Blue Rex Rabbit: Top 10 Tips for Farming Benefits

Blue Rex rabbits are a new breed of rabbit that has been popular in Europe for the past few years and is now becoming more and more known here in North America.

These rabbits have short, stiff fur in many different colors ranging from white to black to steel blue. They’re not only very soft and plushy but also hypoallergenic which means they don’t shed or produce dander as most other animals do!

This makes them an ideal pet for people with allergies. They grow to be about 8-15 pounds when full-grown, making them a medium-sized bunny perfect for families with kids!

Blue Rex Rabbit Characteristics

Since these rabbits are a new breed, there aren’t very many characteristics that have been determined for them.

However, since they can come in so many different colors, scientists have categorized them into groups depending on what coat color the rabbit has. These groups are the steel, honey, black, steel blue, and platinum groups.

Blue Rex Rabbits are very friendly bunnies. They get along well with children and other pets if adequately socialized when young.

If you already have a rabbit, there’s no need to worry about aggression between them because Blue Rex rabbits can live happily in the same cage together.


The history of the Blue Rex rabbit began in Belgium back in 1997. A breeder named Mrs. Van Genechten saw a blue rabbit on the cover of an old magazine. 

Brought it into her farm after she had recently lost several rabbits to sickness. She then mated one of her Flemish Giants with the blue rabbit.


When Blue Rex rabbits are born, they have a much lighter and warmer color than they grew up. They start as light grey and white and become darker as the days go by.

This is because their immature coat can’t hold pigment very well, which darkens as it ages. The blue color usually becomes more noticeable after 7-10 days of life.

Size and weight

Rabbits can grow up to 3-5 pounds when they’re adults, but if you get a Blue Rex, then you’ll notice that they grow to be a lot bigger than that.

Their size is based on their wet weight, including fur or accessories like harnesses or balls. If you go by their damp weight, they usually grow to be about 8-15 pounds!


Blue Rex rabbits can be used for many different purposes other than being a pet. They make great show animals, especially since their coats come in so many colors and patterns.

If you breed two Blue Rex bunnies together, there’s a guaranteed 75% chance that the offspring will have blue fur!

Blue Rex Rabbit Price

If you want a pet like this, it may seem like an expensive purchase, but they’re not that bad, and the starting price is only $30.

It’s best to get yours from a breeder, so you know for sure it’s healthy rather than getting on from a pet store that could sell you an unhealthy rabbit.

Since they’re rarer in North America, you might have to go with a breeder in the UK or another European country where Blue Rex rabbits are more common.

Farming Benefits 

1. They don’t shed and produce dander!

2. They grow to be medium-sized, which is perfect for families with kids.

3. If you’re allergic, these rabbits can be a great alternative to pets that trigger allergies, such as dogs and cats.

4. Bunnies like this are famous in shows so that they could earn you a pretty penny.

5. They’re very friendly and social, making them good pets for kids or families!

Origin of Blue Rex Rabbits

6. They come in many different colors and patterns! They can even have two colors like white on their stomach mixed with blue fur on the rest of the body.

7. These rabbits are pretty new, so they didn’t exist two generations ago.

8. You could earn money from showing yours or sell it for a reasonable price if you don’t want it as a pet.

9. Everyone loves bunnies, and just about everyone wants a new pet!

10. Blue Rex rabbits can run up to 5-7mph, so if you need some exercise, this would be perfect for you.

These are the reasons why people decide to get Blue Rex rabbits as pets or even use them on their farms. They’re new, but they have a lot going for them, and many people already own them as pets. If you’re considering getting one, then go ahead because they’re very lovable and worth the price of care!


There are many reasons why people choose to get Blue Rex rabbits as pets. They’re lovable, easy to take care of, and they can even help you lose weight if you let them run around outside with you!

They also need less space than most other animals, so it’s perfect for apartments or tiny houses. Just remember to get them from a breeder, so you know they’re healthy!

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