Bhetki Fish: Best 10 Benefits

About Bhetki Fish Lovingly called Bhetki by the Bengalis in the east but internationally known as the Asian Sea Bass, this Fish has a mild flavor, flaky white flesh with varying amounts of body fat.

It’s quite an iconic table fair in the Australian and Thai cuisines. In Bengal, the Bhetki is cooked as Bhetki macher paturi or coated with Suji.

The Goans’ local catch of Bhetki is known as Chonak, which they prepare in red spices or serve pan-fried. Surprisingly, the Fish is quite easy to cook, and the best part is it doesn’t reek of any fishy odor.

Bhetki Fish Characteristics

  • Fillets are bone and skinless, and fat content varies from Fish to Fish.
  • Skin is light brown to pinkish and quite rough in texture.
  • The Fish’s belly is a lighter shade of pink, usually with a silver shine; the backside is more golden with an orange hue – both have white bands on the edges.
  • The bones are soft and cartilage-like, not many, but they do have several lines of small hard bones that run through their bodies like other fishes.
  • The flesh is white and flakes easily
  • The stomach is a lighter pink color in the center with brown streaks around its edges.

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The appearance of Bhetki Fish

Due to its unique coloring, it’s also called Sea Bass in English.

A nice fresh Bhetki looks like the one in the picture below, with clean tight skin, bright colors, and no dark spots, slime, or bruises.

Breeding of Bhetki Fish

Bhetki is a very territorial carnivore that feeds mainly on herring. As per its feeding habits, Betta Fish are regularly isolated or even bred in different tanks for breeding purposes.

It should be noted that Betta Fish can interbreed with each other. However, the resulting offspring can be infertile.

It is also reported that Betta fish could hybridize with other South Asian freshwater Fish such as the none-bitter otocinclus catfish (“Acatina citricarpa”).

Best Information about Bhetki Fish

These Fish are mainly seen in the river of Bangladesh, West Bengal, and India. It is a Protected species of Fish. Meaning they can’t be taken from the habitat as it is restricted.

The Bhetki Fish has protected status in most countries across the world (depending on local marine laws)*

As the Bhetki is a tropical freshwater fish and they are known to be eaten by many people, it’s important to know the proper handling, cooking, and preparation methods of this Fish.

The stomach should be removed before cooking, as it is found in the Fish’s interior. Chewing on this part can lead to suffocation and even death.

Benefits of Bhetki Fish

Here are the best 10 Benefits of Bhetki Fish

1. Consuming Bhetki fish makes you beautiful and young.

2. Bhetki Fish helps in building your stamina.

3. It helps reduce depression and makes you happy while increasing your production of adrenaline.

4. It helps reduce the pain in joints and muscles and is considered a good oil for body massage in some conditions like arthritis, joint pain, stiffness, etc.

5. It maintains your skin complexion and keeps your body healthy and lean.

6. Bhetki Fish can be used as a source of protein which is easy to prepare and also very pocket-friendly.

7. It is good for rectal health because it helps eliminate toxins in the digestive system.

8. The Bhetki Fish has no side effects on blood pressure, and one can enjoy a longer life span by consuming this fresh Fish regularly.

9. The Bhetki Fish helps you stay young and healthy for longer.

10. The Bhetki Fish makes you feel relaxed and provides the necessary energy to keep you going.

Special note

The Fish should be stored in a well-ventilated area at all times. It should never be stored near a heat source or in direct sunlight, as this will harm the quality of the Fish and make it unfit for consumption.

The skin of Bhetki Fish can easily get damaged when it is caught and handled with bare hands or metal objects like tongs. Therefore, it is recommended to wear gloves while handling it to avoid being cut by the small sharp bones.


Bhetki Fish is one of the best Fish to consume. It keeps your body fit and makes you healthy. Consuming Bhetki Fish regularly can be a good balance for your health and keeps you active for a longer period.

Bhetki Fish is also eaten by many people all over the world. The best thing about this Fish is that it doesn’t have a smelly odor and has a very fine texture, making it desirable for people to consume it regularly.

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