldfish can live up to two years if they can live in a safe environment. They will not have any problems with their health and can even grow up to five pounds in weight.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Goldfish are very slow fish, so they’re not going to disturb the environment in the aquarium where you keep them. They eat a lot of fish food but don’t need to be cleaned too often.

7. Protective

When you keep more than one goldfish in the same tank, they will protect each other if something dangerous happens. Bubble goldfish will scream and make waves with their tail fins to scare away the danger.

8. Easy To Catch And Care For

Bubble goldfish will eat almost anything you feed them, even dry food. They don’t need very accurate conditions, so you only need to make sure that they are warm enough.

9. Longevity

Bubble goldfish can live up to two years, but they usually don’t get sick because they’re very active in their environment.

Their main enemies are the large fish and tanks with too little nutrients in the water. They are social fish, so they’re not going to get lonely.

10. Easy To Clean

They’re small and don’t eat much food, so it’s very easy to clean their bowl or tank. You need to make sure they’re not dirty before you feed them because they live in the water, so that they can be contaminated with dirt easily.

Special Notes

The bubble goldfish has also been known to help people with epilepsy. There are many different reports of this happening, but they don’t show that it’s true.

The bubble goldfish can have a positive or a negative effect on those with epilepsy, depending on the time and temperature.


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