Black Oranda Goldfish: Best 10 Varieties

Black Oranda Goldfish is a type of ornamental fish native to China. Their appearance is similar to a typical goldfish, but they have long, black hair on their heads and tails.

Black Oranda Goldfish are less common than other goldfish species, so you should consider getting one if you want to add some color to your fish tank.

Black Oranda Goldfish Characteristics

Black Oranda Goldfish are a great fish for beginners. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but all exhibit the following common characteristics:

They can live in almost any environment with regular water changes, so they’re easy to care for. They are fairly hardy and will tolerate relatively poor water quality.

Their lifespan is about 5 years. They eat mainly flakes and pellets but will also eat some vegetables if you provide them with them.

Breeding of Black Oranda Goldfish

There is limited information on the breeding of Black Oranda Goldfish. However, they are known to spawn in water at temperatures around 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

The eggs will hatch in about 25 days, and the fry will grow quickly, reaching maturity within 1 year. You can buy Black Oranda Goldfish online or find them in pet stores.


Black Oranda Goldfish is a fancy goldfish. It has elegant flowing tails a delicate head and comes in nearly every color.

Aquarium enthusiasts believe this type of goldfish is the best aquarium specimen to look at when fishing from your aquarium (especially if you have an aquarium filter).

This particular specimen also known as Aqua Borealis; also named “Araña” en espanol.

Freshwater Aquarium

Worldwide tropical freshwater aquarium fish are a diverse group of freshwater tropical aquarium fish ranging from small fishes such as the red-tailed black and blue danios to large marine species such as the sailfin molly, electric blue tang, and rainbow shark.

These well-known freshwater aquarium fishes have been sold worldwide since they were first introduced into general trade in 1969 by aquarium importer Walter Storch’s Tropical Aquarium Company (TAC).

Tank Size

Black Oranda Goldfish are very beautiful and are sold at around $8 to $50 per piece. They also reproduce quickly as they can have a dozen babies in just two years. The size of this fish is from 10 inches to 7 ½ inches, so keep that into consideration when you choose your tank size for these goldfish. It will be better if the tank size has enough space for both the owner and its family members since it’s easy. How long can black oranda live?

Water Conditions

Black Oranda Goldfish are commonly available in pet shops. They are very healthy and stable freshwater fishes which means you can raise them for a long time.

You may be interested in knowing that they have water conditions of 65~70° F, Kh 4-20 with pH levels from 6.5 – 7, minimum tank size at 30 gallons or above, and their lifespan are around 15 years (if raised well). Sometimes when you buy these fish from your local shopkeeper, it.


The Black Oranda Goldfish is a finny and graceful goldfish featuring distinct jet-black coloration. The body’s subtle golden highlights contrast beautifully against glossy black fins and the distinguishing “hood” covering its head.

This fish comes in various colors, including silver or yellowfins and some rarer varieties of white, green, and violet.[2] Goldfish are omnivorous, so that they will eat just about anything offered to them, but some of their favorites include flakes, pellets, or organic food.

As with most fish, be sure to add a balanced diet, including fresh vegetables and fruits. The Black Oranda Goldfish can live for 10 years in captivity, provided you provide them with the appropriate environment and a healthy diet. Tankmates

The Black Oranda Goldfish is a peaceful fish and should be kept with similarly-sized tankmates. It does well with other goldfish but does not get along well with dominant community fish such as Siamese fighting fish or cory cats.

If you will keep this fish, make sure to purchase a compatible water conditioner and filter before adding it to your aquarium.

Life foods

Goldfish live foods are available in various forms, so it is best to speak with your fish store and ask which foods are right for your goldfish.

In general, part of the diet should consist of high-quality live foods such as brine shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio), bloodworms (Danaus genetic), daphnia (Daphnia Magna ), tubifex worms( Tubifex cephalotes ), snails


In this article, we are going to deal with the oranda goldfish. It is known as Carassius gibelio from Mauritius and is one of the best aquarium fish you can buy for your tank.

The oranda has a long lifespan; it grows up to about 15 years in captivity and stays healthy most times, even after over 8 inches long.

This species remains active all day without spending much time sleeping, but when they do sleep, they tend always to be on their

Tank Mates

The tank mates and tank size are very important in the health of your oranda. You need to research many aspects like tank mates, feeding frequency, etc. when you want to buy a black oranda gold fetish.

A tank must have a solid bottom, filtration, and adequate lighting to house these fish appropriately. Get at least 12 gallons for each one of these tropical fish.

Variety Of Oranda

Here are the Best 10 varieties of oranda

1. Oranda Variety of fish – oranda variety of oranda is a popular goldfish variety that has evolved from several different goldfish species, such as angelfish and mackerel.

2. Black Oranda Goldfish – black oranda goldfishes are one of the most common varieties found in aquarium stores today. Still, there are other types, including red cap oranda and blue naturals (aka ingot).

When choosing an animal to keep in your home aquarium, always be sure to research the specific needs of your fish before making your purchase, as some varieties are better suited for smaller tanks than others.

3. Blue Oranda Goldfish – blue orandas come in various shades from deep indigo to light turquoise and have an elongated head and body that gives them a graceful look when swimming around their tank. They’re generally active fish that like plenty of oxygen and swim around rapidly.

4. Harlequin Oranda Goldfish – clowns are one of the rarest varieties of oranda and can be found in very small numbers, making them coveted aquarium fish. They’re mostly blue, with red, white, and black patches sprinkled throughout their bodies.

5. Golden Oranda Goldfish (aka Royal color) is known for its rich gold coloring ranging from a light yellow to a deep brown. They’re generally quiet and peaceful fish that are active only during feeding time

6. Pepper Goldfish – pepper goldfishes have bright greenbacks, blue sides and tails, and red cheeks. They tend to be one of the more difficult varieties of oranda to find in pet stores. Still, when they show up they make an interesting addition to any aquarium because of their striking coloration.

7. Tiger Oranda Goldfish – tiger pandas are one of the most distinctive-looking goldfish varieties and can be recognized by their long, striped body. They have dark greenbacks, lighter green sides and tails, and a golden red cheek. As with all oranges, they’re active fish that constantly swim around in their tank. 

8. Albino Oranda Goldfish – people with albinism are rare oranda that lacks any stripes on their bodies. They can be either pale yellow or white and can have a variety of colors, including reddish tones.

9. Dwarf Oranda Goldfish – dwarf oranges are a miniature variety of oranda that only reaches a maximum size of 3 inches. They have small, round bodies and typically prefer water with lower oxygen levels than other varieties.

10. Halfmoon Goldfish – half-moons are among the more popular goldfish varieties because they have striking markings on both sides and back. Their body is usually silver with dark greenish stripes running along their length.

What are the most common colors that you see in Black Oranda Goldfish?

The most common colors you find in black oranda goldfish are predominantly light yellow but can also be shades of brown and green.

If you had a tank full of goldfish, what type would you keep and why?

If you have a tank full of goldfish, I recommend keeping an oranda because they are one of the more stunning varieties and can add some excitement to your tank. They’re also active fish that enjoy swimming around and will keep your aquarium cleaner.


Oranda Goldfish are the types of fish that prefer a calm, peaceful environment. These decorations can be used to create that feeling in their tank or aquarium in which they live; however, this decoration is not sold as an essential part of making sure your fish has the best living conditions possible.

In addition to being safe decorations for your fish’s welfare and wellbeing, these decorations also help keep you entertained when you’re relaxing with them at home (which allows making stress less tolerable).

The answer depends on their individual personality and tank setup when it comes to which type of decoration is best for your fish.


If you’re looking for an interesting and stunning goldfish type to add to your tank, I recommend opting for an oranda. They’re active fish that will keep your aquarium clean, plus they look amazing!

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